Blu-ray Media Format


BD-ROM: read-only format for distribution of HD movies, games, software, etc.

BD-R: recordable format for HD video recording and PC data storage.

BD-RE: rewritable format for HD video recording and PC data storage.


Blu-ray Media Size


BD-25: Theoretically 25GB, single side single layer, holds 135 minutes HD video

BD-50: Theoretically 50GB, single side dual layer, holds 270 minutes HD video


Methods to make the burning more dependable


1. Choose qualified and compatible blank media:

To cut to the chase, the universal truth that inferior materials make inferior products also applies when it comes to burning movies. So choose good blank media for your burning projects if you want better quality and less troubles.

Recommended media:

Verbatim  BD-R/RE  25GB/50GB

Sony     BD-R/RE  25GB/50GB


2. Burn at reasonable speed:

Same like burning DVD, too fast burning speed may make things worse. Per the Blu-ray Disc specification which defines 1x speed as 36Mbps, blank media itself puts limitations on recording speed.

Drive speed         BD-R write time        BD-R DL write time

1× (36 Mbit/s)         ~95 min.                ~190 min.

2× (72 Mbit/s)         ~47 min.                ~94 min.

4× (144 Mbit/s)        ~24 min.                ~48 min.

6× (216 Mbit/s)        ~16 min.                ~32 min.

8× (288 Mbit/s)        ~12 min.                ~24 min.

10× (360 Mbit/s)       ~10 min.                ~20 min.

12× (432 Mbit/s)       ~8 min.                 ~16 min.

We would suggest the lowest or at least the half rated speed to optimize the final quality.

3. Avoid multi tasks while burning

Burning Blu-ray involves huge amount of data processing, it’s better to close all the other background tasks, especially those programs that might interfere with the burning speed.

4. Set target size to 23000 for BD25 and 43000 for BD50

Theoretically, a blank BD-25 disc can hold up to 25 GB (Gigabytes) of data or video, BD-50 disc 50 GB. While in reality, the number shrinks, a BD-25 blank usually accommodates about 23GB or 24GB data. Same thing happens to BD-50 blank. So, if the source size outweighs the capacity of your blank BD-25, you have three options left: compress the source with certain compromise on quality which is far beyond human eyes can tell, burn the materials to blank BD-50 in 100% quality, or choose the title(s)(main title maybe) to burn so that it can fit the blank BD-25.

5. Update the firmware for your Blu-ray burner and player timely

Check the current drivers and firmware for your BD writer and player and make sure they are the latest. You may also need to check the manual come along your BD player to make sure the player is capable of playing BD-R or BD-RW discs.

6. Upgrade your DVDFab for Mac timely

The latest official release is available at

7. Enable the DMA mode of your system