Unlike Windows-based systems, MAC OS does not come with an Add/Remove Programs feature that will help you uninstall programs on Mac. However, it is quite simple to uninstall applications on MAC OS: You just move the application to the trash bin. Doing this, however, does not completely take care of uninstalling programs on Mac.


Follow the steps below to remove DVDFab from your Mac completely:


1. Go to your Mac's desktop screen and double-click on the "Macintosh HD" icon. This will bring up contents such as Applications, System and Library. The icon will look like an external drive and will be silver or gray.

2. Double-click on the "Applications" icon. This will bring up a list all of the applications or software on your Mac.

3. Review the list of applications and find DVDFab for Mac.

4. Press and hold the "Ctrl" button to bring up a table of options and actions.

5. Click on the operation "Move to Trash." Or you can click on the software and simply drag it to the trash bin on your desktop. Both of these actions will delete the software.

6. Go to Finder>File>Find to search and delete all the files that are associated with DVDFab for Mac.