Similar to its name, Tiktok actually manages to grab all the ticks and tocks of your life to bless you with unlimited entertainment. With the immense craze and madness of Tiktok globally, we are sure even you would have thought of downloading Tiktok audios to your devices at least once. Well! In such a case we are here to clear your query regarding How to download Tiktok videos on PC with our suggestions of some of the coolest Tiktok Audio Downloaders. So grab a lemonade and stay hooked to your seats to not miss on an entertainment-worthy read!

Top 8 TikTok Downloader For PC

1. StreamFab All-In-One

If you are thinking: how can a downloading experience be amazing and refreshing, we have the right answer for you. Hitting our list at the first spot is the StreamFab All-In-One Downloader. It is one of the most exclusive audio and video streaming software designed to deliver a soothing and soulful entertainment experience. Being an all-rounder, it has the potential to replace all the existing apps on your device.


  • Provide download service on more than 50 websites

As an all-featured downloader, StreamFab All-In-One enables users to download high-quality videos on more than 50 websites including Netflix, Amazon, Disney, HBO Max, and more. 

  • Better Selection of Videos

Now you can select the videos directly from the built-in browser of the StreamFab All In One without worrying to copy and paste the URL link.

  • High-Quality Audios and Videos

StreamFab provides you with an audio-video quality of 720p HD resolution or a 1080p resolution of full HD. It also assists you in the sound quality of the audio tracks of EAC 3 5.1 and AC 3 5.1 sound channels.

  • Ad-Free Audio/Video Downloads:

Now your downloaded files are smoothly accessible at your comfort with zero interruptions of the annoying ads.

  • Speedier Batch Download MP4 Files:

StreamFab allows you to download in bulk the complete playlist of your favorite audio and videos in under minutes.

  • Enables Videos from Multiple Platforms:

You can now download Tiktok videos on PC and have access to 1000s of other platforms available across the digital market including YouTube, Amazon, Facebook, etc, simultaneously.

How to Download Tiktok Videos on PC

If you are wondering about how to download videos from Tiktok on PC you are at the right place. Now you can easily download Tiktok videos on PC, following a few basic steps:

  • Step1: Launch this wonderful TikTok audio downloader:

Install and launch the StreamFab All-In-One on your device

tiktok audio downloader:1. StreamFab All-In-One

  • Step 2: Select the Explore section:

Next, select the website in the Explore section of your app’s interface.

  • Step 3: Choose and play the video of your choice:

Now you simply need to play your chosen video on the website.

tiktok audio downloader:1. StreamFab All-In-One

  • Step 4: Customize before Download:

Before putting your video to download, you can choose your preferred language for audio and video and even the number of videos that you intend to download in bulk.

  • Step 5: Hit the download button:

That’s it! Hit the download button right away to avail your favorite videos on your devices asap.

2. YouTube ByClick Downloader

tiktok audio downloader:2. YouTube ByClick Downloader

YouTube ByClick Downloader is also a paid Tiktok audio downloader that assists you in downloading videos from all major platforms including Tiktok. You can also download all the playlists and channels across YouTube in HD quality for a smooth entertainment experience.


  • It enables a 4k video quality
  • It enables the download of a bulk video at a time
  • It assists you in downloading private videos from leading platforms like Facebook and YouTube
  • It enables you to track your downloads
  • The downloaded MP3 files show the name of the artist and the album


  • It is simple to use
  • It has an easy user interface
  • Enables an HD-quality video
  • Enables converting videos to different formats


  • Does not have the feature of multiple languages
  • Does not support a high-speed download

3. TTDownloader

tiktok audio downloader:3. TTDownloader

TTDownloader or say, Tiktok downloader is a free option to take care of your favorite Tiktok downloads. You can save your file either with or without the watermark or Tiktok sign on your video. Even your videos get downloaded in the format that you choose to save them in, be it MP3, MP4, or even M4A and GIF forms.


  • Helps in downloading videos from Tiktok
  • Enables high-quality MP4 download of your video files
  • Helps you create a high-quality GIF in an MP4 video format
  • Assists you in saving your videos in MP3 music format
  • Helps you save videos even without a watermark


  • It is a free-of-cost application
  • Performs basic functions with ease
  • Produces HD content
  • Saves videos without watermark


  • Does not have exclusive sound channels for audio tracks
  • Does not enable a feature of multiple downloads

4. Tiktokfull

Tiktokfull is one such app dedicated purely to Tiktok. Apart from being an app free of cost, it assists you in earning views for your Tiktok videos as well.


