Watching a DVD movie with subtitles becomes essential when you watch the movie in a different language. And secondly subtitles also become useful when you actually don’t catch up with the dialogue delivery of the movie actors.

So it makes sense to have subtitles on a DVD movie so that you can fully understand the dialogues of movie actors without any problem. However not all DVDs come with subtitles that are in your language.

If you have such DVDs you can put aside them then burn or create your own DVD movies with custom subtitles on it. If you are looking for such a solution then please read this article till the end as we are going to teach you how to burn DVD with subtitles SRT.

Please note this that subtitles can be of any format like SRT, SMI, ASS and SSA. We will be using DVDFab DVD Creator for this purpose, so let’s see what it is and what can it do?


DVDFab DVD Creator: Burn and Create DVDs With Subtitles

In a nutshell DVDFab DVD Creator is simply a DVD burner and creator. It can create a DVD disc from almost any known video format with external subtitles support. With DVDFab DVD Creator you can not only burn physical blank discs (DVD5, DVD9) but can also create DVD ISOs and folders. DVD ISOs and folders don’t require a physical disc and can be saved on your computer’s hard drive. You can anytime use the ISO to burn a physical DVD disc.

And if you want to add external subtitles then you can use DVDFab DVD Creator. It supports subtitles formats like SRT, SMI, ASS and SSA. And you can also edit those subtitles by using the built-in subtitle editor. The subtitle editor lets you edit the subtitle text position, change fonts, change character code, use the subtitle delay function.

The subtitle delay function is used to sync the dialogues delivered by actors to the subtitles shown on the screen. Sometimes it happens when subtitles show earlier before the actor actually delivers that particular dialogue. So these functions are extremely good.

Apart from that you can create a custom DVD menu and set the DVD output to DVD5 or DVD9. The DVD5 and DVD9 output is also supported by the ISO and the folder that you’ll create.


How to Burn DVDs with SRT, SMI, ASS, or SSA Subtitles by Using DVDFab DVD Creator

Now here comes the most important part of this article. In this article we will show you how to burn DVD with subtitles SRT. This part will teach you the following things.

·         Create and Burn a DVD (disc, ISO, or a folder) with external subtitles.

·         Add and edit external subtitles.

·         Select DVD output and set custom DVD menu.

No follow the step-by-step procedure for how to burn DVD with subtitles SRT.

·         First of all make sure you have the subtitles files of a movie or video with which you want to create a DVD. You can download subtitles from internet. Download subtitles in formats like SRT.

·         Download and install the latest version of DVDFab DVD Maker.

·         Open the program and click the ‘Creator’ tab and then select the ‘Creator Mode’ selector to select ‘DVD Creator’.

how to burn dvd with subtitles srt

·         Now click the ‘Add’ button and load a video of any format from your computer’s hard drive or any other external media connected to your Mac or PC.

·         Under ‘Subtitle’ click ‘None’ and select ‘Add External Subtitle’. Now pick the subtitle file from where you stored it on your PC’s hard drive.

burn dvd movie with subtitles

·         When you add the external subtitles a subtitle editor will automatically open. Click the smaller ‘T’ just before the ‘EYE’ icon or double click the subtitle file to open its options.

how to burn dvd with subtitles

·         In the subtitles options you can change the font, language, character code, position, edge, and subtitle delay. Use subtitle delay function if the subtitles aren’t properly synced with the movie file. Finally click ‘OK’ after making all the edits.

·         In the DVD creator page click the ‘Settings’ button to select the DVD output as DVD5 or DVD9, video quality, and change the label name. Also click the ‘Menu’ button to create a DVD menu.

burn dvd movie with subtitles

·         Click the ISO or the folder icon to save the movie as a DVD ISO or folder. Or insert a blank DVD disc to burn it if you want a physical DVD disc with subtitles.

·         Finally click ‘Start’ to start creating and burning your DVD with subtitles. Once the process finishes go to the output folder (for ISO/folder) and copy it to your desired location.

·         DVDs made through DVDFab DVD Creator can be directly played on DVD players.



So this is how you can burn DVD with external subtitles. You may find other programs on the internet for the same purpose but we think no one would ever give you the functionality that DVDFab provides. There are three ways to burn a DVD with DVD maker which are physical disc, ISO, or a folder. You can choose the best way to burn your DVD with subtitles. Now it’s your turn to use this awesome software. If you also want to know how to rip DVDs with subtitles, read another article for answers.