We are often asked questions like, should I buy a Blu Ray or DVD? Or which one is better, DVD or Blu Ray? The answer to such questions is not as simple as you might think, but before getting into that, you should know what is the difference between Blu Ray and DVD. Here we will explore in detail what is Blu Ray, What resolution is Blu Ray, and what is the difference between Blu Ray and DVD.

It is no rocket science that new technology is always bound to replace the old one. There was a time when there was unimaginable demand for DVDs. They were convenient, cheap, and highly functional at that time. But with advancement, everything started to become digital. Nowadays, we have been introduced to online streaming platforms like Netflix, and most people may not give a shit about Blu-Ray and DVDs anyway.

Despite all the advancements in technology and ways of life, some people have clung to the basics. DVDs are still being used widely around the globe. The reason behind their use may be that the streaming platforms do not allow users to download content for personal use. Here the queries are regarding Blu Ray and DVD, and the choice between them is not as simple as anticipated. But before getting into that, we should know what is a Blu Ray player?

What is blu ray

What is Blu Ray

Abbreviated as BD, Blu-Ray disc, or Blu-Ray is a video format in which the content is saved in optical storage. Just like DVDs, Blu-Ray is also a storage format designed to replace its predecessor and can store up to several hours of high-definition video. The videos with resolution up to 1920×1080 pixel can be stored on an average Blu-Ray disc. Apart from that, it can also be used to distribute video games for Xbox series X, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, etc.

You should know that Blu-ray is the only high-definition discs format available right now. Blu-ray has gained tremendous popularity in the last few years as a "new technology" for watching high-definition movies. Blu-ray players, which are essential tools for playing Blu-ray discs, allow users to enjoy high-definition films at home with both the most pleasing picture and sound quality.

DVD has been available since the 90s, while the Blu-Ray format was recognized in the 2000s. Still, people often struggle with the difference between DVD and Blu-Ray, so let's get into what is the difference between DVD and Blu Ray.

What is a Blu Ray Player

Blu-Ray player is more or less a media player that allows you to play videos in Blu-Ray format. The typical resolution provided by the DVD format can be increased from 480p to 520p; however, blu-ray software provides a high-definition image of 1080p. So, you will need a media player that can play Blu-Ray videos.

There are dozens of media players, even Windows provides a media player on the system, but most can not be used for Blu-Ray videos. There are various tools explicitly designed to play Blu-Ray videos. After discussing "what is a Blu Ray Players?," here we have featured a list of the best Blu-Ray players.

What Is The Difference Between DVD And Blu Ray


As mentioned earlier, the new technology can replace the older one readily. Now, we know that the fact is true in the case of DVD and online streaming services. But one thing that remains unanswered is what is the difference between Blu Ray and DVD and, more importantly, which one is better.

Even though both reside side-by-side, there are huge differences between them. Those who love DVDs may be surprised, but Blu-Ray is actually better than DVD in so many ways. So, if you have an HDTV, you should go with Blu Ray rather than DVD. We have discussed here some of the reasons that make Blu-Ray better than DVD.

1. Storage:

The first thing that most users look for while using a storage device is its storage capacity. You may be using optical storage or even a digital one, but the very thing you do not want to deal with is the shortage of storage. As for Blu-Ray, it provides way more storage capacity than DVD.

A DVD can store about 4.5 GB of data. An average movie in the 1080p constitute is usually less than that. But if the movie has an unusual runtime, you may have to use two DVDs. For instance, if you want to save the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy in high quality, a single DVD does not offer enough space for it. While on the other hand, a Blu-Ray disc can store up to 50GB of data.

2. Video Quality:

After storage, the factor that matters the most is video quality or image resolution. During the time of 4K and 8K videos, you need a storage device that can at least store 1080p resolution videos. In that respect, Blu-Ray once again comes on top. An average DVD usually stores 480p, while on the other hand, Blu-Ray disk can efficiently store up to 1080p videos.


3. Laser Technology:

We know that optical devices use laser technology to show data. DVDs make use of red laser beam with a wavelength around 650 nm, while Blu-Ray uses blue laser having a wavelength around 405 nm. This difference is very crucial in determining certain features. For instance, the blue laser provides a better understanding of the information.

Best Performing Blu-Ray Players

PlayerFab All In One

If you're seeking for a Blu-Ray player, PlayerFab is, without a doubt, the best choice for you. The software is not only limited to local files but also offers services for playing DVD, Blu-Ray, and videos from streaming services, including Netflix and Amazon.

The software offers a free version with limited functions, but you can always buy a premium account. Furthermore, the program is easy to use and is available for Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11.

Leawo Blu-ray Player

Leawo Blu-ray player is best known for its extraordinarily well audio effects. The software is used to play local videos, DVDs, and Blu-ray videos. As for the interface, the software is designed in a way to facilitate the users. So, even beginners won't have any problems while using this software.

The most beautiful thing about the Leawo Blu-Ray player is that it is free. You can play video in any format without paying for a premium account. Also, if you are using Windows 8, we highly recommend giving Leawo a try.

VLC Media Player

Unlike the tools discussed above, VLC is a simple multimedia player, but most probably the best among them. Like Leawo, there is no need to buy a premium account for VLC, and you can play high-quality videos without any restriction. Furthermore, the software is available for almost all operating systems, including macOS.

The thing that makes VLC distinct from most media players is its number of shortcuts. Also, you don't need to worry about ads or malware of any kind.

Final Words

There has been debate about Blu Ray and DVD. Ever since the Blu-Ray format was first introduced during the 2000s, it has managed to win over fans and questioned the ways of its competitors. But to a general user, it has always been a challenge to leave DVDs and start using Blu-Ray discs. The questions like what is Blu Ray DVD, what is a Blu Ray Players, and what is the difference between DVD and Blu Ray are asked frequently. The article answers all these questions in detail.


How can I play Blu-Ray videos for free?

Blu Ray players have been described in the article to help you access Blu-Ray videos. Some of them might require you to buy premium, but the VLC media player is entirely free.

What resolution is Blu Ray?

Blu-Ray disc supports the resolution up to 1920x 1080. Anything above that, including 4K and 8K videos, is not supported.

Why is the Blu-Ray player not working on my system?

If you cannot enjoy Blu-Ray videos, it may be because your system does not support it. You need to make sure if the system does support Blu-Ray videos. If yes, then look for missing drivers or graphic software.

Can we play DVD on Blu-Ray player and vise versa?

Yes, the DVD can be played on Blu-Ray. Almost every Blu-Ray player is designed to play videos from CDs and DVDs. While on the other hand, the same cannot be said for DVD players.