Sometimes when you are playing a DVD or Blu-ray copy on your Blu-ray player, the movie suddenly is muted, and the message “The content being played is protected by Cinavia™ and is not authorized for playback on this device” pops up. This indicates that the audio track of the video you are watching contains a Cinavia code and therefore the video cannot be played on this device. To watch the movie normally, to remove Cinavia completely.

Though Cinavia is a difficult-to-conquer digital rights management scheme, there are some Cinavia removal tools on the market. Here we list 3 best Cinavia removals to for you to make a choice.

1. DVDFab Cinavia Removal

2. CinEx HD

3. CloneBD

1. DVDFab Cinavia Removal

DVDFab Cinavia Removal is the best Cinavia remover that can remove the Cinavia watermark embedded in the audio tracks of DVDs and Blu-rays at pretty fast speed. It works by replacing the original Cinavia-protected audio track with lossless DTS-HD (for Blu-ray copy) or AC3 (for DVD copy) audio track. So the DVD and Blu-ray copies made by DVDFab definitely will not contain Cinavia and can be played on any device or software player that has a Cinavia detector.

You do not need to worry about the output audio quality, for the DTS-HD outputted by DVDFab equals to the original audio track on your source Blu-ray disc. The output AC3 is also nearly identical with the original audio on your source DVD disc.

DVDFab Cinavia Removal needs to work together with DVD Copy (Main Movie and Full Disc modes), Blu-ray Copy (Main Movie and Full Disc modes), Blu-ray Ripper or Blu-ray to DVD Converter. It will remove Cinavia in the process of copying or ripping DVDs or Blu-rays.

DVDFab Cinavia Removal provides a free trial, and you can remove Cinavia from your one DVD movie and one Blu-ray movie freely during 30 days.

Note: Check out the Blu-ray/DVD movies supported by DVDFab Blu-ray Cinavia Removal and DVD Cinavia Removal please go to

2. CinEx HD

CinEx HD is a powerful Cinavia removal tool that can remove Cinavia protection from Blu-rays, DVDs and video files easily. Its interface is intuitive and clean, therefore it is easy to be learned by novice users. Different from DVDFab, it outputs AC3 audio for both Blu-rays and DVDs. AC3 is acceptable for most people, but the quality of AC3 format is not as good as DTS-HD.

CinEx HD contains copy feature itself, so it works independently to remove Cinavia from Blu-ray, DVD and movie file. We can say that CinEx HD may be a professional Cinavia removal, but its weakness also lies that it can only remove Cinavia. As we all know, commercial disc always contains several kinds of encryptions, including region code, AACS and more. Using CinEx HD means that you have to buy another program to decrypt your Blu-ray or DVD completely. While DVDFab contains a built-in decrypter, which can help you remove all the protections on DVDs and Blu-rays, including Cinavia protection, for legally personal use.

3. CloneBD/AnyDVD HD

CloneBD doesn’t remove Cinavia by itself. It is a Blu-ray copy tool that can copy unprotected Blu-ray to hard drive or blank Blu-ray disc. To remove Cinavia, it has to be used with AnyDVD HD, which is supposed to be the actual Cinavia removal. There is an option must be selected in AnyDVD HD to enable the feature of Cinavia removal in combination with CloneBD. Therefore, to remove Cinavia, you have to buy these two different programs. CloneBD/AnyDVD HD removes Cinavia by converting the original audio into AC3. The AC3 outputted is downgraded audio, which may have a tiny bit of noise/distortion to the original one. CloneBD/AnyDVD doesn’t work on DVDs.

Now we have shown you all the features of the 3 best Cinavia removals. You may have known clearly the pros and cons of each Cinavia removal. Think twice and make your own decision.