Dimension's history with Halloween dvd collection

The horror films released in the Halloween franchise have had a checkered history, ranging from mediocre to bad. While the first three were produced independently, the fourth and fifth were released by Universal, and the films II and III were released by Dimension Films, a division of Disney/Miramax. After the films' initial releases, Dimension and The Weinstein Company remade them and made another two, the third one being released by Sony.

This new edition of the film includes brand-new extras and corrects an aspect ratio error. The DVD set also includes Halloween H20: 20 Years Later, which corrects an aspect ratio error. Halloween: Resurrection comes with extras, including a commentary track, alternate endings, and deleted scenes. The disc's black case, which was created by Shout!, also contains an original theatrical one-sheet for Halloween.

The Dimension movies have gone through several transitions since their first release. When the studio went under, the rights became entangled in the process. Anchor Bay and Lionsgate were both unable to untangle the movies, leaving the films with bargain label Echo Bridge. Ultimately, Shout! Factory brokered a deal with multiple rights holders. Despite the difficulties, the company has now announced the release of a box set of all 10 films, titled Halloween: The Complete Collection.

The Halloween Deluxe Edition DVD includes a mix of new and old bonus material, including an HD presentation of Carpenter's Halloween. Halloween Unmasked 2000 was also produced for DVD in 1999. Halloween 4: Final Cut and Back to Basics: The Making of Halloween 4 are also included. The Halloween 5 Deluxe Edition DVD also contains a featurette titled The Making of Halloween 5.

The first DVD in the set features the making of the film. Initially, a short documentary called Inside Halloween 5" (14:10) was filmed for the Anchor Bay DVD release. The second DVD in the collection features "Dead Man's Party: The Making of Halloween 5", which runs 44:25 in HD. This featurettish documentary features Dwight H. Little and Alan Howarth.

The 35th Anniversary Edition of Halloween contains the same films as the current market transfer, with only minor changes made to the audio track. The DVD also features new commentary by Dean Cundey and Jamie Lee Curtis. The set also includes an On Location: 25 Years Later featurette and includes TV version footage and the trailer. The entire set is priced at $119. A good deal for a Halloween fan.

Dimension's troubles with Halloween dvd collection

If you're looking to buy a Halloween DVD set, you should know that Dimension is having trouble getting the franchise rights back. It seems that the company has lost the rights to a number of the movies in the franchise, including the upcoming sequel, Halloween Returns. The company has been trying to bring the Halloween films back since 1995. In 2005, Dimension was unable to obtain the rights for Halloween Returns, which would have been a shame.

In the case of Halloween 6, the DVD edition had potential for a much larger bonus feature lineup. However, Dimension released it as a Movie + trailer disc. In addition, the DVD edition had a clean, crisp transfer. Dimension's other films, such as Halloween: Resurrection, were packaged in 3-packs and other horror film multi-packs. These releases were generally very affordable, but there are a few discs that are far from ideal.

While the Halloween trilogy was a huge hit, many fans didn't realize that the movies were available on DVD until the second half of the 2000s. The films were released in different regions, with the original releases coming from Dimension and CBS/FOX. This caused the original release to fall off the radar, but the subsequent re-releases came with updated box art. It's a bit odd, but it's possible to get an older version of the film, and it's available in the United States.

After the film's first release in 1998, Dimension acquired the rights to Halloween 6 and made two sequels for the movie studio. This was a huge mistake, as the studio had previously partnered with MGM for the original film. This complicated the home video market even more. The original Halloween film is still available on DVD, but the home video market has become a total mess. If this happens, consumers will have to find another way to watch the original film.

Rob Zombie's involvement with Halloween dvd collection

The latest "Halloween" DVD collection is the result of a collaboration between Shout/Scream Factory and Starz/Anchor Bay Entertainment. "Halloween" fans can choose between 10 and 15 discs, as well as a 42-page photo booklet with an insightful essay from Michael Gingold. Fans will enjoy the new DVD releases and revisit their favorite horror classics for many years to come.

In 1978, MGM bought the rights to Halloween, and Dimension bought it from them. Dimension is an offshoot of Miramax, which had been sold to Disney. However, Zombie's first remake, The Twilight Zone, ended up at MGM. That made home video even more of a mess. While his films were still with Dimension, he eventually moved to Echo Bridge and then eventually to Anchor Bay.

The three-disc set includes the theatrical versions of Halloween and The Shining, with two extra discs devoted to the two sequels. Halloween and The Thing are Region Free and include a wealth of supplements, including the extended version of Halloween by John Carpenter. Both films are presented in 5.1 DTS-HD MA audio. It's hard not to enjoy Zombie's re-imaginings of classic horror films.

The first two films are available on DVD. Halloween has also received a nice DVD release and a Blu-ray update. But Halloween II and Halloween III received a bare-bones Goodtimes Video and Universal release. In 2016, Halloween II and Halloween III were released together as a double-feature. While these two films were not released together, they were re-released in widescreen.

Besides the two "Halloween" movies, Rob Zombie has also remade the classic television show The Munsters. The new movie will arrive on DVD and Blu-ray sometime in September. It will also be available on the internet. You can also watch the movie on the big screen for your friends and family. You'll never have to go without this DVD set again! The next time you want to watch the Halloween movies, don't miss this set of DVDs.

The Halloween DVD collection includes the theatrical version, a special edition of Halloween II, and two deleted scenes. It also includes the "Terror in the Aisles" movie, a special feature that has a Donald Pleasence and Michael's Mask, a collage of various things from the films. The collection also contains a trailer for the movie. It is an impressive collection of Halloween movies.

Final Words

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