DVDFab Blu-ray Creator

This is a useful piece of software that is powerful and skilful in converting video formats from various sources like MKV to DVD, that is, whether it is your camcorder, iPhone MOV files, common SD videos, HD recordings and many others to BD or AVCHD formats for playback by storing them into DVDs or even external storage devices after the conversion. Of course, you can burn them directly to DVDs or Blu-ray Disks. Additionally, you can create ISO files. There are many other output formats too, including BD 5, BD 9 too. It is a completely compatible video to Blu-ray converter with all kinds of players you can possibly encounter around you, at someone’s place or at a store.

It allows even more than just burning a video to a DVD. It also allows you to merge, rearrange their order of playback. The software also allows you to preview the playback while burning the files in real-time. This is computationally expensive but is quite possible with the DVDFab Blu-ray Creator. It is all doable with a very simple UI. The details are abstracted for simplicity and convenience. Now, this brings onto the next set of features that make is work seamlessly and faster than many others. It can be all attributed to the GPU acceleration technology. It is the same that powers visual effects in movies like Batman and Superman. The same technology that makes the number crunching is achieved with full compatibility with Intel Quick Sync, NVIDIA CUDA for CPU+GPU utilization. This doubles up the amount of work that can be completed in the time consumed. Along with it, it can also utilize multiple cores to do parallel processing.


All the above contributes to the real-time preview and editing works that you might want to do during burning or create your Blu-ray video. This piece of software has been in development for years and is updated to include the latest cutting-edge technology in terms of encryption and decryption standards, processing protocols, hardware and GPU usage to give you a comfortable experience. The experience is all that matters and the time saved when doing really intensive input-output tasks, maybe for you or for commercial applications. It is, however, not a freeware but can be purchased for a very nominal value. And, of course, you get support if you need to create Blu-ray at your ease.

Leawo Blu-ray Creator

There are some functionalities that are quite commonly granted to be available in any video converter software. Leawo is a similar video to Blu-ray converter that allows one to convert between various types of video file formats you can find on the web as well as from video recordings of your own devices. The complete list of supported file formats can be viewed from their official link.

Here is something it also does in addition to that. This is 2D to 3D conversion. It is usually runs on Windows 10 and backward compatible up to XP, although it is hard that anyone willing to keep to the latest standards in Blu-ray DVD creation would be still using XP. Furthermore, the 2D to 3D conversion and other stuff make use of 64 bit OS and XP is not. It contains inbuilt Blu ray creator settings for different channels like red, blue and green, interleaved mode and others that make it quite convenient and simple to convert videos. It allows you to adjust 3D depth. The converted videos are compatible with all standard video players from Sony, Philips and so on, as per the market popularity. In addition, it is also compatible with parallel processing using multiple CPUs at once.

Xilisoft Blu-ray Creator

This product from Xilisoft is another well-written piece of software. It too supports a plethora of formats for input and output video, mostly BD and AVCHD file types to create Blu ray DVDs.  This is essential to create or burn video files to DVDs and is a typical Blu-ray converter. The catch is in its advertising policy or marketing strategy that gives you money back within 30 days, however, the exact terms and conditions are not known. Anyways, the software has some editing options of its own as in adding custom watermarks and special effects, as they call it. Again, there is no such list to browse. It also allows you to do something called video compare, perhaps for editing purpose in real-time. These bunches of features also allow you to add subtitles. You can merge audio tracks from other places, remove its own sounds. These can be done via a very simple UI with no knowledge of anything like Adobe’s Software Suites.   

Again, it also features Intel Quick Sync, NVIDIA’s CUDA burning and GPU acceleration for video editing as well. Of course, your system has to support them too in terms of hardware requirements. The footnotes would cover a wide range of compatibility across various brands like Sony, JVC, Canon, and Philips among many others. There is a very lucrative offer for trying the software before you can be sure to make a purchase. The support regarding issues is not yet established, but considering the widespread usage, it must be really worth a shot. And, it supports up to iPhone 4 movie recording formats, according to their site.