CW is a renowned US TV network that caters to the needs of cinephiles. It broadcasts fascinating shows for die-hard admirers of Superman and Lois, The Flash, Riverdale, and other well-liked shows and movies. Once the episode is aired on TV, the CW plays them the next day so they can binge-watch without hassle.

However, the real problem arises when you travel abroad and want to pick up your shows and movies from where you left off. Sadly, the *licensing restrictions do not allow you to watch CW TV content outside the US. So you can download CW shows using a compelling downloader and binge-watch them without geo-restrictions. 

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How to Download CW Shows Without Limits

The CW TV Network is one of the best online platforms for enjoying all your favorite CW content. Still, its streaming services are subject to exclusive programming agreements and licensing restrictions that govern where content can be broadcast, as they are strictly restricted to US residents only. 

Hence, many users believe that downloading CW videos on PC devices is entirely impossible, as well as saving CW videos in high-quality mp4 format for viewing on multiple devices.

But, by harnessing the technology I am about to introduce, you will be able to acquire and download 1080P lossless CW videos and save them in MP4 or MKV format.

Tool Required: StreamFab CW Downloader

StreamFab CW Downloader is an excellent program for downloading CW shows in high-quality Atmos and full HD resolution. It is the first program to upgrade the download features following the Widevine DRM update.

download cw shows: streamfab cw downloader

Keep the downloaded CW videos in MP4 format forever on your Windows or Mac computers and move them to any device you have to play and watch offline anytime and anywhere.

  • Download your best-loved CW shows and on-demand movies before they leave the service
  • Save streaming dramas and shows in FHD 1080p/780p with AAC 2.0 audio track
  • Automatically remove the needless ads in the downloaded video
  • It supports the highly compatible MP4/MKV format
  • Save subtitles as extended SRT format files or remux them directly into the video.
  • Capture videos in batch mode quickly to perform multiple tasks simultaneously
  • Save metadata in captured videos with clear media management library information

Steps to Download CW Shows in 1080P MP4 Format

Step 1

Install and open the StreamFab CW software

After installation, open the software by double-tapping on the CW Downloader on your device. Then, enter the home interface and choose the CW downloader from the Streaming Service.

 download cw shows: cw downloader

Step 2

Search for the video and customize download options

Browse the website and pick the TV show or movie you desire to download. Select the episodes, format, resolution, etc. 

download cw shows: cw downloader

Step 3

Initiate the download procedure

Add the selected video to your list and hit the Download Now tab to download the CW shows. StreamFab will download it within a few minutes.

download cw shows: cw downloader


1. Can I Download CW Shows from Amazon Prime?

Yes. You can use StreamFab Amazon Downloader to download CW shows and other Prime content from Amazon Prime.

2. How to download CW outside the USA?

If you want to download CW shows outside the USA, you can get a VPN to change your IP address and access all the CW TV content from your place. But ensure that you use a trusted VPN only for safety and security.

3. Is CW free to download?

To download CW shows, a premium CW streaming account is required to get access to the download features. StreamFab CW Downloader offers 3 free chances to download CW shows. 


The CW is a prominent, free US TV channel that broadcasts fascinating TV shows and on-demand movies. However, you can't access the CW TV content outside the US due to licensing agreements and legal conditions. We have described the best way to download CW shows, the StreamFab CW Downloader, without facing any geo-restrictions. With StreamFab, you can save ad-free high-quality video and audio in MP4 format and enjoy it anywhere.