Log files store all the critical information that DVDFab Service Team or developers might need for troubleshooting, please keep them stored and submitted upon request whenever there is a problem confronted.


dvdfab_internal.log: Apply to all problems. Time stamped, most recent at the bottom. Please edit to include only the most recent or relevant log session.

burn_internal.log: Apply to burn problems. The entries are time stamped with the most recent at the top.

dvdfab_process.log: Apply to cases when DVDFab crashes but the crash report window does not come up correctly or if internal error codes appear in the DVDFab window (“Task Failed…”). Time stamped, most recent at the bottom.


Other Information log files may include:


If a certain issue happens with all discs or just one

Your operating system/CPU/memory configuration

If you are using external hard drives or optical drives

If you have made any recent changes to your OS or system hardware

If you have other DVD or BD software installed, particularly if recently added.



The directory/path on your local HDD where the above mentioned log files are stored.



If active, DVDFab is supposed to pop up a report window when it crashes as below.