VOB files may seem like a bit of a mystery if you’re not very familiar with the format but there’s actually not a lot you should know about them in order to play them. Still, if you would prefer not to have to deal with this format at all, you can always use a VOB converter to turn these files into a different format that you’re already comfortable with. Whether you want to convert them to MP4s, MKVs, AVIs or any other format, these tools we’re going to show you today will help you do just that quickly and easily.

Part 1: What is a VOB File?

The VOB extension is generally associated with files found on DVD discs and can be found inside the VIDEO_TS folder. You can access these files at any time by navigating through the DVDs root directory but you’ll generally have a difficult time playing VOB files with standard media players as most DVDs feature some form of copyright protection. When this happens, you can use a DVD Ripper to bypass the protection and convert VOB videos in the VIDEO_TS folder to other video formats that can be played with most standard media players. In addition to these VOB files in a DVD folder, you may also encounter some individual VOB files without protection. To convert these individual VOB files to popular video formats, you can take advantage of a VOB video converter.


Part 2: The Best VOB Converter to Convert Individual VOB Files to Other Formats

As mentioned, you can use a converter to turn your VOB files into a different format and the tool we recommend for this job is called DVDFab Video Converter. This tool supports a wide range of formats, including MP4, MKV, AVI, and many others, which gives you a lot of options to work with. The tool is very easy to use and is a great option for situations when you want to convert individual VOB files. In addition to being a great converter, the software also includes powerful editing and customization tools that allow you to make various changes to your files before you convert them. Here’s how this VOB converter for Windows and Mac works:

1. Launch the main DVDFab 11 client and navigate to the Converter module to begin. Drag & drop the VOB file you want to convert into the main UI or use the “Add” button if that works better for you.

best vob converter

2. Next, go to the Profile Switcher in the upper left corner to pick the format for your output. In this example, we’re going to use the VOB converter to turn our sample file into an MP4 but feel free to choose a different format if you wish.

best vob file converter

3. Before you initiate the conversion, you can spend a few minutes navigating through the Advanced Settings and Video Edit menus if you want to customize or edit your files. There are plenty of tools and options to work with so take your time and many any modifications you need.

best vob converter for mac

4. Once everything looks good, use the bottom menu to change the destination folder if necessary and then click the green Start button to begin the conversion process.

best vob converter software

Part 3: A Powerful VOB Converter to Convert VOB Files in the Video_TS folder

As we discussed previously, VOB files are located inside the Video_TS folder on a DVD disc. Sometimes you just need to convert one or two files and it’s enough to use a VOB file converter to get the job done. Other times, though, you may need to convert the whole Video_TS folder to a single file and in those situations, you’re going to need a DVD ripper. We recommend using DVDFab DVD Ripper for that job because, just like DVDFab Video Converter, the tool is very easy to use and supports a wide variety of output formats. The process works a little something like this:

1. Open DVDFab 11 and this time navigate to the Ripper module. Load your source just as you would with the converter but make sure that it’s a DVD folderwhich includes a Video_TS folderin this case.

best software to convert vob files

2. Go to the Profile Switcher and pick your preferred output format. We’re going again with MP4 but feel free to choose any of the other options if they work better for you.

best vob video converter

3. Once again, spend a bit of time in the Advanced Settings and Video Edit menus if needed and then proceed to the final step.

best vob converter app for mac

4. Choose the destination folder and then click the Start button to begin the conversion process. Keep in mind that converting an entire disc will take longer than converting an individual file but it usually won’t take more than a few minutes because the software is very fast.

best converter software to convert vob files for mac



Hopefully, this article helped you gain a better understanding of VOB files and you’ll have an easier time playing them from now on. Just to recap, we recommend using a VOB converter like DVDFab Video Converter for individual files while Video_TS folders are better handled with a tool like DVDFab DVD Ripper.

After reading, you have learned VOB files and known how to convert it to other format which you like. Then do you know how to play VOB files? Click the link to know it.