free dvd copying software windows 7

If a pile of DVDs occupies a huge space on your shelves, and most of them have been very old, damaged, distorted, and unwanted for years, copying a DVD Windows 7 is the most effective solution. This will not only clear your shelves but also retrieve all the old and outdated DVDs by giving them a new life.

Using Windows 7 DVD copying option, you can also store maximum DVDs in limited system storage with lossless compression. So, let's see how you can rescue old, new, damaged, or copy-protected DVDs using the significant free DVD copying software Windows 7.

Copying DVDs in Windows 7 using DVDFab DVD Copy

How to copy dvds in windows 7 with DVDFab DVD Copy?

DVD Copy Software

The main purpose of copying a DVD on Windows 7 is to restore the entire DVD content to your system’s hard drive in small size. DVDFab DVD Copy is the one-stop tool for copying your DVDs to blank disc, ISO or folder in a compressed file without losing the original quality. Also, DVDFab DVD Copy can remove any DVD encryption, old encryption, or the latest copy protection.
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Advance Attractions of DVDFab DVD Copy

Eliminate Encryption: Remove any type of copy-protection, such as RC, CSS, DADC, APS, etc and Cloud Decryption Service decryptes DVDs on a cloud server.

6 Dedicated DVD copying modes: 6 dedicated DVD copying modes: Full Disc, Main Movie, Merge, Split, Clone/Burn, and Customize for lossless compression with 1:1 ratio and original quality.

Batch Processing: Multiple DVDs simultaneously in batches with task queue and 50X GPU acceleration.

Metadata Adding & Cinavia Watermark Removal: Save required metadata such as titles, cast, cover, etc with Cinavia Watermark removal from DVDs.

Seamless Sound: While copying any adult, old, or encrypted DVD, you can enjoy AC3 5.1 audio quality to ensure high-quality sound satisfaction.

How to copy DVDs on Windows 7 using DVDFab DVD Copy? 

Step 1: To copy DVDs on Windows 7, open DVDFab 13 > and select the Copy option. Insert the physical DVD into the system's optical drive, and then navigate to it using the "Add"option.

If the content source is an ISO file or folder, you can use the drag & drop option to import the file to the main interface.

Copying a dvd windows 7 with DVDFab DVD Copy

Step 2: Once you click the "Copy"mode, select the DVD9/ DVD5 as output. Next, you can define the volume level and alter the other copy options. 

Copying dvds in windows 7 with DVDFab DVD Copy

Step 3: Select the output profile as an ISO file/ folder or a blank disc. Select the "Start"option to copy DVD to hard drive at high speed and top quality. 

Copying dvds in windows 7 with DVDFab DVD Copy

Step 4: During the DVD copying process, you can stop the progressive anytime you want, and you can also set your computer for the auto shutdown option. Otherwise, the process will be completed automatically.

Copy DVDs in Windows using Windows DVD Maker

Microsoft-developed Windows DVD Maker is a built-in DVD algorithm program in Windows 7 and some other versions. It allows users to copy DVDs on Windows 7, create videos, and create slideshows to enjoy them on various media devices, including DVD players. It supports the Aero Wizard-Style user interface. 

Pros of Windows DVD Maker
  • There are customizable transitions, style & effects options for creating videos and slideshows through the software development kit
  • There are various audio, video, and image format support like AVI, MPG, GIF, DIB, Mp3, WAV, etc
  • It supports major DVD types, including DVD+R, DVD-ROM, DVD+RW, etc
  • It offers many command-line options to integrate with other built-in programs of your system
 Cons of Windows DVD Maker
  • Batch processing is not supported
  • It cannot remove copy-protection or any high-end encryption from any DVD

How to copy a DVD on Windows 7 using Windows DVD Maker? 

Step 1: After opening your Windows 7, select the "Start"menu, write "Windows DVD Maker"in the search section, and open the program on your PC.

Step 2: Add your preferred DVD content to the program by clicking on the "Add items"options at the upper side of the main interface.

Copying dvds in windows 7 with Windows DVD Maker

Step 3: Go for the "Options"button at the right side of the interface, and the "DVD Option"window will open. From there, you will choose DVD playback settings, customize the DVD aspect ratio, and decide on video format, burning speed, and file location.

Copying dvds in windows 7 with Windows DVD Maker

Step 4: Select the "Next"option to open the "Ready to burn DVD interface > set manu text > customize menu and make other changes according to your requirements. Select the "Burn"option to initiate the DVD-to-DVD copying option.

Free DVD copying software on Windows 7: FreeMake

Using Freemake Video Converter, you can easily back up any of your favorite DVDs by copying them to your computer's HDD/ another DVD/ USB. To copy DVD on Windows 10 or Windows 7, you can explore the online or offline version of the app. The online version is used with an internet connection on any device or OS, but the offline version is dedicated to the desktop. Once you copy your desired DVD, you can watch it on any device, including TV, laptop, smartphone, etc.

Pros of Freemake Video Converter
  • You can make region or other copy protection-free copies of your desired DVDs
  • It offers 15 output formats to ensure all device accessibility of your DVD backups
  • While taking DVD backups, you can save chapters, trailers, and other essential metadata 
 Cons of Freemake Video Converter
  • There is no watermark removing the option from DVDs
  • You can't copy DVDs on Windows 7 in batches 

How to copy DVDs on Windows 7 using Freemake? 

Step 1: For copying DVDs in Windows 7, you need to install the FreeMake program on your system > double-click on it to run the program > select "Next"to complete the installation.

How to copy dvds in windows 7 using Freemake?

Step 2: Next, insert your desired DVD to back up your system. Then, in FreeMake’s main window, select the "+DVD"option > the "VIDEO_TS"folder on your inserted DVD disc.

How to copy dvds in windows 7 using Freemake?

Step 3: You will be asked to choose the files you want to add. Depending on your needs, you can select any file size, such as one long file or all the files.

How to copy dvds in windows 7 using Freemake?

Step 4: You can also select the subtitle and any one music path along with your file before copying DVD to computer.

How to copy dvds in windows 7 using Freemake?


Does copying DVDs in Windows 7 compromise the content quality?

It depends on the DVD copying software. Use the advanced DVDFab DVD Copy tool to copy any DVD to your computer's HDD or any other DVD. It will maintain a 1:1 ratio of original quality content after copying any DVD despite compressing its file size with lossless compression.

How long will it take to copy a DVD?

On average, it takes around 30 minutes to 2 hours to copy any DVD. However, using the DVDFab DVD Copy software, you can copy DVDs in Windows 7 within a few minutes with 50X GPU acceleration and lossless compression.


If you are moving house or clearing up your shelves, backing up your old and new DVD collection by copying a DVD in Windows 7 will be the best option. However, to copy DVDs on Windows 7, you must try the free DVD Copy software for Decryption, lossless compression, batch processing, and advanced functions during the DVD copying process.