For your entertainment to professional reference, you can use any of your favorite movie clips according to your choice. To create any social media post, meme, or commercial video for your brand promotion, movie clips serve multiple purposes with a distinct approach. So, to download movie clips for multiple purposes, you should try your convenient downloading tool from the list of top 10 movie clip downloaders.

Top 10 Movie Clip Downloaders for Free on All Devices

Sometimes a full-on action scene or emotional love scene, or hilarious comedy scene gives an instant entertainment boost to change your mood. So, here you will get the top 10 downloaders to get your favorite movie clip to download on your desired devices and platforms.

1. Snaptube

Movie Clip Downloaders snaptube

To capture any of your favorite movie moments on your smartphone or laptop, Snaptube online downloader is the best option to download movie clips in your required video quality and file format.


  • To fit the file size in your device, get the movie clip download in Mp3/ M4A format.
  • Select video resolution from 144p to 4K, depending on your internet bandwidth.
  • It allows you to get movie clips to download from 50+ websites.
  • This is a completely free website without any registration hassle.


  • Ads-free downloading option is not available.
  • You can't save videos automatically.

2. Smallseotools

movie clips to download smallseotools

While watching any interesting movie trailer or your favorite actor or actress's intense scene on any social media platform or streaming station with the Smallseotools website, you can save them forever. While enjoying them on your offline watch, you can also share them with your friends or loved ones.


  • Get registration and installation hassle-free movie clips to download.
  • Download movies clip in Mp4 format to share them to any device.
  • Get watermark-free movie clips to download.
  • Get HD quality trendy movie clips from any social media platform.


  • The audio-Video quality selection option is missing.
  • You can't save movie clips in batches.

3. Freemake

Since YouTube is one of the most common platforms to watch your favorite movie clips, Freemake is the best movie clip downloader to save any movie clip for your later repeat watch on your Windows computer.


  • Download movies clip in Mp4 quality for flexible sharing.
  • It supports video up to 8K resolution.
  • This is a free, lightweight app for PC.
  • It offers simple downloading steps with three steps.


  • It is available only for Windows PC.
  • Restricted content can not be downloaded.

4. SaveTheVideo

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms are flooded with eye-catching movie clips, trailers, teasers, and some exclusive scenes for promotional or business purposes. So, with SaveTheVideo online downloader, you get all these movie clips to download on any device, including Android, iOS, Windows & Mac.


  • It is an all-in-one tool with downloading, converting, compressing, editing & recording option.
  • Save the movie clip with 4k/HD quality.
  • You can cut, crop, and merge the clips.
  • Enjoy batch downloading in Mp3/Mp4/AAC file format.


  • The video codec selection option is not there.
  • This website is only for personal use.

5. Duplichecker

movie clips downloader duplichecker

In your random scroll on different social media platforms, you probably come across lots of happening movie clips of new, old, or blockbuster movies. Duplichecker is the best online movie clip downloader with primary downloading features.


  • Download video from website on mac in HD quality.
  • Get a preview feature to check the content before your final download.
  • It offers multiple file formats like MKV, Mp4, and WebM.
  • It supports all common browsers, devices, and platforms.


  • There is no dedicated app for mobile platforms.
  • You can't select the audio quality of your downloads.


savefrom net movie clip downloader

Suppose you have a habit of watching your favorite movie clips in your free time on multiple devices. In that case, you must download movie clips in the most flexible and all-device-compatible format with the movie clip downloader. With its multiple customizable features, you can save maximum downloads from any social media platform.


  • A Chrome extension version of this downloader is available.
  • Along with movie clips, you can download TV shows, sports, or game clips on any device.
  • Get movie clips downloaded in Mp4 format.
  • Enjoy video quality for SD to 4K resolution.
  • Act as an OnlyFans Downloader


  • It supports a very limited website to download movie clips from.
  • It supports only one format.

7. Ummy Online Video Downloader

Ummy Online Video Downloader to download movies clips

Social media is the best destination to get your favorite movie clips with some funny memes or mash-ups. However, social media platforms don't allow you to save them for later watching. Ummy Online Video Downloader is the best option to download for your entertainment.


  • Video quality is available from HD and FHD to 4K+.
  • Enjoy unlimited downloading of your favorite movie clips.
  • Explore Audio-Video converting option.
  • You download movie clips from 700+ websites.


  • There is no mobile app on this website.
  • Automatic downloading is not possible.

