One of the best things is when you find a website that offers you free giveaway software as it helps you save a lot of money, but the problem is that there is no guarantee or protection from viruses or malware. And sometimes, when you download software from these so-called giveaway websites, you only get the limited version which can be very frustrating.

Another problem with these giveaway software sites is that they are illegal and can put you in severe danger. So, it is better to go for websites after deep research and select the legal, licensed ones and offer completely cracked, malware/ adware/ virus-free software to download.

The Top 12 Giveaway Software Websites

Below we have listed the top 10 giveaway software websites that we have appropriately tested for their reputation and authenticity. These websites offer free and wholly cracked software downloads that you can enjoy without any limit.

The tasks to do on your desktop have increased with the digital revolution, and we can't afford to pay for all the software, so it is better to download legal and licensed software from these websites for free. However, we recommend you read all the details of these giveaway software websites before downloading anything.

1. Malware Tips

The first giveaway software website that we will talk about is Malware Tips, specifically for Windows users. Usually, when you enter giveaway websites, there are various pages like a usual website, and then there is a specific page dedicated to discounts or promotions. But in the case of Malware Tips, you will find a very simplistic forum-like page with properly categorized contents.

software givaway:1. Malware Tips

Most of the registered users on Malware Tips keep updating the page and offering security-related software and programs for free to the website's visitors. It is also listed on Fossbytes software giveaway websites listing, so it is legit.

2. Giveaway Radar

Before getting into the details of Giveaway Radar and the software it offers, we need to tell you that if you're looking for antivirus or VPN software, you might not be able to find it here. However, the last point of using this giveaway software website is that you will get a lot of downloadable software options from various providers for your Windows and Mac devices.

software givaway:2. Giveaway Radar

Another fact about using Giveaway Radar is that it's not a free software giveaway site. Still, it will showcase all the links for you to go to various legit websites offering giveaways. You can thoroughly go through the website and see a specific section dedicated to long-term giveaway software.

3. TopWareSale

TopWareSale is a great giveaway software website for those looking for discounts, promotions, and offers every day. The best part about the Top Gear sale is that you can even find the most premium and exclusive programs and software for free without any usage limitation.

software givaway:3. TopWareSale

Like other major giveaway software websites, they have also categorized all the software into specific niches so that their visitors can find the software they need without any difficulty. You can download any software on your Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS devices.

4. GiveAwayOfTheDay

Talking of giveaway software websites, GiveAwayOfTheDay has been one of the OG websites in the tech industry for more than 14 years and is very popular among gaming and software enthusiasts. Most of the software you get from this website is legal and properly licensed, so you can use it without worrying about anything, and you get them within 24 hours.

software givaway:4. GiveAwayOfTheDay

The only restriction that GiveAwayOfTheDay poses on its users is that they cannot share software on commercial platforms or use it for commercial purposes. Another thing that you need to know is that if you download specific software or game from this website, you won't be able to contact the manufacturer of the game for any issue, and it won't even update to a new version.

5. Tickcoupon Giveaway

Tickcoupon Giveaway is a great website if you're looking for free software giveaways for your Android, IOS, Mac, or Windows device. The best part about this giveaway software website is its organization and categorization of different types of software. They offer their visitors proper gift plans and long-term giveaway subscriptions.

software givaway:5. Tickcoupon Giveaway

We also believe that tick coupon giveaway is a modern software giveaway website because of its link to various software developers. The website has a dedicated news section about technology updates to continuously inform their visitors about the innovations and changes in the digital industry.

6. TechTipLib

If you are tired of scam websites that offer you complete software versions at first, but when you download them, they are only limited, you need to try TechTipLib as it offers premium cracked software for free. The only condition they have set is to like all their social media accounts to get to the software they offer.

software givaway:6. TechTipLib

If you're not looking for any software but the updates and the innovations in the tech industry, you can follow the TechTipLib blog page, as they have more than 7000 articles on various subjects.

7. Most I Want

Moving forward, let's talk about Most I Want, which is a great website with a pretty good collection of paid software that you can get for free. They have a wide range of picture and video editing software, gaming software, and even security software.

software givaway:7. Most I Want

The best part about this giveaway software website is that they set a free subscription period for each software you download. The overall interface of the website is very user-friendly and minimalistic, so you won't have any trouble finding the desired software.

