Good News!!! 🎉🎉Youku Videos Can be Downloaded in MP4 2024! 🤩

When I attempted to download television dramas from Youku, I found that it was easily achievable on the mobile platform, but on the PC platform, there were always various issues.

At one point, I believed that it was impossible to download Youku videos in MP4 format because each downloaded file was protected by DRM, making it impossible to play through other media players and to share the videos from one device to another.

This is why I feel so disappointed when downloading Youku videos....

But now, I have obtained a secret that allows for the downloading of Youku videos without any advertisements, while ensuring the security of your account. As proof, I checked the official website and found Youku listed in their supported platforms:

download youku videos

Traditional Restrictions to Download Youku Videos

Currently, Youku's primary service region is in China, with limited content available in Southeast Asia. Despite the official provision of a traditional download mode by Youku, this feature always encounters multiple restrictions:

  • The downloaded content is not MP4, but DRM-protected to prevent being shared or edited
  • Not all Youku videos can be downloaded for offline watching
  • Even though you downloaded the Youku videos, you are still bothered by ads (even you are a premium member)
  • The downloaded videos will be inaccessible if you go to other regions

By utilizing the techniques I am about to introduce, you will be able to procure high-quality MP4/MKV-format videos from Youku. I believe this to be a flawless solution to complement Youku's downloading deficiencies.

How to Download Youku Videos in MP4 Without Limits

Here, we will discuss how to bypass Youku DRM (a technology designed to prevent copying of Youku videos), download them in MP4 format, and save them permanently on your device.

Essentially, directly downloading Youku videos without DRM is impossible, however, there are specialized software tools that can effectively achieve this.

Tool Required: StreamFab YouTube Downloader

Although it is called YouTube Downloader, its essence is not limited to just supporting YouTube. You can use it to download high-quality audio and video from over 1000 online video sites, including Youku.
download youku video mp4

Easily download Youku videos in high-quality MP4 format and save them on your PC devices permanently for sharing or offline watching at any time and anywhere. 

Key Features
  • Download Youku videos in high quality and MP4/MKV format for offline watching
  • All Youku videos can be downloaded, including TV episodes, shows, movies, etc
  • Add multiple episodes to the task queue for batch download to save your time
  • Choose video codec from H264, VP9, AV1 hen downloading videos
  • Over 1000 websites are supported, not just limited to Youku and YouTube
  • Free trail to download videos from Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, etc

In the latest update version of the StreamFab YouTube Downloader released on 2024, I noticed a series of enhancements and new features. This version introduces support for downloading from OnDemandKorea, SBS Play, TV5 unis, etc. As a TV fan and fan of some idols, this improvement greatly enhances my experience. This is why I recommend StreamFab to download Youku videos, for its continuous improvement and upgrading. 

Easy Steps to Download Videos from Youku in MP4

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StreamFab YouTube Downloader provides both free trial and free version. Fre period is enough for you to test the software functions, but for a longer time use and if you have higher demands to the output quality, payment is recommended. 
Install StreamFab YouTube Downloader on your device, and launch it. 
Go to the Youku website via StreamFab in-built browser, find the video you want to download.

 download youku videos mac

When you play the video, StreamFab will analyze it automatically, and ask you to customize the output quality and format. 

free download youku downloader 

Click 'Download' and wait for a second, the Youku videos will be downloaded in MP4 shortly.

how to download youku videos in hd

You can find the downloaded Youku videos in your local folder, and you can play it via other players, share, or upload them to the cloud. 

download youku video mp4


In conclusion, downloading Youku videos to MP4 is now easier and more convenient than ever with StreamFab. With the step-by-step tutorials provided in this article, anyone can now effortlessly save their favorite Youku videos for offline viewing.

Our team has already tested the full procedures of downloading Youku videos, so as to ensure that StreamFab is valid and safe to do that. Hope our content can help you out if you are searching for a solution to download Youku videos in MP4 HD quality on Mac and Windows devices.