Some of you might think that DVDs and CDs are memories of the past. While flash drives and cloud storage has certainly taken over as the go-to storage forms, DVDs/Blu-raysare still used by the masses. Not only are DVDs/Blu-raysan excellent way to store data, but there is also something tangible about backing up cherished memories on a DVD/Blu-ray.

Do you wish to save videos on DVDs/Blu-rays? If so, you will needa Blu-ray/DVD burner software program. Burner software allows you to copy, rip and burn data onto the disc. There is quite a lot of variety in DVD/Blu-rayburner software on the market. Here are the top ones you should consider using.

DVDFab Blu-Ray Creator

The DVDFab Blu-Ray Creator is an excellent free Blu-ray burning software program. It allows you to burn videos, regardless of what their formats are. These videos are then burned in a format that makes the video playable on Blu-ray players.

Moreover, the burning speed of the Blu-Ray Creator is very fast. The powerful software gets done with the job in no time. When you compare this to other options, this benefit seems like a breath of fresh air. Generally, it takes forever for video to burn on Blu-rays. With the fast process of the Blu-Ray Creator, you will end up saving a lot of time.

When it comes to ease of use, the Blu-ray Creator has been successful in satisfying the masses. The process is very simple and involves the following steps:

1.       Launch DVDFab and go the “Creator” module. Load the video of your choice.

:DVDFab Blu-Ray Creator

2.       In the mode switcher option, select the Blu-ray Creator mode.

:DVDFab Blu-Ray Creator

3.       Make customizations to your Blu-ray if you want to.

·         Add external audio tracks and add subtitles

·         In the Advanced Settings, you can make your own menu and select the output format.


:DVDFab Blu-Ray Creator


4.       Select a directory. You can have different outputs depending on the directory you choose. Click on the folder icon to convert the video to a Blu-ray folder, click on the image icon to convert the source to an ISO file or select your blank Blu-ray disc as the directory.

:DVDFab Blu-Ray Creator

5.       Begin burning.

DVDFab DVD Creator

DVDFab delivers yet another way of burning DVDs with the DVDFab DVD Creator. It is packed with features that allow it to burn different types of videos to DVDs. The DVD Creator can burn videos to standard DVD ISO files as well as a DVD disc.

With the help of the DVD Creator, you can customize and construct your own DVD menu. There are various templates built into the DVD burner that aid in doing so.

Rather than having you burn one video at a time, the DVDFab DVD Creator is powerful enough to process multiple files in one go. You can also check each of the files being processed in real time to ensure that you are burning the correct files. Furthermore, an enhanced burning and processing speed is delivered. This is ensured by the inclusion of a multi-threading CPU and the latest acceleration technology.

The burning process is marked by ease as well. The general steps include the following:

1.       Launch DVDFab, go to the Creator module and load the video.

:DVDFab DVD Creator

2.       From the mode switch tab, select the DVD Creator mode.

:DVDFab DVD Creator

3.       Customize the DVD by adding external subtitles and audio if you want to. The customization also includes setting the output file size, format, and DVD menu.

:DVDFab DVD Creator

4.       Select a directory. An ISO file, a DVD folder or a blank DVD can be chosen by selecting the image, folder icon and optical drive respectively.

:DVDFab DVD Creator

5.       Press on “Start” to begin converting the video.

iSkysoft DVD Creator for Windows

This DVD creator only works on Windows. Hence, those of you who use other operating systems will have to look for other options. When it comes to Windows users, this is one of the best options out there. Whether it be custom menus or quickly burning videos to DVDs, this software does it all for you.

The interface of the software is easy to understand and navigate. This makes the burning process quite easy. Additionally, you are given the opportunity to create titles for the burned discs as well as add multiple videos at the same time.

The customization option of this DVD burner is excellent. You can select different chapter pages from the delivered templates. Options like background music are also delivered. To make sure that you are satisfied with your customized disc, you are given the chance to preview the customized videos before they are burned on the DVD forever.

:iSkysoft DVD Creator for Windows


For those of you who are interested in Blu-ray DVD burning specifically, this burner will be perfect for you. Rather than offering the ability to just burn Blu-rays, this software takes things further up a notch. It offers services like ripping, copying, converting, and downloading videos as well. Hence, you can use the software to burn videos found online as well.

Also, if you wish to keep a backup of your DVD music, you can use this burner to create copies of DVDs without worrying about piracy. All commercial discs can be burned using the burner. The quality of the burned output is excellent. Also, you can customize the output as per your liking.

The speed of its services is satisfactory. While it may not be fast enough to compete with some of the other DVD burners, it surely gets the job done.



You can use any of the four Blu-ray/DVD burner software free download, but among them, the DVDFab Blu-ray Creator and DVDFab DVD Creator are the best options for those who wish for high speed and quality output. CloneBD is ideal for creating copies of commercial CDs, while iSkysoft DVD Creator does wonders for Windows users.

Each DVD burner is great in its own way. Select whichever you want and begin burning!