8. SharewareOnSale

If you're looking for a free giveaway software website that can offer you premium software every day, SharewareOnSale is what you need to visit at least once. You can get full software versions for your Mac, Android, iOS, and Windows devices.

software givaway:8. SharewareOnSale

Though the mobile versions of their software won't be completely free, they offer plenty of discounts, so that won't be a trouble; you can easily try by freely downloading any software on your device and seeing if it works for you.

9. Techno360

One of the safest giveaway software websites is Techno 360, which offers each of its users a 1-year of free subscription to use any software they want.

software givaway:9. Techno360

With their yearly license, you get to try new premium software in the market without paying anything.


All the game lovers looking for free gaming software for iOS, Android, Mac, or Windows devices need to check out There is a proper forum for discussion about various software updates and games giveaways where you can look for the software offers and get yourself the ones you like.

software givaway:10. has made its way to Fossbytes software giveaway website list, so you must give it a go. Sometimes when you're looking for a very exclusive program, you might have to pay a very high cost for it, but on, you can get it for a very limited cost or, in some cases, for free.

11. WinningPC

WinningPC is more than just a giveaway software website. It lays out endless discounts and giveaways offered by various software owners on its website so that visitors may have an easy idea of getting free licensed software. Even if you are looking for exclusive software, you will find multiple discount deals on WinningPC.

software givaway:11. WinningPC

The best part about WinningPC is that even if you download software that requires a license key, you will get the license key for free on the platform. Whether these are rebate codes you're looking for or programming tools, you will find it all on WinningPC.


The last on our list is CHIP, a great giveaway software website if you are looking for the real deal, authentic advice, and genuine views of technology trends and digital updates.

software givaway:12.

The best part about this website is that it has partnered up with various software brands and offers licensed yet free software to download to all its visitors. You can download various software for your desktop and your mobile devices using the official platform of CHIP.

Get DVDFab All-in-one Lifetime DVD/Blu-ray/Video Solution

If you are looking for a software giveaway website for DVD/Blu-ray solutions that offer amazing occasional discounts and special offers, check out DVDFab. The platform offers amazing software options like DVD Smoother AI, Video Converter (DVD 4K UHD Conversion), DVD Ripper, Video Enhancement Tools, DVD Editing Toolkit, and so much more.

software givaway:Get DVDFab All-in-one Lifetime DVD/Blu-ray/Video Solution

DVDFab Easter Special Offer

  • There is a 30% discount offer going on for Easter on all the products (25-in-1) of DVDFab so check it out.
  • DVDFab is also offering a $30 Amazon gift card and 5-computer license.
  • Another gift DVDFab is offering is the 2TB seagate portable HDD.

However, if you want to use the free versions of the software offered by DVDFab, you can download any of them to your Windows and Mac devices for free. And if you want to use the paid versions you can try using the discount offers.

Final Words

We want to conclude our article about the top 12 giveaway software websites in 2022, noting that these websites might have common restrictions and terms of conditions. However, they offer free cracked and licensed software that you can use for various purposes. So, try out the software on Windows and Mac devices and save your money.


1. Is There a Giveaway Software that Works with Clickfunnels?

Viral Sweep is a famous giveaway software that integrates with Clickfunnels, and you can automatically download it by visiting any Clickfunnels page. Another thing that we want to talk about is the Clickfunnels giveaway funnel. The giveaway software funnel is all you need to market and sell your products online. There’s a built-in invoicing system, email autoresponder, training videos, and so much more.

2. Are Giveaway Software Safe to Use?

Now it's time to answer one of the most important questions: whether all giveaway software is safe to use. There's only one straight answer to that: it depends on the website you are downloading the software from, and if it is not safe, you will know it from the very beginning. Some so-called giveaway software websites offer you malware-prone software that can seriously put your Windows or Mac device in danger. However, if you select Fossbytes software giveaway or Clickfunnels software giveaway, you won’t face that problem.

3. What is the Best DVD Video Converter Software in 2022?

If you are looking for the best DVD video converter software, you don't have to wait for the giveaway because you can directly go to DVDFab and download their free all-in-one DVD player, i.e., PlayerFab. You get an extensive range of video editing features that you can enjoy for free.