To enjoy your favorite movies, shows, or series, watching television on your cozy couch is an all-time pleasure. However, with technological advancement, the Television set has evolved from a mere media telecasting analog platform to a high-resolution digital display. And the television transformation journey is continuing with the latest addition, alteration, and development of new features and functions to provide a flawless and effortless digital content streaming experience. 

So, the latest and newest smart TV has come up with a TV DVD combo to ensure your on-demand digital streaming satisfaction with your favorite DVD-watching satisfaction. Now, let's have highlights of TV with DVD player combo and the top 4 TV DVD combo sets with their attractive features.

tv dvd combo

What is the TV-DVD combo all about?

Whether it is your marriage or birthday DVD or any old collection of your favorite movies or holiday trips DVDs, watching them on your high-resolution TV/DVD combo will take it to another level of satisfaction. And the best part of this TV DVD combo is that the television set has a built-in DVD player; therefore, you don't have to invest in any separate DVD player. There is also no hassle of installation or connection. All you have to do is insert your DVDs into the dedicated DVD player attached to the television set, and you are good to go with your DVD streaming.

The Must-Have TV DVD Combo Criteria 

If you already have a TV DVD combo, you must go through the latest features and functions of a TV with DVD player combo to know what you are missing in your existing device. On the other hand, if you are planning to buy a new TV/DVD combo set, you must know a few things beforehand to make the best choice for your TV/DVD combo. So, here you go with the fundamental parameters you must have in your TV DVD combo.

  • Smart Function: Your TV/DVD combo must have internet connectivity for online and offline streaming of multiple on-demand streaming service apps.
  • Crystal Clarity With High-Definition: Though 4K resolution is not yet available in the TV/DVD combo, you can get the high-definition display in the new TV DVD player combo.
  • Maximum Connectivity: Your TV DVD combo must have maximum HDMI inputs for flexible connectivity with a maximum number of devices. It must have a USB port to connect your computer to your TV DVD combo.
  • 12V Power: Your selected TV with DVD player combo must run with less power consumption.

Top 4 TV DVD Combo with Attractive Attributes

So, when you know what features you must have in your TV DVD Combo, it's time to glance at the latest trending TV with DVD player combo in different sizes. You must select them according to your requirements, purpose, and specifications.

1. SuperSonic TV DVD Combo 

SuperSonic has been trending in the television industry for years, and it established its reputation by offering the most useful and customer's requirement-specific features and functions in its TV/DVD combo. This all-in-one TV/DVD combo offers a 90 days warranty.


  • Available in different sizes, including 24in, 22in, 19in, 15in, & 13.3in.
  • It supports internet service with an LED display.
  • 1080p resolution with 60 Refresh Rate
  • It offers connectivity support with HDMI, USB, VGA, and RF.
  • Built-in DVD player with SD, AC/DC input & noise reduction.

Price: 24in: $176.60; 22in: $164.99; 19in: $164.50

tv dvd combo

2. Free Signal TV DVD Combo

If you are in the USA, Free Signal TV is one of the smartest and budget-friendly options to enjoy a TV with a DVD player combo. You might need a separate adapter or converter to use this combo outside the USA. This product offers a large screen for a better visual experience of your favorite content. It provides a 1-year warranty.


  • 28-inch display screen with FreeView internet support service.
  • LED screen with 720p resolution.
  • Table mount set with HDMI connectivity.
  • Voltage support 110 Volts/ 12 Volts
  • Wattage supports 39 watts.
  • Integrated DVD player for Mobile use and RV camper.

Price: 28in: $369.00; 32in: $399.00; 22in: $289.00

tv dvd combo

3. Washington TV DVD Combo

If you are looking for premium quality audio-visual experiences in your TV/DVD combo, Washington is the ultimate brand to meet your requirement with unique specifications. In your limited budget, you can experience this brand's durable and exclusive TV DVD combo with a 1-year warranty.


  • Most homes are suitable for 24in screen size.
  • LED display with browser internet support.
  • HDMI, USB, VGA & audio port connectivity support.
  • Built-in DVD with V-Chip.
  • Flat, compact & slim TV with 720p resolution.

Price: 32in: $179.99

tv dvd combo

4. Norcent TV DVD Combo

In the TV with DVD player combo industry, Norcent is a comparatively new brand that offers quite impressive features in its TV DVD combo to stay in the competition. This brand offers a one-year warranty for its TV/DVD combo. You can opt for 24-inch or 32-inch, depending on your purpose.


  • Internet support for Hulu, Netflix, & Amazon.
  • LED screen with 720p resolution & 60 HZ Refresh Rate.
  • HDMI, USB, and VGA connectivity support.
  • Built-in DVD player with dual channel 3W Speakers.

Price: 24in: $149.99; 32in: $ 164.99

tv dvd combo

Now, when you have the best TV DVD combo to get the best advantages from your device, you must take the DVD ripping, copying, and creating service of the DVDFab All-In-One software. 

How to Rip/ Copy/ Create DVD With DVDFab All-In-One

With DVDFab All-In-One, while enjoying your favorite DVDs in your TV DVD combo, you can take their digital backup by ripping DVDs to digital format. You can also copy your old or damaged DVDs to any new DVD. Otherwise, creating new DVDs of your memorable videos or moments is one of the most exciting features of this software. Let's see the maximum advantages you can avail yourself for your DVD optimization and customizations.


  • The only program that supports the newly encrypted discs
  • Copy your DVDs, Blu-rays or UHD to a blank disc or save as ISO image file or Folder in HDD
  • Rip and convert your DVDs, Blu-rays or UHD into 1000+ digital video and audio formats
  • Create DVDs, Blu-rays or UHD from any type of videos and make your stylish menu
  • Backup or Convert the Disc between DVD/Blu-ray/UHD Blu-ray Discs
  • Remove Cinavia watermark protection to create a clean audio
  • Upscale video resolution from 480p to 1080p and from 1080p to 4K
  • The built-in video editor edits your videos, such as rotating, merging, trimming, etc.
  • GPU acceleration with 50X higher speed.

We invite you to watch this informative video to learn more about DVDFab All-In-One.

Final Word

If you have a huge collection of your favorite DVDs and you love the cherish them in your recreation on the high screen of your television, the TV DVD combo is the ultimate option for satisfaction. However, suppose you want to organize or customize them with a digital backup, or converting them to any new disc, or create more DVDs of your favorite videos with a personalized touch. In that case, DVDFab All-In-One is the final option to complete your requirements.