It has become easy to grab information about anything on various platforms on the web. And when it comes to entertainment, you also look for various platforms to get your favorite entering content. However, when you wish to have everything in one platform, SRF, the leading Swiss media broadcasting channel, has stepped forward to provide news, live sports, weather reports, cultural programs, movies, and many more under one roof. 

SRF Switzerland

It offers its programming through television telecasting and digital online streaming services. So, while visiting the official www srf ch website, you can decide what type of service you want from this platform which provides versatility in its content category. So, let's get a brief review of this platform to bring the best out of this platform.

What is SRF?

SRF is a Swiss television channel owned by Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen. This German language channel started its journey almost two decades ago, in 2001. This digital media broadcasting company is a joint venture of a radio company Schweizer Radio DRS and a television company Schweizer Fernsehen. It has become the largest electronic media house in Switzerland. Initially, the channel was broadcasted through cable and satellite connection, and later it was transmitted terrestrially in the German-speaking regions of Switzerland. 

SRF Switzerland

This service is strictly restricted in Switzerland. Along with television, this channel has made its service available online as a dedicated mobile application. So, while enjoying television broadcasting, you can enjoy all this content simultaneously on your mobile application with a live streaming option or download streaming video from it.

What & Where to Have In SRF Channel?

Before knowing what types of content you will have in www srf ch, you must know what kinds of services it offers in its service. This Swiss broadcaster mainly provides four types of services: Broadcast, Radio, Television, and Online. Under TV stations it covers SRF1, SRF zwei, and SRF info. Under Radio stations it includes SRF1, SRF 2 Kultur, SRF3, SRF 4 News, SRF Musikwelle, and SRF Virus. Now, this channel is available in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and Liechtenstein.

What is SRF Mediathek?

SRF Mediathek is the official media app of the SRF channel for the Android platform. This online application is commonly referred to as "Play SRF." From SRF sports live stream to podcast, radio program, movies, documentaries, or anything telecasted on the main SRF channel through radio or tv broadcasters will be available in this online free application. In addition, you can access the online service of this channel on your mobile phone, tablet, and compatible television sets through Google Chromecast. 

Once you open the app on your device, you will get three dedicated sections: broadcast, live, and TV. While accessing specific programming under these sections, you can also enjoy multiple categories like sports, news, entertainment, comedy, movies, series, etc. However, whether it is SRF sports live stream or other programming, the online service is restricted to Switzerland only. 

What Programming Does SRFOffer?

On the www srf ch website, you will get an extensive library of various types of audio and video content. At the top of the website, you will get six dedicated segments; News, Sports, Weather, Culture, Doc, and To know. Under each segment, you will get segment-specific content to watch. Apart from this, if you want to enjoy the podcast or only audio content from the radio broadcasters of the SRF channel, you need to click on the "Audio" option at the top right corner. 

Similarly, if you have missed any TV shows or programming while selecting the "tv" icon next to the "Audio" option, you can catch them up depending on your choice. Apart from this, if you want to enjoy the live programming, you also need to click on the TV icon, and you will be redirected to the page where you will get the "Live" section along with other options like Play SRF, Broadcast, and TV program. Finally, on the SRF website, you will find content in video or audio form, which you can select according to your preference.

How to Get Srf Sports Live Stream?

On www SRF ch website, you will get a dedicated sports section offering various types of sports, tournaments, and matches with live streaming. To enjoy SRF sports live streams, you can go through the match or tournament schedule while opening the "Sports" Section. 

On the "Sports" page, you will get sub-sections like Live & Results, Football, Ice Hockey, Tennis, Ski, etc. So, with SRF Mediathek download on your compatible device, you can enjoy live streams of UEFA Champions League, Europa League, Conference League games, and final tournaments for free anytime, anywhere, as SRF got the rights to these games.

How to Download the SRF Content Library With StreamFab All-In-One Downloader

While enjoying SRF Sports Live Stream, if you feel like saving them for your repeat offline watch, StreamFab Video Downloader will give you enough flexibility to download any SRF content with your customization.

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Downloading Steps 

Step 1

Start with the StreamFab software on your Windows or Mac PC, and go to the search section at the top of the homepage.

Step 2

Copy the video link you want to save for offline watching and paste it into the search option in the software and click on the search button.

Switzerland srf video download

Step 3

Through the built-in browsing option, the software will automatically locate the video inside the tool, and you need to play the video.

Switzerland srf video download

Step 4

After that, a dialogue window will open for your output profile customization with format, quality, etc. Once you have finished your customization, you can go for the "Download Now" option.

Switzerland srf video download



What is coming up in SEF Sports?

SRF has confirmed that in the 2024-2025 season, it will broadcast European Club Compensation for free. A three-year agreement has been made between UEFA and Blue Sport.


Can you watch SRF channel content outside of Switzerland?

Even though SRF is geo-restricted to Switzerland, you can watch its content using any reliable VPN connection or download the content through StreamFab All-In-One downloader.




What are the SRF movie categories? 

Film from all over the world; Films for the heart; For crime fans; Swiss Films; For movie buffs 


Final Feed 

If you want SRF Mediathek download on your mobile or tablet for your flexible online streaming while traveling or at work, this article has given you enough input to get the maximum benefits from this platform. However, if you want to repeatedly watch your favorite program of this SRF platform offline, StreamFab All-In-One downloader is the ultimate destination with flexibility and customization.