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An ISO file contains the same data as optical disks like CDs, DVDs, or Blu-rays. However, optical disk data is stored on the hard drive. So Windows users need to create ISO from a folder such as a DVD or CD to save their files on the hard drive. Besides this, to share large data files like software installation files will need to convert them to ISO files. But creating an ISO file is not a challenging task, as numerous ISO creators are on the internet. Some of them offer you free IOS creation options and do essential jobs. 

So, finding an advanced and affordable IOS creator for both windows & mac will become challenging. But keep hope; we are here to help you with our tested five best ISO creators to help you create ISO files from your desired folder.

5 Best Tools to Create ISO from Folder

So finally, you are ready to learn about "how to create an ISO file from a folder"?

Before introducing other ISO creators, we will let you learn about the fantastic ISO-specific DVDFab product known as DVD Copy. Let's read how it can help you. 

1. DVDFab DVD Copy



DVDFab DVD Copy allows you to losslessly backup or compress any DVD disc/ISO/Folder to a blank disc directly or save it as an ISO image file or folder on your hard drive.
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DVDFab DVD Copy will help you with lossless backup, compresses DVDs/ISO images/Folders, and outputs directly to blank discs. It can also save DVD output as an ISO source on the hard disk. The software can remove DVD copy securities to ensure successful DVD recovery. Its cloud decryption support will let you decode newly acquired encoded DVDs in the cloud server hassle-free. Its copying module will let you access new discs within a few seconds. You can use it to create ISO from the folder on windows or Mac system quickly. The compression of any DVD to DVD 5 will make it playable on any player. It will offer you six different copy modes; full disc, main movie, clone/burn, merge, split, and customize to ensure nothing is left beyond. 

Key Features of DVDFab DVD Copy

  • You can increase the DVD video and audio quality to 1: 1 ratio without disturbing the actual quality.
  • You can also run your output recovery on any media player.
  • It offers multiple modification features to copy DVDs in different modes.
  • You can batch copy any DVD free at high speed.
  • The program is also helpful for generating Meta information and .nfo files.
  • With DVDFab DVD Cinavia Removal, you can permanently and entirely remove Cinavia securities and extract neat audio.

What do we leave more? The most important part of how to use this rich-free software;

How to Copy DVD using DVDFab DVD Copy Software?

Step 1: Click on DVDFab 12, and opt for the "Copy" option. Insert the required DVD disc or click the "Add button" to upload it. The software will also support you in utilizing the "Drag & Drop" function if you have an ISO file or folder.

how to copy DVDs guide 1

Step 2: Choose the required copy mode and modify the output DVD. Click on the desired final DVD size, and if the selected option is not lossless mode, it will allow you to clone/burn the DVD. The software will also permit you to set the volume height and modify other copy choices.

how to copy DVDs guide 2

Step 3: Ultimately, click the "ISO" icon to choose where you want to keep your output file. Then click on the start button, and the program will deliver the final result within a few minutes and with high quality.

how to copy DVDs guide 3


2. AnyMP4 DVD Copy

AnyMP4 DVD Copy 3.1.22 download | macOS

AnyMP4DVD Copy is another best choice to create an ISO from the folder. It offers several functions, including cloning and burning. The program provides three copying modes; full copy, main movie, and customization option.

The "full copy" mode will help you clone all disc content—the "Main Movie" works for holding important footage. And the "Customize" option will allow you to select the desired modification in the disc. This lightweight and windows & mac compatible program ensures 200% fast copying speed with its dual-core CPU.

How to create an ISO file from a folder using AnyMP4DVD Copy?

  • Download and install anyMP4DVD Copy and click on the "Source" tab to upload your folder.
  • There is a special "Open DVD Folder" option for DVD folder uploading.
  • Then drop down the "Target" tab and choose "Save as," and press "Next." 
  • There are also many more options, including removing the menu, skipping the menu, and removing region code securities to use. 
  • Choose whatever you require and click on the "Start" button. 

3. AnyBurn

Burn ISO file

AnyBurn is an ISO creator and a burner that helps you burn image files from a disc. You can also use it to burn audio files to CDs, rip DVDs to HD, remove written discs, etc. The program is even compatible with Windows 2000 and above versions. This 1MB software can also smoothly work on Linux OS. 

How to use AnyBurn?

  • First of all, download & install the program and choose "Create image file from folder or file.
  • After choosing, click the "Add button" and upload the source file.
  • It may take 1-2 minutes to import the file.
  • After it clicks on the "Next" button, name your output file, choose the final folder and standard ISO image, and then on the "Create Now" button.

4. Free ISO Creator

IsoCreator download |

As the name suggests, Free ISO creator is mainly developed to create ISO files from any source. It is naïve friendly and can work on 32-64 bits of windows and Linux operating systems. You can also use this program to create, duplicate, and burn ISO files and implement other tasks related to ISO files. 

Its "Extraction" feature will help you to extract ISO file content quickly. You only have to choose the ISO source file, which automatically extracts the data. You can also use this program to change numerous disk image formats like PDI, DMG, GI, B5I, ISO, 

How to use ISO Creator?

Let's learn how ISO creator can help you to create ISO files;

  • Download and install ISO Creator, and upload your source file to its interface.
  • Now click the "Save" button, name your ISO file and select the final path. 
  • At the end, click the "Create" button and get the output file within a few minutes. 

5. ISODisk

ISODisk - Download

ISODisk is freeware ISO file-making software. It will help you to develop virtual CD/DVD drivers for about 20 drivers. The program also helps create, mount an ISO picture and burn, etc.

ISODisk can automatically create ISO from DVD-ROM/CD. Remarkably; the software lets direct access to ISO image files. When you map into a virtual disk, you can obtain the folder's contents in Windows Explorer. This independent program does not let you feel the need to install another program to finish your ISO creation tasks. 

You need to access the home dashboard – and the program will present all notable features there. The advanced functions make it perfect for advanced users. However, the program is unable to compress or encode ISO files.

The software will work well on the windows operating system. Before downloading, ensure you have 64MB of memory and 10 MD HD space. The mounting function may not work properly on Windows 7. Once you download ISODisk, you need to restart your computer. To create ISO from the folder windows 7, you can opt for another option from above then this software.


This article comprehensively covers all the best ways to create ISO from the folder for windows & Mac. All the tools mentioned above are great in their job; however, DVDFab DVD Copy software is our choice. This software provides burning, mounting, and many more features than only creating. This is the only software that works efficiently on both Windows and Mac. Download the DVD Copy and enjoy its uses. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What does an ISO creator do?

An ISO creator will professionally handle all ISO files. It can make, burn, modify, encode, compress or extract ISO files. In addition to including all folders and files on the CD/DVD, the file system information of the disc is also considered. Simply put, this disk image utility is an exact duplicate of an optical disk. ISO creators also allow multiple installation files to be shared in a single folder. However, you need to convert them to ISO before transferring them.

Is it possible to open an ISO file on a mobile phone?

Yes, it is possible. But for this, you need to download and install a third-party app if there is no default app. Besides this, you can also send your ISO file to your system and operate it with the ISO player.

Is it possible to create a bootable USB from an ISO file?

The answer is yes. Now that optical disks are obsolete using a flash drive is one of the quickest methods to install applications, especially on a PC. So you create a bootable ISO from the folder to enjoy anywhere.