VeggieTales is a children's animated television series

Originally a video series, VeggieTales has branched out into live entertainment, publishing, and licensing. In 2002, a feature film, Jonah - A VeggieTales Movie, debuted on NBC. The film was a huge success and taught children about compassion and respect.

The show began with a letter written by a young viewer to Larry and Bob. The two read the letter and discuss how the story relates to that letter. They also include "Silly Songs with Larry" as an intermission to the show. After these segments, the second part of the episode begins. In the first episode, "Are You My Neighbor?", the main segment is shown first and the rest of the episodes are interspersed with the second segment.

Unlike other children's shows with complex moral messages, VeggieTales is a childrens animated series with obvious morals. Although it may be entertaining for younger kids, more mature children might find the message of the show too obvious. Nevertheless, the show has plenty of Bible-based lessons and is a great morales lesson for kids.

VeggieTales is a childrens animated television series that teaches Christian values and moral lessons. Many of the episodes depict a Biblical story told in a comical manner. These episodes also incorporate pop-culture references to illustrate life lessons. The show is popular among families and has influenced the development of several computer animation franchises.

VeggieTales has excellent voice acting, which makes it a solid choice for a family. The moral lessons presented in each story are clear and simple, and kids can discuss them with their parents. Even better, if they have seen the original VeggieTales, they can discuss the differences between the TV version and the original.

It shares biblical values

VeggieTales is a cartoon series with Biblical values. The show was first aired in 1993, and the creator, Phil Vischer, has since developed a DVD series based on the stories of Scripture. The series uses puppets to communicate the unfolding storyline of Scripture, while emphasizing the gospel.

The NBC network did an excellent job editing the show to share biblical values. However, it is important to note that the NBC network will no longer air VeggieTales because they are afraid the series will scare people away. The VeggieTales DVD, released in January 2012, will contain a special segment that discusses biblical values and how they apply to our lives.

It is available on DVD

The newest VeggieTales DVD features Bob and Larry. This DVD is perfect for Valentine's Day, and Larry shares five Bible Bits with the characters about forgiveness, sharing, helping, and praying. It also includes bonus features that include three silly songs and two storybook tales.

Currently, thirty episodes of the VeggieTales are available on DVD. The DVDs are available in a lot of five, and come with original cases. The DVDs are in good condition, and come with no damage. There is no minimum bid, and postage fees are inclusive of next working day delivery.

It is available on VHS

If you're looking for a fun, family-friendly way to teach your children valuable lessons in a fun way, a Veggietales DVD is a great choice. Each episode focuses on one life lesson for kids, such as the importance of courage and remaining true to oneself despite pressure. There are also a variety of special features, including the full cast of Veggie characters.

Veggietales has always been one of our children's favorite TV shows. It's a perfect blend of adventure, music, and moral lessons that are age appropriate and educational for the whole family. We're not talking about the cartoon version of the show, we're talking about the original VHS versions. Veggietales is a classic children's show, and you'll find it on VHS and DVD.

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