Suppose you feel like boosting up with the extreme energy and excitement of old-school sports, including kickboxing, mixed martial arts, professional grabbing, soccer, etc. In that case, Fite is a phenomenal video-on-demand platform.  

In case of  mainstream entertainment such as movies, shows, series or genre-specific content, people can choose streaming services dedicated to their favorite programming. So, regarding sports entertainment, Fite tv or Fite+ is a one-stop shop for your pocket-friendly budget. So, let's see what Fite tv offers in its service.


What is Fite TV All About?

Fite tv is an American VOD service dedicated to sports programming with the subtle freshness of music entertainment. Fite was initially known and promoted as Fite tv. This service can be accessed on any device or platform using its website for desktop or laptop or the Fite app for mobile or other portable devices.

From free-to-air sports programming to premium pay-per-view live events, Fite tv offers various ways to enjoy your favorite sports programming in its on-demand library. While providing free air service, it is also an SVOD service, offering various subscription tires. Fite+ is the premium service of Fite. So, let's see how it works and what it offers in its platform.

How Does Fite TV & Fite+ Works?

Fite+ is a monthly subscription service of Fite to access pay-per-view live programming and previous recordings of several sports promotions, including fight replays, interviews, documentaries, etc. While offering at least one 24/7 streaming channel in its free service, Fite  offers special events, pay-per-view live events of fights, professional sports programming, championships, local amateur events, etc. 

To enjoy Fite tv live stream free, you have to wait for 30 days as it will be shown on Fite tv free service plan after 30 days of its real-time broadcasting. So, lets see how Fite service customize your ultimate sports streaming experience.

  • To enjoy pay-per-view live events, you don't have to take any premium subscription plan; instead, you can pay separately for your specific pay-per-view events.
  • The Fite+ gives you unlimited access to the on-demand library of PPV events.
  • You can enjoy its entire on-demand library without ad disturbance. 
  • It offers 5000+ hours of streaming content from 200+ sports organizations on its on-demand library. 
  • It also offers premium live events with 1000 + hours of live action every year.

What Fire TV Offers? 

Fite tv, aka Fite, offers various exclusive content from subscription-based sports programming services such as All Elite Wrestling for AEW Plus, National Wrestling Alliance from All Access, Impact Wrestling from Impact Plus, etc. Now, it's time to see what more Fite tv offers in it's content library.

  • It also covers soccer events, including CONMEBOL qualifiers for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. 
  • It will make you hyper with the Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren boxing match in the Triller Fight Club event. 
  • While introducing professional grabbing events, Fite is ready to broadcast Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship in its Fite+ subscription plan as well as the Fite pay-per-view option. 
  • Fite has collaborated with Major League Wrestling to broadcast live events through its Fite+ service. 
  • To enhance the essence and aesthetics of entertainment, this service has also shown fighting themes, the Fight Music Show, and different music festivals like The West Coast Music Festival.

How Much Does Fite+ Cost?

Even though you can enjoy free Fite access for your free sports entertainment, you can upgrade your streaming experience with the Fite+ premium subscription plan. You can avail a 7-day free trial before taking the paid subscription. While offering $1.99/month or $16.99/year, Fitv also offers various pay-per-view plans that vary between $15 to $ 50; you can pick the one you choose. The Fite+ subscriber gets a $2 discount on PPV plans. Apart from this, there are three other premium plans: 

  • Impact+: $8/Month of $72/Year: Live Impact Wrestling shows, 3000+ past events & highlights libraries.
  • HonorClub: $10/Month or $100/Month: Live Wrestling shows, ROH On Tour, discount on ROH PPV
  • NWA POWERRR: $5/Month: On-demand access to the NWA catalog, three new episodes of NWA powerrr every month.

Fite Plus

What Are the Fite TV Compatible Devices and Platforms?

Being an OTT service, Fite tv is compatible with most of the commonly used devices, including smartphones (Android & iOS), tablets, smart tv, streaming sticks (Roku, Chromecast, Apple tv, etc.), Amazon Fire devices, X-box, and Play Stations. Fite tv is available in web and app versions; you can use any of them depending on your device compatibility.

How to Download Sport Shows from FITE TV with StreamFab?

To save live matches, sports events, highlights, or any PPV content from Fite's free or premium service, nothing would be more perfect than StreamFab M3U8 Downloader. Whether you are subscribed to any free Fite plan or Fite+ premium service, this downloader will let you save anything from this platform on your Windows or Mac computer and watch them later on any device with Mp4 format support.

StreamFab DRM M3U8 Downloader

StreamFab DRM M3U8 Downloader

Whether you are subscribed to any Fite plan or Fite+ premium service, this downloader will let you save shows from FITE on your Windows or Mac pc and watch them on any device with Mp4 format support.
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  • Save any live stream or highlights in 720p to 2160p resolution
  • Transfers downloads on any device with Mp4 or MKV support
  • Save multiple matches in one go with the batch-processing option
  • Eliminate copy-right protection from any content if needed
  • Auto-detection of any live streaming using a built-in browsing option

How to Download FITE videos with StreamFab?

Step 1: Once you start the StreamFab, you can visit the Fite website to select and copy your desired Fite video for offline watching.

How to Download fite tv with StreamFab

Step 2: Next, paste the copied Fite video URL into the dedicated address section of the StreamFab program and click the enter option. 

Step 3: The tool will automatically identify the copied video, and you need to play the video. Then customize the output profile from the open window by selecting formats, quality, language, etc.

How to Download fite tv with StreamFab

Step 4: Select the "Download now" option. You can download the videos immediately or add them into "Downloading Queue".

How to Download fite tv with StreamFab


Is Fite TV Free?

You can enjoy the free version of Fite tv with limited programming options. The live tv events have been telecasted on the free Fite tv after 30 days of its original telecast. However, you can take the paid Fite+ subscription for unlimited programming and other facilities.

Can I watch Fite on my phone?

Yes, Fite is compatible and easily accessible on Android or iOS devices, including phones, tablets, etc, using the Fite app.

Does Fite have a free trial?

Yes, Fite offers a seven days free trial.

Last Word

If you are a passionate sports lover and want to explore different types of sports under one roof, Fite is the most economical option. You can also enjoy this ads-free sports dedicated service for free on your desired device if you tolerate some limitations of free streaming. However, you may want to enjoy repeat watching of your favorite matches, events, PPV games, shots, or highlights. In that case, you must customize your streaming with flexible offline watching with the stable support of StreamFab M3U8 Downloader.