Are you also a fan of physical media like cd, dvd, or vcr tapes because every media piece has a different story to remember and feel? It undoubtedly has old-school vibes and gives an excellent streaming experience that maybe the digital media seem to fade.

However, keeping the physical media safe and finding time to play them by going through the hassle of connecting relatable players is a rant for another day. Also, the physical media collection has become a mainstay for generation Z due to the unlimited streaming services coming with the exciting and latest content.

Praising the streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Apple, etc., it allows you to download, watch the content of different genres, and access the account or application on a number of devices. This has made physical media obsolete, but considering the valuable memories attached to them, many people want to keep them safe, hopefully by digitizing them. Therefore, we will briefly discuss how you can digitize video tapes or effortlessly convert dvd to digital.

Apart from many online platforms to transfer dvd to digital, many online and brick-and-mortar video to dvd transfer services provide hassle-free conversion. Please continue reading to explore online vhs conversion services or video transfer services to make them more flexible to play on different devices.

Convert DVD to Digital Traditionally

Now, let's see how you can transfer video tapes, vcr tapes, and dvd to digital. First, you should ensure you have all the necessary hard drives, like a laptop or computer with a dvd drive. And, if you don't have one, rent a dvd drive and vcr player to connect with your device.

Follow these steps to transfer the DVD to digital without using any software.

1. Turn on your computer/laptop

2. In case of not having a dvd drive, connect the external one

3. Insert dvd from your collection

video transfer service:Convert DVD to Digital Traditionally

4. Your computer should detect the dvd once you put it in the drive and give you a pop-up window to access it. If not, go to your system settings and open the dvd file.

5. Here you will see all the files or content saved on your dvd. You can save time and space by choosing what you need and avoiding what is no longer necessary.

video transfer service:Convert DVD to Digital Traditionally

6. Copy and paste the file into your system's folder.

7. Open it using the built-in media player like VLC to enjoy streaming the collection without putting dvd every time into the system.

It was the copy-paste approach to converting dvd to digital. But, if you want to customize the content, like editing or sharing on different platforms, you may need to get the help of software like DVDFab.

DVDFab DVD Ripper- DVD to Digital Converter

DVDFab is an incredible online tool with many products to cater to all your physical or digital media needs. It has a smooth and flawless interface that guides you in each step to get the job done without any professional assistance.

Luckily, DVDFab can read almost all the video and audio formats and convert them to your desired format. You name it, and DVDFab would transfer it in the blink of an eye. Also, the video quality will never be compromised. In fact, it lets you enlarge to match the latest content passthrough like 4k or 8k. It also allows controlling the final output video by adding subtitles, adjusting parameters, or editing with the built-in tools.

Moreover, another important and eye-catching feature of the DVDFab is its built-in dvd protection removal. Since many commercial dvds come protected, restricting the user to edit, rip, or burn the dvd for content security purposes, the software would remove them and make the dvd open for any conversion.

Now, after praising the qualities of DVDFab DVD Ripper, let's convert vcr or dvd to digital forms. Here is a step-by-step guide to copying, ripping, or burning the physical files to make them digital.

  • Download the DVDFab to your system and buy the subscription for the hassle-free unlimited conversion.
  • Insert the dvd and let the system read it
  • ·Go to the DVDFab software and choose Ripper from the upper ribbon

video transfer service:DVDFab DVD Ripper- DVD to Digital Converter

  • Load the source to upload the dvd content
  • Choose one profile and customize it if needed. You can make noticeable changes to the file in advanced settings.

video transfer service:DVDFab DVD Ripper- DVD to Digital Converter

  • Select the desired file format

video transfer service:DVDFab DVD Ripper- DVD to Digital Converter

  • Select the final destination
  • Press the start button and the conversion will start

If your dvd file is protected or encrypted, the software automatically removes all the protections within the conversion process. Within a few minutes, you can find the final output in the folder and share it with your family or friends.

video transfer service:DVDFab DVD Ripper- DVD to Digital Converter

Convert VCR Tapes to Digital with DVDFab

It also works as an online vhs conversion service.

Converting video tapes or vcr tapes is similar to dvd, but you have to have a vcr player to get your physical media in the system. It may become challenging for some because, unlike dvd players, vcr players have become obsolete, and anyone from this generation rarely has seen them.

However, you could ask someone if they have it in their vintage collection or maybe rent it from any store.

So, suppose you get your hands on the vcr player, connect it with your system, insert the vcr tape, and let the computer run it thoroughly. Then go to the DVDFab, select the ripper option, load the source, make necessary changes, and start the conversion process. Within minutes, you get to watch your years-old vhs tape onto the computer in the best possible video and audio quality.

Video to DVD Transfer Service

Sometimes we get unlucky and can't get our hands on the media players, but it should not make you crave to play your favorite content and share it with your friends.

So, suppose you don't have a vcr player; you can easily turn to the online vhs conversion service and get your physical media in ISO, thumb files, or even DVDs.

We have gathered some video transfer services online, like the legacy box that belongs from the US and delivers worldwide. It will keep you informed throughout the process through regular emails and give you three different sources to digitize your media.

video transfer service:Video to DVD Transfer Service

Next, we have Southtree, which gives you seamless vhs to dvd or other digital format conversions without leaving your house. You can send them your cassettes via UPS and enjoy final output files in your preferred format or form within a few days. Professionals will take all the media and convert them by hand, so there will be no content ruining or quality compromising.

video transfer service:Video to DVD Transfer Service

Bottom Line

The way of video transfer has been trending recently because the viewers are spending time with smartphones, laptops, computers, and tablets, and the Bluray, VCR, and DVD players are becoming obsolete. So, they want all of their favorite content on their devices while getting rid of all the video tapes.

This article briefly explains how to convert dvd to digital using the best DVD ripper for Plex. This entire process does not require special technical skills to burn the dvd or any physical media source and convert them into your desired format to stream on any digital device.


How long do vhs tapes last with no content quality compromise?

Vhs or vcr tapes' life expectancy varies from one tape to another, but they can usually last 10 to 25 years if stored in a climate-controlled setting.

What can I do with my old vcr tapes collection?

If they are not important to you, you can recycle them with special services. However, if you want to keep them safe one way or another, utilize any video transfer service and make them digitize.

How can I transfer vcr tapes to my computer?

Connect the compatible vhs player to the computer using an analog converter. Insert the USB side to the computer and three-color cables into the vcr player and insert the tape into the player. Ensure you have compatible software like DVDFab that can decode the tape and let you make changes to it.

What is the safest and most reliable video to dvd transfer service?

We trust the legacy box for the video transfer service. It claims to work with a variety of video formats, including vhs tapes, Digital 8, Betamax, etc. So, if you have a collection of physical media ready to digitize, trust the legacy box and get a copy in the cloud, thumb drive, or dvd.