The Friends the Reunion Special Event coming soon on HBO Max is one of the many reasons to take up membership at this premier streaming service. This is one of the latest additions to the growing catalog of online and on-demand video streaming networks. If you have been enjoying HBO movies and shows there is more content to enjoy on this platform. For instance, the upcoming Reunion special event that many of the erstwhile Friends show fans has been waiting for. This and many more shows and movies are what you can look forward to when you subscribe to HBO Max.

1. What's the HBO Max Friends the Reunion All About?

HBO Max Friends the Reunion Event is a special episode being aired on HBO Max. The series is called Friends: The Reunion and it comprises a single episode. It is called The One Where They Get Back Together and is a reunion special being aired on May 27th, 2022 for the first time. The episode will have the original co-creators of the show, David Crane, Marta Kauffman, and Kevin S Bright producing it. It also has Ben Winston directing the special. The main cast of the show is the main attraction for the fans that look forward to seeing them, all past their prime but holding onto the charm that set them apart in the show.


The episode will be unscripted and will show the main cast revisits the original show set. Hence, fans can see them revisit the original Friends apartments, water fountain, and the coffee shop Central Perk where they used to shoot scenes of the episodes. They would also meet guests who were part of the show and they would appear as celebrity guests. 

It is something unique, indeed one of the many original content-based shows that are being aired on HBO Max. This streaming service was launched in May 2020. Originally launched in America, it is run in collaboration between AT&T and WarnerMedia. The kind of content you find on this platform comprises premium movies and shows on HBO. You will also find content that channels through WarnerMedia on this platform. These comprise of television as well as film category. 

2. Who Will Be Joining the HBO Max Friends the Reunion Special Event?

This show, titled Friends The Reunion, is under the Warner Bros label and is an unscripted show. The original actors of the show are executive producers – LeBlanc, Kudrow, Cox, Perry, Aniston, and Schwimmer. Co-executive producers are Stacey Thomas-Muir, Emma Conway, and James Longman. 


The show is mainly about the old stars revisiting the studio and the set of the show. Besides talking about their shoots and backstage footage, the stars will also be having guest stars join them. 

There would be several special features that build up the hype in this reunion special. The first activation event will be “Friends Reunite for Friends”. A day before the show premieres there would-be fans and guests selected to watch an exclusive screening with friends of their own. There are also pre-show outdoor screenings and entertainment planned at Pier 17, The Greens in New York City as well as at the Hollywood Forever cemetery, a special destination in Los Angeles in California. 

3. When Will Be the Friends Reunion Aired?

HBO Max Friends Reunion s a show that is set to premiere on this streaming platform on May 27th, Thursday. The reunion is happening after 27 years nearly. That is counting the time when it was first aired on the NBC channel in the month of September 1994. 

HBO Max Friends the Reunion

Those who had been fans of the show are excited to see the friend’s stars reunite. Many had been hoping to see them back on the screen and in a similar setup. While the stars have had their separate careers on the small and big screens, the show that made them all famous has also been one of the popular sitcoms in the world of entertainment. 

Friends Reunion show comes back in a different avatar, unscripted, and with special guest stars who come by. The reunion special is similar to a movie and it is sure to keep the fans enthralled. They will love to see their stars in the present day, in unscripted form, and how they relive moments spent in their apartment or the coffee shop. They will also be sharing backstage footage of their shoots. 

4. How to Watch the HBO Max Friends Reunion?

HBO Max Friends special is a show that you can watch starting at 3 am ET on HBO Max. It would be running across a time length of 1 hour 44 minutes. It has been over 6230 days since the whole crew of Friends was together and the gang at Central Perk would be getting back again. There would also be star appearances happening at the show such as Justin Bieber, Kit Harington, Mindy Kaling, BTS, Lady Gaga as well as supporting cast making appearances. These include Tom Selleck and Maggie Wheeler. 


Viewers would need to subscribe to HBO Max if they wish to watch it. There is no free trial of the same. Viewers who wish to subscribe to this platform need to pay up to $14.99 per month. Once you subscribed, you are enabled to save videos from HBO max with HBO download right. Of course, the platform is easy to access on different devices, for example, HBO on PS4, HBO on Apple TV, HBO on Roku, and HBO on PC computers, Mac, Android and iOS phones, tablets, and so many other devices. 


From promotional images and trailers, it is evident that this show will satisfy the appetite of the fans. They can enjoy secrets behind the scenes, inside jokes, watch the gang relives the moments they loved. All six of the original cast will reminisce about how the show impacted their lives, how they met, and what finally happened between the characters. 

5. Is the Friends Reunion Coming to Other Streaming Services?

Friends Reunion Episode is releasing the series exclusively for the US since that is where it is currently available. However, other streaming services have also obtained rights in different countries. For instance, you can watch it on Zee5 if you are in India. This channel’s Premium version is where this show will be aired, at the same time as the global premiere of the show. Premium subscription of the channel will cost Rs 499 per year.


Globally it is available on HBO Max which is made available mostly in the US as of now. If you have subscribed to Hulu and have HBO already in your subscription plan then you probably have access to HBO Max already. Many are wondering whether they can get the series on any other cable service. However, till now only Zee5 in India and HBO Max in the US have the rights to air the series. Hence, if you were hoping to catch it on Netflix or on Amazon Prime video, it is not happening now. As of now, HBO Max is the only platform through which you can watch in the US. Otherwise, for Indian viewers, it is available on Zee5.

