You need to convert one format to another that supports your device and the storage space on your device, and it's the primary objective for the conversion. Regardless, convert MKV to ISO is not recommended; instead, ISO to MKV is widely beneficial for any user in terms of device-friendly storage options. You might know the popular format if you are an advent video watcher or associated with the media industry. If not, let's briefly look at the ISO and MKV format.

What is the ISO file format?

iso to mkv

An ISO file or, better say, ISO image is a similar copy of CD, DVD, Blu-ray. An ISO file is often used to store extensive size data when you've no physical disc, and this file format needs to be opened and assembled before starting working with it. An ISO file is used as an archive as it can store massive data like you want to store games or movies. Operating systems like Windows 8, 8.1, 10 are suitable for ISO images or files. The file is represented as a virtual disc that ensures proper functioning with the hardware and software of the PC.

What is MKV?

iso to mkv

MKV or Matroska file format is a multimedia container that is ideally used if you try to convert your DVD, cd, or Bluray. MKV is being used to support various audio and video file formats that are comprehensive in use. It offers a few fantastic features like fast operating, subtitle, metadata, chapter, menu support, online streaming, error recovery from corrupted files and restoring them, etc., that suit the user's requirements. In short, MKV is a highly favored file format that users prefer to use, especially when you require high definition picture quality with Dolby soundtracks in your video.

Based on users' preferences and usability, MKV is a highly recommended file format that you can easily use, and it's playable with various available devices. Apparently, before you know how to convert ISO to MKV, you must know why you convert ISO to MKV?

Let's dig!

Why do you convert ISO to MKV?

The reasons you convert DVD ISO to MKV are as follows:

MKV, the multimedia container, can preserve Blu-ray and DVD content. The file format is widely known to keep subtitles, chapters, menu, metadata of the DVD or blu ray disc. It provides the best compatibility with significant devices. Further, MKV can store extensive data but use less space. For instance, it's 10% smaller than DVD files, and approx 40% than blu ray. What 10GB ISO file can save, MKV can save within 1GB without compromising the quality.

ISO file is often known as an identical copy of DVD, blu ray, cd, etc., containing similar data. The file size is large and contains enormous data, and it's not device-friendly due to the storage issue. The file format is generally used as a backup option, and very few players can play it for the large-size file format.

Users avoid ISO file format for the above-noted reasons, and they prefer to pick MKV over ISO image.

If you want to convert ISO to MKV, we recommend DVDFab DVD Copy software that smoothens the process and finishes the conversion within a short span. Let's know in detail about the tool and how to convert ISO to MKV.

DVDFab DVD Ripper: Convert ISO to MKV with ease

convert iso to mkv by dvdfab dvd ripper

DVDFab DVD Ripper would ensure a smooth process to convert ISO to MKV and store them on your device storage. The software is renowned for all significant file conversions supporting your device and developing brilliant lossless audio-visual quality. While the tool converts ISO to MKV, it retains the quality of high-definition pictures and Dolby sounds. Further, within small storage, it will help you save maximum data and run on the device available to you. Of course, the tool is a multi-tasker and can convert any format to others, including convert Blu ray ISO to MKV format.

The Features of DVDFab DVD Copy

  • The software can convert ISO or DVD folders to almost any video format in HDD.
  • It can batch convert ISO to MKV format with possibly the fastest speed.
  • The software synchronized the metadata info with the server so that when you play the media, it will show the cast, storyline, etc., information.
  • It offers six customized modes to meet your requirements, including Crop, Trim, Watermark, External subtitles, Merge, and Brightness.

Price: It costs $39.99. A free trial is also available with fewer features access. However, if you want to have a better experience, we strongly recommend DVDFab All-In-One to you. And right now, we can offer you an amazing discount of 30%. Let's try it!


  • It offers a lightning-fast speed DVD ripping procession with GPU acceleration
  • It's both compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems
  • It offers compression of video size without damaging the original DVD quality
  • It is capable of removing and DVD protection to convert DVD to digital.
  • You can customize your video with its built-in editing function

System requirement list

Before starting the conversion process, you must have readily available the below things:

  • Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7 ( 32/64 bit)
  • Pentium ll 500 MHz
  • RAM 2GB
  • Free Hard Drive space 20GB
  • A DVD-R OR DVD+R Drive
  • Active Internet Connection

How to convert ISO to MKV with DVDFab DVD Ripper?

As MKV is the standard file format with limited space occupied, extensive data, and device-friendly featured equipped, we will show you how to convert ISO to MKV format and enjoy your favorite movie on high definition picture resolution.

Let's learn the steps!

Step 1: Install DVDFab 12 and add ISO file

convert iso to mkv using DVDFab DVD ripper

Download DVDFab 12 on your device. Select the Rip module, insert the DVD to the optical disc drive or click on the navigation button and add the ISO file.

Tips: The software supports batch convert ISO to MKV; you can add multiple ISO files to convert to MKV within a quick span.

Step 2: Select Output Profile

convert iso to mkv using DVDFab DVD ripper

To convert ISO to MKV, visit Profile Switcher > format > general > MKV.

Tips: Profile Switcher drives ISO to MKV conversion. The tool identifies which types of ISO files you want to convert in auto mode, like DVD, blu ray, or UHD. Further, if you want to convert DVD or blu ray to MKV, enable the Enlarger AI option that ensures the output MKV will be in 1080p or even 4k resolution.

Step 3: Customize output file

convert iso to mkv using DVDFab DVD ripper

In this step, you will have two menus, Advanced Settings, and Video Editing. in Advanced Settings, you can customize video quality, resolution, frame rate, encoding method, and many more major and minor settings. You can add subtitles in the Video Editing option, crop and trim the video length, and add watermarks. You can customize other options like adjusting audio tracks, selecting specific titles or chapters, etc.

Tips: In the Advanced Settings and Video Editing option, the customized option depends on the format you select for conversion, and it changes based on the source and output file.

Step 4: Click on the Start button.

convert iso to mkv using DVDFab DVD ripper

Click on the start button to convert ISO to MKV format after selecting the Save option of the output file at the bottom of the screen.

Despite DVD or blu ray, DVDFab takes 10 times faster speed to convert ISO to MKV format.

These steps are simple, and you can finish them with a much shorter span. The batch conversion facility would provide you with multiple conversions simultaneously, and surprisingly, it does not affect the video and audio quality.

Do you want to know more, check out the FAQ session on a quick note?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is more beneficial, ISO to MKV or MKV to ISO?

It depends on your requirements. But if you want to convert the video file to save space, which is again device-friendly, you must go with ISO to MKV format.

Can I convert MKV files?

Yes, you can. With the help of a converter tool, you can convert the MKV file format to any other format.

Can I save movies in MKV file format?

Yes, you can save the movies, short videos, video clips, etc., in MKV formats. It will occupy less storage and more data and run on all major devices.

Concluded Part

Converting ISO to MKV is not a hard nut to crack method. If you have the right converter tool like DVDFab, you can convert it smoothly within a few clicks. Convert MKV to ISO is not a good idea, but if you have requirements, you can proceed. With the format, you must check you have storage to save the output files and media player to watch the content and enjoy your leisure time.