People hold much interest in file compression like PDF, video and other documents. Today, we will make it clear on how to compress PDF, disk, video, and other formats of files to make your life and work simple and pleasant.

1. How to compress a PDF file

PDF (Portable Document Format) is everywhere but the person who invented it is nowhere. Charles Geschke, the PDF inventor, has left us but we appreciate his great work forever. Do you know how powerful a PDF file is? It features absolute stability to stop others changing any of its content. But on the other hand, PDF also has some limits, such as the huge file size able to exceed 10 MB causing difficulty in file uploading, email sending, as well as data storage. So how to compress a PDF, the reliable, non-editable digital paper? Follow me to reduce the size of a PDF and convert it easily.

How to compress files free

(1) Compress PDF online

Without installing any file compression software on your computer, you are able to compress PDF file as well. How to do that? Ask the online website,, for help. It is the best answer to how to compress a PDF for email online. Now, let’s see how it works.

How to compress PDF online free:

  • Go to the official website of this online file compression website
  • Click the option ‘Select PDF File’
  • Hit ‘Compress PDF’ after file uploading
  • Download compressed PDF

Compress PDF Online


  • Offer a free trial to compress PDF
  • Work fast to process a file

How much can it reduce the file size of a PDF? I import a 130 KB PDF and the output is 92 KB. In order to know whether it can satisfy your demand, compress PDF with it free, or log in to explore more PDF compression services that may be paid.

(2) How to compress a PDF on Mac

If you have many PDF documents to deal with, is there any compress PDF software compatible with Mac? Of course. PDF Expert is one of such file conversion software.

Compress a PDF on Mac


  • Edit both PDF text and image
  • Copy, add, extract or merge pages
  • Add shapes, signatures, stamps, annotate, etc.
  • Exist some bugs in software download

For those who work with agreements, contrasts or other PDF files every day, compress PDF file Mac with this software to improve your working efficiency greatly.

2. How to compress disk on Windows and Mac

Now, we have come to an era of streaming media, and it is possible to watch anything on mobile devices. Then, how to deal with the old DVD discs, especially when they have stuffed your room? Turn to a free DVD Ripper for help and convert DVD to digital.

 i  Free Download    i  Free Download  

How to compress DVD files:

  • Get DVDFab DVD Ripper launched on Windows or Mac
  • Select the module of ‘Ripper’ first
  • Insert your DVD disc into your optical drive
  • Choose title(s), audio(s), subtitle(s) to rip
  • Click ‘Choose Other Profile’ option and select MP4 Video Format
  • Set the output video destination: mobile device, folder, YouTube
  • Start to compress DVD by ripping disc to digital

How to rip DVD to MP4


  • Free and easy to use on Windows 10/8.1/8/7 and macOS
  • Convert DVD to MP4, MPEG, MOV, AVI, MKV, WMV, etc.
  • Rip copy-protected DVD with Region Code, UOPs, etc.
  • Complete DVD compression without quality loss

With the assistance of DVDFab DVD Ripper, you can also add subtitles to video, extract subtitles from a DVD to SRT format, and improve video quality up to 1080p and 4K. If you also want to compress tape to digital, purchase such cassette to digital converters.

Compress tape

3. How to compress a video

Use the tools below to compress videos online or on Mac.

(1) Compress video file online:

There are 9 online file compression software available for you to compress video. See the list below and I will take FreeConvert as an example to show you how to do that.

  • Clipchamp,com

How to compress a video online:

  • Come to the official website of FreeConvert
  • Import your video to this online video compressor
  • Set the output video format as MP4, AVI, etc.
  • Set the Advanced Settings (optional)
  • Click the button ‘Compress Now’
  • Download the compressed video


  • Save you from installing any software on your computer
  • Allow you choose files from Device, Dropbox, Google Drive, and URL
  • Free to use and have a limit on file size and work slowly
  • Once start to compress video, never stop

Would you like to compress MP4 video to smaller size online free? Have a free trial of this tool or other file compression software recommended.

(2) How to compress a video on Mac

QuickTime Player is an embedded Mac recorder. It cannot work on other operating systems except Mac. How to record a video with the smallest file size? Open QuickTime Player on Mac, and click the options ‘File > Export As’ to set the output video and audio quality. The lower the resolution is, the smaller the video will be. This file compression program doesn’t support video dimension reduction. If you want to compress a video size like that, try iMovie on Mac.

How to use iMovie to compress video on Mac:

  • Open iMovie on Mac and add your video to this file compression software
  • Crop, adjust the video color, reduce audio noise and try other video editors (optional)
  • Click the ‘Export’ icon in the upper-right corner of this video compressor
  • Set the video resolution, quality and compress speed (They decide the video size directly)
  • Hit ‘Next’ and set the output video directory
  • Start to compress a video with iMovie

Compress video on Mac with iMovie

With the help of iMovie file compression software, you can compress video for Facebook and compress videos for YouTube.

(3) How to compress a video file on Windows

VLC and ShortCut do a good job in this aspect. Here, let me show you how to compress videos on Windows with them one by one.

Video compress with VLC Media Player:

  • Download and install VLC on Windows/Mac/Linux
  • Click ‘Media’ > ‘Convert/Save’ and ‘Add’ your video
  • Another click on ‘Convert/Save’ after video input
  • Set the profile of video and enable the option of ‘Profile edition’
  • Set the Encapsulation, Video codec, Audio codec, and Subtitles
  • Tap ‘Browse’ and select the output folder > set the File Name
  • Hit ‘Save’ and ‘Start’ to compress video with VLC
  • The Profile edition and video codec decides the size of your output video.

