Great sound quality is necessary for the ideal listening experience. Nowadays you can get easy access to all your favorite music thanks to streaming services like Apple Music, Spotify or even YouTube so there’s often no need for a physical music collection anymore. Or is it? Well, although the sound quality you get with the aforementioned services is pretty good, it’sometimes definitely not the best.

Streaming can’t really hold a candle to vinyl or Blu-ray in terms of audio quality. Unfortunately, physical discs degrade over time so having digital backups of your discs is definitely not a bad idea. But how can you do that without compromising the quality? As it happens, it’s possible to convert Blu-rays to Hi-Fi audio, such as Flac or WAV, and have digital files that sound just as good as their physical counterparts. All you really need in order to achieve that is an easy-to-use piece of software known as DVDFab Hi-Fi Audio Converter.

Before we Begin

Before we jump into our step-by-step guide on how to convert Blu-rays to Hi-Fi audio, there are a couple of things that need to be mentioned about the Hi-Fi Audio Converter. The tool is part of DVDFab 12 software, but it’s integrated into the Ripper module. Although you can convert the file in the process, you’re actually also ripping the audio track from the disc at the same time. That explains why the tool is part of the Ripper. Having said all that, Hi-Fi Audio Converter is a standalone product that works independently from DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper.

What this means is that the tool can be purchased separately and you don’t necessarily have to also own the Ripper in order for it to work. If you’re still a bit confused about this whole thing, it’s worth pointing out that both the Hi-Fi Audio Converter and the Blu-Ray Ripper have 30-day trials available so you can grab them for free and test them out for yourself. The trials do have certain limitations, though, so we recommend checking the full version afterward. If you want to learn more about the DVDFab Hi-Fi Audio Converter before downloading you can find all the necessary information over on the official website.

How to Rip and Convert Blu-rays to Hi-Fi Audio

Step 1: Select the Module

You already know by now which of the modules you should use for this process so go ahead and open DVDFab 12 and then select Ripper in the top menu. It’s important to select the module before loading the source so make sure to do this step first every time.

Step 2: Load the Source

There are a couple of ways of loading the source you want to rip and convert, all of which are very straightforward. DVDFab 12 attempts to automatically load any disc you have in your drive so if you already have one inserted, it should show up without you having to do anything else. If it doesn’t or if you’re working with a digital file, you can use the big “+” button in the middle of the UI or the “+Add” button in the upper left corner. Alternatively, you could also just simply drag & drop the source anywhere inside the user interface.

Step 3: Choose the Correct Profile

In order to convert Blu-rays to Hi-Fi audio we need to make sure to select the correct profile in DVDFab 12. This can be done by clicking the "choose other profile" option from the profile selection box which brings up the built-in Profile Library, where you will notice three different tabs – Format, Device, and Personal. Click Format and then select the 4th category, which is labeled Hi-Fi Audio.

DVDFab Hi-Fi Audio Converter supports four distinct conversion profiles – Flac Multi-channel, Flac Stereo, Wav Multi-channel, and Wav Stereo. In order to achieve the best possible quality it is recommended that you select the profile that best matches your sound system. If your system supports surround sound you’ll probably want to go with one of the multi-channel options. Whether you choose to convert Blu-ray to Flac or Wav is entirely up to you to decide.

Step 4: Advanced Settings

Clicking the little wrench icon will open up the Advanced Settings menu where you can make certain changes to your file before initializing the conversion process. Some of the options found here are static, such as the codec, bit rate or bit depth. These are tied to the profile you pick and can’t actually be modified. However, you can select a different sample rate, channels, and use the slider to adjust the volume.

The other remaining option under Advanced Settings is called Split and it’s a pretty important one. This allows you to split the Blu-ray by chapters, which is something you’ll definitely want to do with certain discs. If you leave the No Split option on, DVDFab Hi-Fi Audio Converter will output the entire contents of the Blu-ray onto a single audio file. That’s not particularly great if you’re converting an album, for example, as you will have a difficult time jumping to a specific track during playback.

If you split the disc, however, the software will create a CUE file that contains all the metadata found on the Blu-ray, including song name, artist, duration etc. Playing the converted disc alongside this file makes it much easier to immediately find the track you want, provided your music player has the ability to read CUE files. Most modern players do nowadays so that shouldn’t be an issue.

In addition to the Advanced Settings menu, you can find a few more useful options on the main user interface. Here, you can change the name of the file or select the titles and chapters you want to convert. You can also pick between any available audio tracks and subtitles. You’re probably not going to use some of these options if you’re converting a concert or album but they do come in handy when using the tool to rip audio from Blu-ray movies.

Step 5: Choose the Output Destination

There’s one last step we need to take before we start to convert Blu-rays to Hi-Fi audio and that’s choosing the destination for our output. DVDFab 12 selects a destination for you by default but you can change it by using the dropdown menu found in the lower left corner of the UI or the adjacent icons. Upon opening the menu, you may notice that one of the options is called ‘Mobile Device’. DVDFab 12 can indeed transfer converted videos direct to mobile devices, however, only MP4 profiles are supported at the moment so we can’t use that particular option in this situation.

If your preferred destination is not already found in the menu, you can add it manually by clicking the little folder icon found right next to it. Simply hit the button and navigate to your chosen location on your computer to add it. If you keep using the same folder repeatedly, it will eventually show up in the menu by default when you use the software in the future. Close to the folder icon you can also find a small icon shaped like a globe. This can be used to upload the converted file directly to YouTube. Feel free to use the feature but make sure to first sign into your YouTube account through DVDFab 12 before choosing this option.

Step 6: Start the Ripping and Conversion Process

With everything else taken care of, it’s now time to start ripping and converting our Blu-ray. To begin, simply click the green Start button located in the lower right corner of the UI. Alternatively, you can click the little arrow found right next to it to schedule the task for a later time. You can also postpone the task even after the process has begun by clicking the Continue Later button. Right next to it, you can find two additional buttons that allow you to pause and cancel the current task, respectively.

Finally, in the lower left corner you will notice a new dropdown menu that contains a few useful options. You can use these to tell DVDFab 12 to shut down or hibernate your computer once all current tasks have been completed. There’s also an option that simply closes the program once there are no more tasks left to process.

Final Thoughts

After reading our step-by-step guide you should have a pretty good idea of how to convert Blu-rays to Hi-Fi audio files quickly and easily. The process is quite simple and can come in handy in a wide variety of situations. If your file isn’t compatible, DVDFab 12 will ask to switch to convert to a mode that’s appropriate. However, if your Blu-ray is Cinavia protected, you're in a bit of trouble. We covered how you can remove Cinavia on Blu-ray, so you can enjoy your Blu-ray audio tracks.

Physical discs eventually degrade over time so having digital backups of your favorite songs is a great way to preserve your music collection. Remember that DVDFab Hi-Fi Audio Converter can be tested for free so grab the trial if you want to check it out and don’t forget to upgrade afterward in order to benefit from everything the software has to offer for the long haul.