CinEx HD Utility

CinEx claims that their CinEx HD Utility is a powerful Cinavia remover that can remove Cinavia from Blu-ray, DVD and movie files. Yes, the software truly can bypass the Cinavia audio watermark from some Blu-ray/DVD/movie files and make a Cinavia-free Blu-ray/DVD/movie copy that can be played on any Cinavia-affected device. The interface is intuitive, which will be easy to use for novice users.

But its weaknesses also deserve you attention.

In order to remove Cinavia with CinEx HD, you are required to download a database for the movie that encounters Cinavia error. And you also need to update the database file list every time before you using it. It is also not a good experience to find the movie title you want from a lot of files in the database.

CinEx outputs lossy AC3 audio, which is not as good as the original audio and cannot be accepted by HD audio lovers. Here is the comment posted on RedFox by a retired moderator:

How exactly it works is not entirely clear but you definitely lose HD audio and the audio is degraded. Some people notice the audio degradation more than others. Some seem to notice no loss which, frankly, makes me think they need their hearing checked.

CinEx HD can remove Cinavia but it cannot decrypt other DVD/Blu-ray protections. As we all know, commercial DVD or Blu-ray discs are always protected by several kinds of encryptions. So, using CinEx HD on encrypted discs means that you have to first use another program to circumvent the protections on the discs.

CinEx HD is a Cinavia remover but is never the only Cinavia Removal tool in the market. DVDFab Cinavia removal would be the best alternative of CinEx to help you fix Cinavia on Blu-rays and DVDs.


DVDFab Cinavia Removal

DVDFab DVD & Blu-ray Cinavia Removal is a powerful and professional Cinavia remover that can remove Cinavia from DVD and Blu-ray completely and permanently. It works with DVDFab DVD Copy or Blu-ray Copy to remove the Cinavia watermark in the audio track of the Cinavia-infected DVD or Blu-ray and make a Cinavia-free copy. DVDFab DVD Copy and Blu-ray Copy are also powerful decrypters which can bypass nearly all known DVD and Blu-ray protections easily and quickly. So DVDFab can be used to deal with those encrypted discs that CinEx cannot handle.

DVDFab DVD & Blu-ray Cinavia Removal works by replacing the original Cinavia protected audio track with a completely new audio track. So the words said by CinEx in its official website that “Only CinEx HD truly removes Cinavia. Others just hide Cinavia until the players are updated” are totally wrong. The Cinavia removal tool of DVDFab definitely removes Cinavia from the audio tracks of Blu-rays or DVDs completely and permanently. What CinEx say is a slander on other competitors, which is the thing CinEx always does.

There is a table on CinEx page to compare CinEx HD with other Cinavia removers, in which CinEx says only 78 movies are supported by DVDFab. The number is also wrong. Now DVDFab supports 182 Blu-ray movies and 29 DVD movies, and most of new movies released in 2017 are included. Our list will continue to grow, so click here to visit the page to learn of any updates.

DVDFab DVD & Blu-ray Cinavia Removal surpasses CinEx HD in another important way: DVDFab outputs lossless DTS-HD audio for Blu-ray while CinEx outputs lossless AC3 audio. DTS-HD is uncompressed and shares the same quality with the original audio track in the Blu-ray disc, while AC3 is downgraded audio that cannot accepted by HD audio lovers or purists. If you pursue for high-quality audio in Blu-ray copy, you undoubtedly should choose DVDFab.

Considering the capacity of DVD, DVDFab outputs AC3 audio for DVD, but we guarantee the quality of the AC3 audio will be identical with the original audio track.

DVDFab DVD & Blu-ray Cinavia Removal is not free but it provides a 30-day free trial, during which period you can remove Cinavia from one DVD and one Blu-ray respectively. DVDFab DVD & Blu-ray Cinavia Removal is a bundle which contains DVD Cinavia Removal and Blu-ray Cinavia Removal, but if you want to remove Cinavia only from Blu-ray or DVD, you can buy Blu-ray Cinavia Removal or DVD Cinavia Removal alone.

The interface of DVDFab is clean, modern and intuitive, so you can learn its all features quickly. To fix Cinavia on DVD or Blu-ray, only a few mouse clicks are required, click How to Remove Cinavia on Blu-ray and How to Remove Cinavia on DVD to learn the detailed steps.