Compress videos with VLC

Video compress with ShortCut:

  • Download ShortCut on Windows/Mac/Linux
  • Launch it and create a New Project
  • Click ‘Projects folder’ to add your video
  • Set the project name and video mode
  • Customize your video with the options available (optional)
  • Click ‘Export’ to set the video resolution and aspect ratio
  • In order to compress video without losing quality, H.264 Baseline Profile is highly recommended here

(4) How to compress a video on Android

Panda Video Compress is a good choice for Android compress video. It is easily accessible in Google Play and works to upload video to YouTube, Facebook, and more. You can use it to compress video for email. Here, let’s see how to use it.

  • Step 1: Choose a video to compress
  • Step 2: Set the size of the video
  • Step 3: Start to set the video on Android
    • Pros: compress video to 86% or so without losing much quality
    • Cons: It takes much time to compress a video

Compress video on Android

(5) How to compress a video on iPhone

  • Download the Compress software in the App Store on iPhone
  • Open this file compression program and start a free or paid trial
  • Click the ‘Orange’ icon at the bottom in the first screenshot
  • Browse your videos and import one of them to Compress
  • Set the Compression Ratio for the output video
  • Click the button ‘Download’ in the upper-right corner in the third screenshot

This video compressor works fast to compress iPhone video. If you want to remove Ads from this software, purchase this program at $12. Besides this tool, there are also other options in the App Store for you to reduce the size of a video.

4. How to compress audio file like MP3

Audacity is a good solution to how to compress audio files.

  • Get this audio compressor installed on Windows, Mac or Linux.
  • Click File > Import > Audio and open your music
  • Choose ‘make a copy of the file’
  • Move the audio to the timeline section
  • Click ‘File’ > ‘Export’ and set the file name and output destination and format
  • Hit the ‘Options’ button and set the audio quality and variable speed
  • Go ahead to click ‘OK’ and ‘Save’
  • Start to compress audio file

Compress MP3

Alternatively, you can compress audio file online with the Online Audio Converter.

  • Click ‘Open files’ to import your MP3 to this online video converter
  • Set the output audio format and quality
  • Hit ‘Advanced settings’ and set the bitrate, sample rate, etc.
  • Edit the track info (optional)
  • Click the button ‘Convert’ to compress MP3 files online

Compress MP3 online

5. Compress image/photo/picture (jpeg, jpg, png)

If you want to compress jpeg file, there is an online image converter of great help – You can import up to 20 images in the forms of jpg or jpeg and compress them together. Click ‘Upload Files’ and set the image quality to preview the output photo size. Hit ‘Apply’ to compress jpeg files.

Compress pictures is another tool to compress png online. And you can use this file compression software to compress jpg as well. How to use it to compress image? Drop your png or jpg files first and then wait for this online image converter to process your file. Once done, you will the notice of ‘Finished’ and how much your picture has been reduced, such as -54% shown below. After that, click ‘Save to Dropbox’ or ‘Download all’. Then you will succeed in photo compress.

Compress images

IMG2GO is also helpful to compress image to jpg and png formats. Click Choose File by by locating your file through Enter URL, Dropbox, Google Drive, or drop files here directly. Then, set the settings such as ‘compress image files to’, ‘lower scale by’ or change size’ to compress photo size. At last, click the button ‘Start’.

Online image compressor

6. How to compress a zip file

How do I reduce the size of a zip file? Turn to or for help. The former allows you to Choose File by methods of several ways, such as Enter URL, Dropbox, and Google Drive. Of course, you can drop files directly to compress zip files. But, there is no way for you to decide how much it can reduce the size of a zip. For instance, I import a 99 KB file while the output is only 97 KB. If you are not satisfied with its ability to compress zip files, try another below.

Compress zip files is another online archive tool to show you how to compress a zip file. Click ‘Choose Files’ to add your zip, and then select a way to compress zip file. During a free trial, it seems only ‘Max compression (slowest)’ is available, purchase this online zip compressor if want medium compression and No compression (fastest).

How to compress a zip file

7. How to compress word documents

How to compress a word doc as you compress PDF? Let do you a favor. Remember we have also mentioned this online tool in the first part? Here, in order to compress word doc, you need to input your file first. It can come from device, Smallpdf, dropbox, and google drive. Then, you will be asked to choose a free trial or a paid trial. What is the difference between them? The basic compression only reduce 40% of a word, while the pro offers a strong compression, with 75% reduction support. Which one will you choose to compress word document? Make a decision based on your need, and click ‘Compress’ at last.

Compress PDF

8. How to compress a ppt file

Each ppt is made of some pictures, so compress images to reduce the size of a ppt. How to do that? Select one of the images in a ppt and click ‘Format’ > ‘Compress pictures’. Choose the option ‘Use default resolution’ and press ‘OK’. Then go to ‘File’ > ‘Save As’ menu > ‘Advanced’ to set image size and quality. Continue to click ‘File’ > ‘Save As’ and compress ppt file to your preferred place.

Compress ppt

9. Conclusion

This is how to compress files such as PDF, word, ppt, disk, tape, video, audio, image, and zip. Have you found the best file compression software? Have a free trial of the online tool or offline software I have recommended and you will make it.