Scream Factory

The Scream Factory has teamed up with Starz/Anchor Bay Entertainment to produce a new "Halloween" Blu-ray collection. The collection features 15 discs of Halloween content, including never-before-seen bonus features, new interviews with cast members, commentaries, behind-the-scenes documentaries, and Network TV versions of the films. As you can see from the trailer below, the Scream Factory is releasing a Halloween Blu-ray collection that will have horror fans lining up at the store to purchase one of the collections.

The collection contains the entire series of Halloween movies, plus the rare producer's cut of "Halloween II." In addition, the set features audio commentary from Jamie Lee Curtis, Tom Atkins, and Dean Cundey. Halloween II includes a special 101-minute extended version of the original film, featuring new scenes from the director's cut. Each of the discs also features bonus content like an exclusive Halloween movie poster.

The Scream Factory has also upgraded the films to 4K for a truly spectacular viewing experience. You can't watch too many Halloween movies, right? This collection contains the first five films in the series, along with new 4K special features. The Revenge of Michael Myers, for example, will feature an alternate opening and additional gore. In addition to the Scream Factory Halloween Blu-ray collection, there is also a limited-edition boxed set featuring the original films with special features.

The Scream Factory has also announced the release of the first five Halloween movies in 4K Ultra HD. The company has also announced plans to release three more films in 4K Ultra HD. The four-disc set includes the original five films, as well as Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers and Halloween H20: 20 Years Later. In addition to these releases, the Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later and Halloween: Resurrection are available as collector's editions. Both collections have all of the original bonus features from the films, as well as the new editions of the classics.

Universal Pictures Home Entertainment

Whether you're a fan of the original horror films or are looking for a new Halloween movie to watch with the family, there are a few new Universal Pictures Home Entertainment Halloween Blu-ray collections available on disc. For example, the 'Spooky Tales' Collection brings together three of the best Halloween stories, including the first family of Halloween, the Addams Family, and Wishbone's from the Monster Family.

halloween-blu-ray-collection:Universal Pictures Home Entertainment

In addition to the regular Blu-ray release, the new 4K remasters of the films are also available. One of the films, Halloween, was released in 1978. The film is an adaptation of a classic horror story by John Carpenter, who made the original for the television series "Scream Queens". Other titles available in the new Blu-ray collection include the acclaimed films Solo and The Day of the Jackal.

The film will also be released on DVD and digital retailers on Dec. 14, and on Blu-ray on January 11, 2022. This Halloween movie earned nearly $92 million in domestic sales. The Extended Cut, deleted scenes, gag reel, and behind-the-scenes look at the film's making will all be included in this new Blu-ray release. Universal Pictures Home Entertainment has also released the front artwork for all three releases.

The Universal Monsters Classics Collection includes several movies from Universal Studios' horror history, including Dracula, Frankenstein, The Invisible Man, and The Wolf Man. The 4K release includes the same bonus features as the Blu-rayTM version and will also include the 90th anniversary editions of these classic horror films. This collection also includes the new 4K UHD version of the classic horror movie The Exorcist.

Anchor Bay

The new Anchor Bay Halloween Blu-ray collection has the complete movies of the franchise in one convenient package. This collection includes all five movies, including the rare producer's cut of Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers. There's also audio commentary by Tom Atkins, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Lance Guest, and a trailer and TV spot for each film. The set also contains a commentary by director Stephen King, which you won't find on any other Halloween Blu-ray collection.

halloween-blu-ray-collection:Anchor Bay

The film is remastered in 1080p Blu-ray for this release. The remastering of the film, overseen by cinematographer Dean Cundey, is better than before. The film's rich colors are more balanced and less saturated, and it is almost free of blemishes. The 35th anniversary edition includes several new special features. The film has become a horror classic, and this new Anchor Bay edition is sure to please fans of the classic horror movie.

This Halloween, Anchor Bay has partnered with Scream Factory to bring you an exclusive, limited-edition box set. The collection features two titles from the Scream Factory. The first is the classic Halloween, while the second includes a horror sequel, Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers. Anchor Bay has a wide selection of Halloween-themed movies and TV shows. The Anchor Bay Halloween Blu-ray collection includes all five movies from the franchise, including the newest release, Halloween: The Curse Of Michael Myers.

The Anchor Bay Halloween Blu-ray collection has everything that's needed to complete your Halloween movie library. It includes the film's original theatrical trailer, two audio commentaries, and the 35th anniversary edition. Additionally, you get the theatrical trailer and the original promo reel. The audio commentary is moderated by Sean Clark. The resulting audio quality is clear and well-done. In addition to the Blu-rays, you can also watch a DVD of the film in your home.

Shout! Factory

The Shout! Factory Halloween Blu-ray collection is a great way to own some classic horror films on Blu-ray. The films are available in both standard definition and 4K, and are packed with bonus features. You can even get a copy of the Halloween movie in 4K Ultra HD, which is a nice upgrade. The special features in this collection include 2007 color timing, extended television cuts, and a hard cardboard stock side slipcase. The Blu-ray discs also feature traditional navigation, so you don't have to worry about losing track of which disc is which.

For the ultimate horror movie fan, the Shout! Factory Halloween 4K Collection is an 8-disc set, including The Curse of Michael Myers, H20: 20 Years Later, and Resurrection. Each disc in this set has all of its original extras, plus some brand-new surprises. The Blu-rays are available in multiple languages and offer English subtitles. The collection is recommended for fans of classic horror movies, but if you're unsure about which version of each film to purchase, make sure to check out the Scream Factory's Halloween 4K Collection.

The collection also includes the classic "Halloween" (1978). This edition isn't new, but it is still worth owning, even if you aren't a horror movie fan. The special edition features a new seven-inch vinyl with new recordings of the films' soundtracks by collaborators. You can also get a special edition of "Bad Santa 2" or "Billy and Ted's Excellent Adventure" on 4K UHD. You can also purchase the classic studio Ghibli films on Blu-ray.

Michael Myers

In terms of technical specs, the Michael Myers' Halloween Blu-ray collection is pretty good. It offers both a remastered original film as well as re-imagined versions. The re-releases have the same 1.85:1 1080p picture resolution and English Dolby TrueHD 5.1 surround sound. The new discs also feature a few bonus features. The new discs also include a 4 hour and 20 minute documentary, The Making of Halloween.

The production values are decent, and the director is very good, making Michael Myers a good choice for the Blu-ray format. The producer's cut has more rune and ritual stuff. The mid-'90s were a time when many slasher icons were redefined and strayed from their original storylines. Leatherface listened to heavy metal, Pinhead became an astronaut, and Michael Myers joined a cult. The script from Rob Farrands deviates from this well-worn path to suggest that Michael Myers is controlled by hooded druids.

The Halloween Blu-ray collection contains all six of the original films plus the remastered 35th anniversary version. There are also several bonus features, including a 40-page book and a newly commissioned illustration. The box set also comes in a special black Blu-ray case with an original theatrical one sheet. It's a good option for fans of the slasher franchise. The collection is available for purchase at retail stores or online.

The Complete Collection isn't perfect, but it's decent. The film selection looks pretty good and some sound better than others. The collection contains tons of new interviews and commentaries. You can't have too many Halloween movies. The Blu-ray collection is worth checking out. There are plenty of movies to choose from and you can't go wrong. All the films are fun to watch. This collection will be a big hit for fans of the horror genre.

Final Words

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