6. Can You Still Stream All the Ten Seasons of Friends on HBO Max?

Friends on HBO Max is available on the channel, all 236 original episodes. If you are a subscriber at AT&T you can watch the series free on this platform. With a Wi-Fi or TV plan of AT&T, you get an HBO Max subscription included in it. You can then watch Friend’s original shows as well as others that are being aired here. You will want to look up plans such as Unlimited Elite Phone or TV Choice as well as Internet 1000 Wi-Fi plan. Any of these subscription plans will get you access to HBO Max.


If you wish to watch the 10 season’s offline you could also get yourself the DVD set that was released during the show’s 25th anniversary. Of course, many would rather watch it on one of the streaming platforms they subscribe to. For them, it is available on Amazon Prime where all-season episodes can be watched. All you need is to subscribe to the Amazon Prime account which comes with a membership to Prime Video of Amazon. 

7. How to Download Friends Reunion and Other Seasons from HBO Max?

Friends Reunion would be a delight to watch on this platform and it would be even better to get the Friends Reunion downloaded to watch on the go. Hence you need not wait to watch the Friends Reunion episode through Wi-Fi or mobile data on your devices. It is also convenient when you are on the go, whether watching on a tablet or smartphone.


7.1 Using HBO Max App to get Friends Reunion Downloaded

HBO Max allows you to save up to 30 titles in your download section at a time. You can have a single account and access the same across several devices and profiles. Hence, if you wish to download the Friends Reunion episode you can do so by opting to download and save it on a device of your choice. It will then remain for viewing across 30 days on the device. 

Steps you need to take to download Friends Reunion full episode:

  • You can download only on a device having storage space. That can be iOS or Android tablet or smartphone as well as desktop or laptop.
  • Once you have subscribed to the platform you need to open your account page on the HBO Max website.

  • Once you sign in you need to check that Wi-Fi settings are in place for downloads.
  • In case you wish to download with mobile data you can do the same.
  • Choose a series or movie which you want to download.

  • Find a downward-facing arrow beside the title.
  • Once you tap on the same movie or show download will commence.

You can save up to thirty titles in your account, on a device of your choice, on which you can log in using your account credentials on HBO Max. Once the content is downloaded it shows up in the Downloads section. You can save it to watch later as you wish. It helps to have content on the go to watch, especially if you are traveling or have long flight hours ahead. 

Once you click on a title you have downloaded you need to finish watching the same within 48 hours. Also, all that you download needs to be re-downloaded once 30 days expire. Remember that downloads will take up the hard drive or memory space on your device. Hence, you can choose file size and resolutions accordingly to save. 

7.2 Using HBO downloader software to Download Friends Reunion Episode

However, if you are planning to download the Friends Reunion Special Event to your computer instead of to the HBO Max app so that you can transfer downloads to any device to watch, then the above-mentioned download method won’t do it. You will have to opt for a 3rd-party HBO downloader software for that target. StreamFab HBO Downloader is a dedicated streaming video downloader software that you can use to download HBO shows, HBO Now from both the U.S. and other regions.


Benefits of this standalone HBO downloader include:

  1. Download HBO Max videos to 1080p/720p MP4 videos along with AC3 5.1/AAC 2.0 audios, depending on your choice.
  2. You can transfer the downloaded MP4 videos to any other device you have, without any playback limitations.
  3. You can download as many titles as you want, no up limit shall ever bother you anymore, like you can download all the 236 episodes of the original Friends series.
  4. You can keep the downloaded MP4 files for as long as you would love to because they are no longer connected to the platform, they are totally yours to keep, ever expire on you.
  5. This HBO downloader also allows you to download audio tracks and subtitles of your preferred languages, the metadata information that will make it easier to manage the download series with your media player or media server software.
  6. Probably the trump card of this HBO downloader is that it even capable of downloading all the 236 episodes of the original Friends shows in one operation, by utilizing the batch-download mode.

Now having understood all the bells and whistles of this marvelous HBO downloader software, then it’s time we walk you through the steps on how to download Friends from the platform.

                          i  Download for Win    i  Download for Mac 

  1. Step 1: Launch StreamFab Downloader and choose the VIP Services tab;
  2. Step 2: Open HBO Max portal by clicking on the its card/tile;
  3. Step 3: Sign in to your account, locate and play any episode of the Friends series, or the Friends Reunion Special Event;
  4. Step 4: As soon as the video starts to play, a popup will show up, click the Download Now button on it to start downloading your video.


Extra tips: If you playing an episode from the original Friends series, then this software will give the option to select all the 236 episodes of ten seasons to download by one single operation, which will absolutely save you much trouble repeating the same operation 236 times. That is exactly what the batch-download mode is meant for.

Final Wrap-up

Friends Reunion Event is a new attraction on the HBO Max platform which has been widely talked about as well as advertised globally. It has also brought HBO Max into the limelight. Friends Reunion on HBO Max is easy to get on your smart TV, laptop, or smartphone if you have subscribed to it already. If not, simply visit the website and subscribe today.

Alternatively, you can opt for the same through Hulu as well as through AT&T subscription plans. Of course, it is available to US residents as of now and subscribers can visit the channel and look up the show or the original episodes as and when they want.

As mentioned previously, in case you are a diehard fan of Friends, you probably are very interested in adding the Friends Reunion Special Episode to your own collections and keep it yours forever. In that case, the HBO downloader talked about in this article is what you are looking for. Besides, it also lets you download all the 236 original Friends episodes just in one operation if you haven’t got them on your HDDs yet. Just get the HBO download to watch your shows offline. So, what are you waiting for? Install this downloader and download the Friends Reunion episode offline to enjoy it whenever you want!

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