Counted among the top anthologies of recent times, Inside No 9 has come back with its seventh season and audiences are excited about it. It is one of those rare series that has been received with equal ardor by fans and critics who have appreciated it.

After watching the likes of Black Mirror and Twilight Zone, if you have been wondering what can be the next pick that keeps you glued to your screens, your search ends here. However, the various seasons of Inside number 9 are available on different platforms, including Netflix, iPlayer, and Broadcast TV, among others. This article will take you through the easiest and best possible ways to watch the popular show.

All About Inside No 9

Inside no 9 is a British anthology TV series written by and stars Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton. The BBC production is known for its fantastic storyline crafted by the showrunners and has some exceptional dark humor for which the two lead actors are well-known. The show comprises six diverse stories from various genres that are effortlessly brought together with black comedy.

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Each episode runs for 30 minutes and comprises a self-contained story with a new setting and characters. Pemberton or Shearsmith, and sometimes both feature in the episodes apart from other well-known actors. All the stories are connected by the number 9 in one way or another. They typically take the form of a door marked by it. So, this show will undoubtedly appeal to you if you are a fan of the unexplained and eerie.

When did the show first start, and how many seasons does it have?

Inside number 9 started as a television program aired on British TV channels in 2014, featuring six regular episodes apart from a particular online-only episode. After the unparalleled success of the 1st season, a 2nd season was aired the following year in 2015, comprising six episodes. More episodes were released between December 2016 and February 2017, while in 2018, a one-off Halloween special was taken out. The fifth and sixth seasons were aired in 2020 and 2021, respectively. The most recent Inside no 9 streaming was done in April this year, and after the finale, the show creators revealed that they had planned two further series of the show, bringing it up to nine.

Star Cast

The makers of the show have kept each episode distinct with a new star cast featuring in them. It has allowed the creators to attract well-known stars who could not commit to an entire series. While series 1 saw some famous names such as Katherine Parkinson, Tim Key, and Luke Pasqualino, Series 2 and 3 had Julie Hesmondhalgh, Sheridan Smith, David Warner and Rula Lenska, Philip Glenister, and Alexandra Roach, respectively. The most recent episodes released earlier this year feature Mark Gatiss, Annette Badland, and Sophie Okonedo, among others.


The series began with its unconventional episode called Sardines, where people squished themselves in a wardrobe for no apparent reason. It included several other exciting episodes across the following seasons that appealed to audiences like never before. In one of the later seasons, you will find the stories getting more intriguing such as a battle of wits between two magicians, a bank robbery that goes awry, or a policeman finding himself in a crime drama.

The latest season of Inside no 9 does not fall short regarding the pace and thrill of the episodes. Instead, watch how a single mother and her teenage son's relationship is steered in the right direction by a stranger, a kidnapping that goes wrong, and a teacher who starts a new job.

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Where to Watch

You can watch specific episodes and seasons of Inside number 9 on platforms such as Netflix, NOW TV, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime, iTunes, and YouTube. You can also rent or purchase it on Google Play, iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, and Vudu.

How to Watch

Inside no 9 is BBC iPlayer content which is geo-restricted and is only available in the UK. In case you are abroad and wish to have Inside no 9 streaming on your device, you will need a VPN. Here's what you need to do.

Step 1: Firstly, sign up for a VPN

Step 2: Then, you have to download and install the appropriate VPN app for your device

Step 3: Now, open it, and connect to a server in the UK

Step 4: You have to create then a BBC iPlayer account for which you must enter any UK postcode

Step 5: You can now try playing a video on BBC iPlayer.

You must clear your browser's cache and cookies if you still face issues.

Pricing Policy

You need to subscribe to BBC iPlayer to have all episodes of Inside No 9 streaming on your device without any hassle. You can also find a few show seasons on Netflix UK.

The plans for this subscription-based service start from £5.99, and you can also purchase individual episodes on Amazon Prime Video for £1.89 or a whole season for £9.99. Again, YouTube offers single episodes starting from £1.99 or £13.49 for a season.


If you wish to watch episodes from certain other countries outside of the UK, you must use a VPN. Thus, it can be expensive and cumbersome if you want to watch its episodes. Moreover, you may miss out on several episodes as not all OTTs feature all seven seasons.

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Do I need to watch Inside no 9 episodes in order?

No, each episode is a story featuring a new setting and characters. So you can play and watch them in any order you like.

How many episodes are there in all?

A total of 43 episodes have been released so far.

Why is the series called Inside No 9?

Each story is set in a different house, but they are all number 9 houses; hence the series has been so named.


Inside No 9 is a popular British series with a huge fan following for its one-of-a-kind storylines and execution. This article discusses this famous TV show, its various seasons, its cast, and how to watch it. With its latest season having landed earlier this year, there is no stopping you from catching your favorite Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton weaving their magic again.