  • Helps you download Tiktok videos hassle-free
  • Helps you earn views for your Tiktok videos
  • Helps you share your downloaded Tiktok videos
  • Allows you to download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.
  • For iOS users, only a web-based app is available


  • It is an app available free of cost
  • Helps in garnering views for your Tiktok account
  • Enables you to share the videos with others
  • Downloads videos from Tiktok easily


  • The mobile app is only available for Android users
  • It lacks the feature of bulk downloads

5. SnapTikApp

tiktok audio downloader:5. SnapTikApp

SnapTik App is one such free Tiktok audio downloader that downloads HD quality videos on all devices, without a watermark. You can download your Tiktok videos by pasting the copied link of your video to be downloaded in the text bar of the web page of SnapTikApp and hitting the download option thereafter.


  • Aids downloading Tiktok videos smoothly
  • Enables unlimited downloads
  • The files get downloaded in HD quality
  • It supports all devices
  • It is available through a website and an exclusive mobile app


  • It is free of cost
  • It is user friendly
  • Has high compatibility with all the devices
  • Enables an HD content


  • The mobile app works exclusively on Android devices only
  • Does not provide a higher download speed

6. QLoad.Info

tiktok audio downloader:6. QLoad.Info

QLoad.Info is another downloader to help you download Tiktok videos on PC. You simply need to copy the link of your favorite Tiktok video and paste it on the web page of QLoad.Info to save it for offline use.


  • Assists you in downloading a Tiktok video without the watermark
  • Supports all devices to download the Tiktok videos
  • Provides you the facility of unlimited downloads
  • It is a completely web-based application
  • It is an app designed exclusively for Tiktok


  • It is a free application
  • It allows you to remove the watermark before downloading
  • No need to download a mobile app separately
  • Guarantees you the download of unlimited videos


  • It has limited features
  • Does not support a high-speed download

7. MusicallyDown

tiktok audio downloader:7. MusicallyDown

MusicallyDown is a free application created to enable you in downloading your chosen TikTok audio to your devices. The best part is that you can download limitless TikTok videos without a watermark giving you a smooth entertainment experience.


  • Enables super easy downloads
  • Assists users in up to 5 languages
  • You can download your Tiktok videos in either MP3 or even MP4 formats
  • The application is highly compatible with all the devices
  • It provides the option to either keep or discard the watermark on your TikTok videos


  • It is simple to use
  • It has an easy user interface
  • It is free of cost
  • Aids in removing the watermark on your video


  • Does not have a wide variety of features
  • Downloads only Tiktok videos

8. ExpertsPHP

tiktok audio downloader:8. ExpertsPHP

Similar to other downloaders, ExpertsPHP can also be an answer to your query, how to download Tiktok videos on PC. You can easily download your Tiktok videos by pasting the copied link of your file to its webpage.


  • Helps download Tiktok videos easily
  • Enables downloading images and videos from Pinterest and Tiktok
  • Assists in high-quality video downloads
  • Saves Tiktok videos without a watermark
  • Supports unlimited downloads of Tiktok videos


  • Simple and easy to use the app
  • The application is free of cost
  • Supports unlimited video downloads
  • Can be accessed through its web page and app separately


  • Limited access to features
  • Does not support multiple conversion formats such as MP3 and GIF.


What is the best available Tiktok audio downloader in 2022?

StreamFab All-in-One Downloader is the best solution for overall entertainment and fun.

How can I download Tiktok videos on PC?

With the help of a video downloader such as StreamFab All in One, TTDownloader and Tiktokfull you can easily download Tiktok videos on PC.

How to download videos from Tiktok on PC?

You simply need to copy the link of your Tiktok video and paste it into the space provided at the text bar of the web page of your downloader and click on the download button.


Ahh! After an interactive session, we can definitely conclude upon the fact that you are not going away from here with empty hands. In our wisely carved list of the chosen Tiktok audio downloader, by now you must have surely made up your mind to settle for one. So now you can easily download Tiktok videos on PC to access and share them offline. StreamFab All-In-One surely fits the best for your solution to the query: how to download Tiktok videos on PC for a smooth and joyful entertainment experience. So grab your devices and install the magical joy asap, to not miss any trending fun of Tiktok.