What Is Handbrake?

Handbrake is an open-source and free video transcoder. The tool is used to convert video in to multiple formats that are widely used. In addition to this, the tool is very good at lowering the file size of any video. The tool can be downloaded from its official site and supports Windows, Mac, and Linux.

What is Handbrake Web Optimized Feature?

Now it is time to have a look at what is Handbrake and how to digitize a DVD. When you upload an MP4 file in the tool, the Web Optimized feature will be shown to the users. The option is not turned on by default. What is the exact function of this feature?

To understand this feature, you must first know what is Handbrake software. The feature is also dubbed as MP4 Fast Start. It majorly helps in streaming all over the web. It arranges the table of contents in a well-organized manner in a file and stores the MP4 container header at the beginning of the file. In this way, you can begin playing as the video is downloaded rather than waiting for the process to end. Very high bitrate video and very long video can use this feature.

Hence, what is a Handbrake feature named Web Optimized? If your file is going to be streamed, you must use this feature in Handbrake. Users will not see any major difference on their local network since the bandwidth is not as limited. In fact, it actually assists while streaming over the web beyond the local network where there is restricted bandwidth between the client and the user. On the other hand, if your video is transcoded for direct playback, there is no necessity to use the Web Optimized feature.

How to Use the Web Optimized Feature?

To use this feature, you must need to download and install the tool on your Windows, Linux, or Mac device. Once you are done installing, open it and follow the below steps to use this feature.

  1. Open the tool and import the source file that you wish to optimize and transcode for web.
  2. Select or create a preset.
  3. The tool comes with some in-built web presets, such as Gmail, Discord, YouTube, and Vimeo. If you cannot find any suitable present, you can click the Save New Preset option to make a new as per your requirements.
  4. Tap the Summary tab and check the box for Web Optimized feature.
  5. Tap the Browse option at the right side in the bottom to choose a path and enter a file name.
  6. Click the Start Encode option to start optimizing and transcoding video for web.

what is handbrake:How to Use the Web Optimized Feature?

What Is Handbrake Anamorphic?

Now that you have learned about the Web Optimized feature, it is time to know the answer to the “Handbrake what is Anamorphic feature” question. An anamorphic feature is used to encode the distorted image saved on the DVD. The feature helps in stretching the video out when you see it. It maintains the same original aspect ratio of the video at the time of playing. While using the tool, users will see four options while using the Anamorphic feature namely None, Loose, Automatic, and Custom. Let us see what these options mean.

When you open the tool, click the Dimensions section to access the Anamorphic feature. Now, click the drop-down logo to see the four options: None, Automatic, Loose, and Custom.

  • None: The option is used to switch off the Anamorphic feature. If this option is selected, the aspect ratio and display size stays the same and is unchanged.
  • Automatic: Selecting this option offers the utmost resolution while maintaining the aspect ratio of the original video.
  • Loose: Selecting this option allows users to scale the width of the frame. In the meantime, the aspect ratio of the video is maintained and remains unchanged. For instance, if the size of the source file is 1280x720, users can scale down the width to 720 and the height to 406. The end result video will have the same aspect ratio as the original one.
  • Custom: Selecting this option lets users to set parameters including width and height manually. The aspect ratio can also be changed using this option.

what is handbrake:What Is Handbrake Anamorphic

Bonus: Use DVDFab DVD Ripper to Change Video Parameters

Using the above features of Handbrake is too complicated for some users to use and understand. If you are one of the users who feel it difficult to use those features, you can always use DVDFab DVD Ripper. The tool helps in converting videos to more than 1000 video and audio formats supported by popular devices. To customize the output video, you can use the Profile Filter and Advanced Settings. Follow the below steps to know how to use this tool.

1. Download and install DVDFab 13.

2. Click the Ripper module on the main screen.

what is handbrake web optimized

3. Click the + button on the main screen to upload the source file. You can also drag and drop the file to upload it.

4. You can also insert the DVD you wish to rip into the drive. In addition to this, you can also navigate by using the Add option.

5. Tap Choose Other Profile and click on the Format option. You can convert DVD to digital files including AVI, MKV, MP4, WMV, etc.

what is handbrake web optimized

6. Users can also extract subtitles from DVD to SRT format, select audio tracks/language, or add external subtitles. In addition to this, users can also set audio and video parameters as per their requirements using the Advanced Settings section and Video Edit section.

7. After adjusting the parameter, click the Start option to start the ripping process.

what is handbrake web optimized: Use DVDFab Ripper to Change Video Parameters


What is an anamorphic aspect ratio?

Dubbed as anamorphic widescreen format, 2.39:1 is the broadest aspect ratio widely used in modern cinema. It generates an aesthetic usually related to premium dramatic feature movies. Its wide field of view makes it the ideal ratio for recording scenic landscapes.

Is anamorphic widescreen better?

The end output image has much better resolution since more film area is being utilized to project the same picture. This method works the same when applied to DVDs. Traditional analog televisions come with an aspect ratio of 1.37:1 or 4x3, and hence have the same issue accommodating widescreen pictures as 35mm film.

What is PAR on Handbrake?

PAR or Pixel Aspect Ratio is used to multiply the storage width by a ratio. By default, the PAR is 1:1. With this ratio, what users see is what they get—square pixels. The video is saved and displayed with the same dimensions while using PAR.


Having said that, we just had a look at what is Handbrake software, what is the Anamorphic feature, and what is Web Optimized feature. In addition to this, we also had a look at the DVDFab DVD Ripping software. This tool can be used by users who feel it difficult to use Handbrake features. The tool helps in converting videos to more than 1000 video and audio formats supported by popular devices. To customize the output video, you can use this tool.