There is a lot of confusion around how long does a DVD last. Many people believe that they will last forever, but this is not the case. Instead, the DVD lives depend on several factors. In this article, we will discuss what those factors are and how you can increase the longevity of your DVDs.

What is the lifespan of a DVD? What's the best way to store them for years and years? Is it true that DVDs may disappear altogether in just 10-20 years from now? That's what we'll find out. Then, we will answer these questions and give you some good tips about how to keep your precious discs (should you have any) around for as long as possible. So let's get started!

How Long Do DVDs Last?

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DVDs are pretty durable and should last a long time. The problem is that it's not easy to figure out just how long the DVDs will last and what you can do to make them last longer. The fact is that longevity depends on the format of your disc (will it accept higher capacity or lower capacity), on your handling, on the brand and quality of discs, as well as on environmental conditions that may affect storage conditions like dust, exposure to direct sunlight, high temperature, etc.

Since there are too many factors to consider, it's very hard to estimate how long a particular disc will survive or compact disc life expectancy. However, it is possible to give general recommendations.

Bottom line: The dvdlife span depends on how well you take care of it and how hard you use it. But if you don't have many discs to store, you can consider it to be 7 years for every disc

How Long Does DVD-R Last?

The lifespan of a DVD-R or DVD+R depends on how much you use the disc. One way to make the disc last longer is to not use it for its original purpose, like storing data. This way, the data on the disc won't be written and erased repeatedly, which can cause damage in the long run.

How do you keep a DVD from rotting?

DVDs can be kept dust-free, probably indefinitely, if taken care of properly. The most important thing to do is keep your discs clean. This involves avoiding keeping them in plastic cases unless they are specifically designed for DVDs (and taking care not to get any scratches on them), as this will cause disc degeneration.

Best Way to Store Lifetime Movies On DVD

To get the most life out of your DVD and keep it in good shape, you need some storage system that will protect it from wear and tear (damage) and allow access when needed.  Different types of devices can help you: Cases, sleeves, media bags ...and even some personal devices like "Burning Disc Designer" or "Disc Label" (in particular the latter). But in my opinion, the most practical are discs themselves.

The best way to store a lifetime movie on DVD is to use a DVD holder that protects your discs from scratching and wear.  The one I like best is the "Disc Jewel Case". It's designed especially for storing your DVDs. You can find other models available at Amazon or look for disc protectors online (use some search engine) and browse their selection on Amazon or eBay.

How Does One Copy A Movie From DVD?

To copy a movie from a DVD to another optical disc, you will need specialized software (like DVDFab DVD Copy software) and burning programs installed in your computer (like Nero for Windows or Burn for Mac).

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Factors That Affect DVD Longevity

  • Discs themselves: How many times have you gotten a new movie and then discovered that, for some reason, the disc is no longer readable? You can blame it on:
    • Damaged discs: discs that are scratched or damaged are not readable anymore (and if they got scratched even once, they would scratch again and again)
    • Worn out discs: over time, the data on a disc wears out with use. This is why you need to store movies on DVDs with high capacity. The more data on a disc, the longer it will last.
    • Disc error: an error message that appears on some movies says you need to format the disc and re-write the data. This is why you should store your DVDs in special cases and avoid using old ones.
    • Dirty discs: sometimes, the data on a disc gets contaminated by dust or other stuff (like fingerprints). This can cause playback problems ("disc read error"). You can clean your discs with a cleaning solution to remove any dirt or contamination that may be hiding inside. But be careful not to touch the disc's surface because this will ruin it.
  • Handling: How you handle the disc can also damage it. One way to ruin a disc is to use it on a dirty surface (like if you have some oil or grease on your hands). When using it in fast motion, you can also damage a disc by accident (like dragging a disc from one side of the shelf to another). Most people will destroy the data and "damn" the disc.
  • Environmental conditions: The temperature where you store your discs may affect them as well. It may ruin the plastic film that keeps data protected inside if too hot. And if the discs are exposed to the sun for too long, it may cause disc damage. Too hard discs may not work anymore.
  • Design of cases: The design of the disc cases can also affect their longevity. The most frequent problem is that they are not strong enough to hold a disc and prevent it from falling out. Another problem is that they can be damaged by storing or storing discs on them, things falling on them, or by acid that eats away at the disc case. So before buying a case, make sure to check its design and see how it will protect your DVD collection.
  • Quality of the discs: Cheap, low-quality discs may be substituted for original and branded manufacturers. This is why it's so important only to buy original DVDs!

What Are The Best CD/DVD Recording Programs?

The best cd/DVD recording software has all you need to burn, copy and create audio and DVDs. Easy CD & DVD Creator 6 is an award-winning suite of tools that enables you to create data, music, or video discs. An integrated powerful burner lets you write data or media discs. In addition, you can burn data discs in data or audio formats.

Easy CD & DVD Creator 6 is a command-line only. Therefore, it is not a graphical user interface (GUI) like most other applications on the market today. It does not have a user-friendly GUI, but it does have some of the best combinations of features and tools for making discs that you need to help you make your own CD/DVD or MP3 disc quickly and easily. 

It will also help you create your art for those amazing custom discs you want to give to friends and family! It has a variety of elements from different disc types such as audio CD, DVD, MP3, data disks (files), video CD, CD+G, etc.

More DVD Longevity Tips:

  • Keep discs away from extreme temperatures 
  • Don't scratch your discs 
  • Don't touch the disc surface 
  • Don't allow discs to become dirty or dusty 
  • Don't store your discs in direct sunlight 
  • Avoid using cheap, low-quality discs 
  • Keep DVD cases away from extreme temperatures 

DVD recorders are more convenient than VCRs because you don't need to watch for timer recordings and fast-forward through commercials on recordings.

Today, most people record their shows with DVRs (digital video recorders) or DVD recorders with TIVO functions (see my page about TIVO for more details). Still, many people prefer using VCRs and VHS tapes because they can capture video from cameras and camcorders that aren't compatible with recorders.