8. Searchenginereports

save movie clips Searchenginereports

If you want to save different types of movie clips for your entertainment or professional video-making inspiration, Searchenginerepots is the most organized movie clip downloader to meet your requirements.


  • It will get you unlimited ads-free movie clips to download.
  • Select picture quality from 240p to 1080p.
  • Enjoy high-speed download on any device.
  • It is accessible through any web browser.


  • There is no file format selection option.
  • The subtitle selection option is available for your movie clips.

9. Pastedownload

Pastedownload download movie clips online

With Pastedownload online tool, you can also download all those movie clips which are available as a private video mode on social media platforms. This is a completely safe downloading tool without any malicious downloading link or real download button.


  • It supports more than 500 websites from where you can download movie clips.
  • You get multiple file formats like Mp3/Mp4/MKV etc.
  • The video quality selection option is available from 144p to 1080p.
  • It offers an easy interface to download private videos.


  • There are very limited video customization features.
  • Ads-free unlimited downloading is not available.


ACETHINKER  movie clips to download

While video making different types of movie clips helps you to give inspiration and ideas in making any new videos, or you can also use them as a reference to any of your social media posts. ACETHINKER is a simple and smart online movie clip downloader to get high-quality movie clips to download as needed.


  • It is a free online downloader with three downloading steps.
  • There is no requirement for installation or sign-up.
  • You can access this tool on any device through any website.
  • Enjoy high-speed download with 100% secure software.


  • You can't customize the audio-video quality of your movie clip.
  • You can't select the movie clips' format, subtitles, or codec.

So, while using these online movie clip downloaders, you can save your favorite movie clips on any device. However, these tools won't allow you to download content to your specifications, and you will also face some other limitations that prevent you from enjoying your favorite movie clips with flexibility and customization. So, let's see what bothers you while using these online tools.

  • There is always a virus or malware infection risk to your system.
  • Most tools don't allow you to download movie clips from subscription-based streaming platforms.
  • Most of them don't support ads-free downloading as they are free tools.
  • There are no audio-video customization features.
  • They doesn't support you to download the latest cotent from the streaming platforms.

How to get online downloading restriction-free movie clips with StreamFab?

download movie clips using streamfab

To get the best use of any saved movie clips, you need the maximum customization of the advanced technology or StreamFab. The more you customize your movie clip, the maximum flexibility you will get in your offline watch. From format and codec selection to audio-video quality preference, you can do anything with this software to get movie clips with your unique specification.


  • Get ad-free downloads from 1000+ websites, including Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.
  • Option video quality from 720p to 1080p as per your device's storage space.
  • Go for audio quality from EAC3 5.1/AC3 5.1/AAC 2.0.
  • Get the two best file formats of Mp4/MKV for all device compatibility.
  • Save subtitles of movie clips on Windows or Mac PC.
  • Download multiple movie clips in one go through batch downloading.
  • Save scheduled videos automatically.
  • It supports video up to 8K and gets you an Mp3 audio file of up to 320 kbps.

Movie Clip Downloading Steps

Step 1: Download and open StreamFab and head to the search section at the top.

Step 2: Next, you must copy the link of your desired movie clip for offline watching and paste the link into the search section. The built-in browsing option will detect the video automatically.

download movie clip using streamfab by pasting the url

Step 3: After locating your pasted movie clip, the software will open a dialog box where you can customize the video by choosing quality, format, subtitles, etc.

Step 4: Lastly, go for the "Download Option" after completing your customization process.


Can you download copyrighted movie clips?

Even though downloading copyrighted movie clips is illegal, some online tools allow you to download copy-protected movie clips. While contacting the Screen Actors Guild-AFTRA, you can get the official license of the copyrighted content.

What are the best ways to use movie clips without copyright?

  • Give credit to the owner
  • Use the movie clip maximum of 5 seconds at a stretch.
  • Add a disclaimer
  • Crop the clip

What are the best uses of movie clips downloads?

  • Personal entertainment
  • Project making
  • To make an interesting presentation
  • To increase social media followers
  • To create social media posts attractive

Last Word

If you want to download movie clips from various platforms, try any of the above-mentioned tools to meet your specific requirements. However, to personalize your movie clip download with complete safety, you must go for the flexible functions of StreamFab All-In-One downloader. BTW, if you only want to download movies from a single streaming service, it also has you covered. For more info, get inside to can you download netflix movies on laptop and how to download movies on disney plus, to know more.