From the perspective of both efficiency and economics, what is the best way to backup your DVD collections which cost you quite a sum of your sweat earned money? The best and economical way is to clone them as ISO image files. On one hand, the ISO image files can be easily stored onto your local hard disc drives, external storage devices and even networked storage utilities, in which way saving you a lot of money buying expensive blank media’s, on the other hand, clone a DVD as an ISO image file does not require a DVD writer either. Last but certainly not least, the ISO image file can be easily mounted by a virtual drive and played from a piece of media player software, and there are many free virtual drives and media player software’s online. In one word, one stone, three birds. Why not?


Here below is the best way to clone a DVD as an ISO image file, just three simple steps with DVDFab 9, the well-known DVD Cloner software you ever seen on the internet.


Three Steps to Clone a DVD: Step 1 > Start up DVDFab 9, then navigate to Copy option and Clone/Burn mode;



Three Steps to Clone a DVD: Step 2 > Insert the DVD-video disc you want to clone into your disc tray, after a while, DVDFab will start to analyze it. When this process finishes, click the disc icon behind the "Save to" selection box to choose one location from your computer HDD to store the resulting ISO image file;



Three Steps to Clone a DVD: Step 3 > Press the “Start” trigger and start to make the clone.


The whole clone process won’t be long, normally less than a quarter. So, it also saves much of your precious time!


Software you need: the latest build of DVDFab 9

Product you need order: DVD Copy


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