Warner Bros. Discovery-owned HBO max is a leading subscription-based American VOD service-providing platform. Even though with 76.8 million worldwide subscribers, HBO max is available in various countries, it will take a while to have HBO max in India.

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HBO Max India launch was planned earlier, but according to an Economic Times report, this plan is now on hold due to several business strategies. Therefore till 2024, the plan has been shelved. However, you can expect to have HBO max in India or download streaming video from HBO max in Indian sooner or later.

What are the expected HBO Max India price, & plans?

Even though there is no official declaration about the HBO Max India price and plan, depending on a pre-launch survey conducted by a research firm named Nepa, you can get expected HBO prices and plans in India subject to modification when the HBO Max India launch will take place. In addition, there are three expected monthly plans and another yearly subscription plan when HBO Max is in India.

HBO Max India price & plans

"Ad-Supported" Plan 

The basic HBO Max subscription plan starting at Rs 69/month will be known as the "Ad-Supported" plan. This plan shows HBO Max in SD quality with two simultaneous streaming at a time. You will get to see a theatrically released movie after one year, and any show will be available on this platform after its first season. In this plan, you have to bear with the ads during your streaming.

"Mobile" Plan 

The second subscription plan will be known as "Mobile," with an expected Rs 139/month. In this plan, you will get ad-supported streaming in SD quality. This plan is only for mobile and tablet devices and supports a maximum of one streaming at a time. You can't access this plan on your TV, PC, or Laptop. Here, you would see a theatrical release after six to eight months of its original release. The shows will be available after a few weeks of their release.

HBO Max India price & plans

"Standard" Plan 

This plan is expected to be available as a "Standard" plan with Rs 329. This will be an ads-free subscription plan with 4K resolution support. It will allow three simultaneous streams at a time. The subscribers of this plan will get to see newly released movies and show immediately just after their original worldwide releases.

Yearly Plan 

In HBO Max India Price, you will also have a yearly subscription plan that will give you an almost 50% discount on their subscription service. The annual "Mobile" plan will be available at Rs1,001, and the "Standard" plan will be offered at Rs 1974/year.

What is the official report about the availability of HBO Max in India?

There is neither any official declaration nor any confirmation about the exact launching date of HBO Max in India. However, you can see some official statements in Economic Times to understand the current status of this plan. 

HBO Max in India

“There is no clarity on what Warner Bros Discovery is planning around HBO Max in India. Earlier, the plan was to launch in 1-2 years and the content team had started working on some great projects. Now they are not even sure if they will launch a service in India. We were told that it would not launch until the end of 2024. In a fast-changing OTT world, two years is a very long time.” – Senior HBO Max Executive, through The Economic Times.

“It’s a tough industry and we were working hard for the last nine months. In our business, it’s a long time. Just because Netflix and a few other international OTTs have not been able to crack the Indian market, doesn’t mean that India is not a good country to work in. It’s been unfortunate that their strategy changes every week.” – HBO Max spokesperson, via The Economic Times.

Why is the HBO Max India launch getting delayed?

With huge popularity, HBO Max offers the latest movies, shows, series, and originals in its service. So, with the intention of expansion, HBO Max has planned to enter the Indian OTT platform, but the launch was delayed for a few reasons. First, let's see the primary reasons HBO Max stays back.

  • The OTT giant Netflix hasn't received the expected response from India.
  • Amazon Prime & Disney + Hotstar have managed to reach their targeted audience in India with a fair amount of subscribers.
  • The owner of HBO Max Warner Bros is planning for worldwide cost-cutting.
  • The Indian content head Saugata Mukhargee of HBO Max, resigned from the company.
  • The company has been laying off 14% of its workforce.
  • The company has also shot down the $300 million for the CNN+ service to reduce costs.
  • Having the same parent ownership of Warner Bros, Disney+, and HBO Max was planned to merge in 2023.

How to watch HBO Max in India?

HBO Max is not available in India, and there is no sign of its launching in the near future. However, it doesn't mean you can't watch HBO Max in India. Here, you will get three options for how to download HBO Max in India.

How to watch HBO Max in India

Amazon Prime Add-On

With the add-on subscription plan of Amazon Prime, you can watch HBO Max content in India. This facility is available only for Amazon Prime members with an add-on $14.99/month subscription plan. With an Amazon Prime membership, you can try a 7-day free trial of HBO Max before starting with your ad-on subscription plan. This is one of the most convenient options to explore the maximum most watched HBO Max in India.


Another best option to access HBO Max in India is the Disney+ Hotstar subscription. With the same owner, Warner Bros, Disney+Hotstar offers most HBO Max content to watch in India. So, if you have a Disney+Hostar subscription, HBO Max content is available to you.

Using VPN

However, if you want to know how to watch HBO Max in India as a dedicated streaming service, the only option is to take the best quality VPN service. VPN allows you to bypass your regional restriction while changing the IP address. For example, you can select the desired location where HBO Max is officially available, and you are free to stream with the service in India or any other location where HBO Max is not available.

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Last Word 

Through this article, you have probably got the essential information about the availability of HBO Max in India. So, you can easily plan your HBO Max online and offline watching options according to your requirement. While enjoying any online option, you must try the offline service of StreamFab HBO downloader to stay close to your favorite HBO content as long as you want.