Copy a DVD with DVDFab DVD Copy

DVDFab DVD Copy is the best tool that can be used to copy DVDs to USB Windows 10. The tool can be used to compress any DVD and for lossless backup. In addition to this, the tool can also be used to save as ISO/Folder on HDD or export files to blank disc directly.

Below are some features of this tool that make it exceptional. Have a look.

Get rid of any DVD copy protection for easy backup

All DVDs are protected from copy to avoid unlawful backups. Prior to copying DVD from your lawfully brought discs, you require to get rid of copy protection such as APS (Analog Protection System), CSS (Content Scramble System), DADC, RC (Region Code), etc. This tool can be used to get rid of such types of protections without any trouble. So, personal DVD backup will be successful and possible. Users can easily copy any DVDs as they need.

Easily backup DVD-9 for a great experience

This tool is the best option if you wish to backup DVD-9 disc for a better experience. The quality of original audio streams and video in DVD-9 can be copied in a 1:1 ratio, without any loss in the quality. Apart from this, users can play the final backup files easily on any media player software or home media server.

Easily copy DVDs with different modes

DVDFab DVD Copy provides different personalized options when it comes to copying DVDs in various copy modes. Main Movie, Full Disc, Merge, Clone/Burn, Customize, and Split is available to meet your needs. Every copy mode has its own features to facilitate easy backups.

Access newly encrypted discs easily

Due to the Cloud Decryption Service only on DVDFab, newly brought encrypted discs can be decrypted quickly and timely in the cloud server. This is the reason why you can play your newly brought discs in 5­10 seconds with the help of this tool. You do not need to wait for the latest installation package.

Compress any DVD to DVD-5

There may be some times when users require to compress to a DVD-5 from a DVD-9 for the sake of memory capacity. But they forgot to consider the problem of playback compatibility after the compression. DVDFab DVD Copy can help you here easily, thereby allowing easy playback on any standalone home player for any compressed DVD-5 disc.

Copy DVD as ISO/folder or to blank disc

If you wish to copy a lately brought disc for later use, then this tool is the best option. It allows you to copy any DVD to a blank DVD disc. If you do not have a blank disc, then you can just copy the DVD as a VIDEO_TS folder or create ISO from DVD and save the ISO image file on HDD. During copying DVD to DVD disc, users can use different burning engines such as VSO, ImgBurn, and DVDFab Burning Engine. Apart from this, the output can be easily played on different media players.

Batch copying with quick speed

The tool has an easy and simple UI. It provides the best user experience in the market in comparison to other options. It allows copying different DVDs at the same time, be it ISO file or DVD disc.

How to Copy a DVD using DVDFab DVD Copy

Below are the steps that will help you know how to copy a DVD on Windows 10 using DVDFab DVD Copy software.

  1. Download and install the tool on your PC.
  2. Select the Copy option on the main UI.
  3. Add the DVD disc you want to back up into the drive. If the source is a folder or an ISO, you can just drag & drop it into the main page.

how to copy a dvd on windows 10

4. Go to the left pane and tap the Copy mode as required.

5. Select the output DVD size.

windows 10 copy dvd

6. Click the Start option to copy DVD as needed.

7. The tool will finish the DVD copy process with top quality and quick speed, thereby allowing you to know how to copy DVD in Windows 10.

copy dvd windows 10

Copy a DVD with Nero 9

The Nero suits provide copying of DVDs, CDs, and removable discs, with some adjustments and basic features for the final format. The copy disc functionality for Windows 10 is free of cost. For a system that lets you copy free of charge DVD Windows 10, it is very good, with an understandable and clear UI and good performance for a copy. On the other hand, there are some occasional bugs that can be irritating, and setup can be rather tedious.


  • Nero Launcher
  • Nero QuickStart
  • Video editing
  • Nero MediaHome
  • Music editing
  • Photo editing
  • DVD &Bluray Authoring
  • Converting media
  • Sharing media online
  • Play & stream videos

Copy a DVD with 123

The 123 Copy DVD tool makes it simple to copy DVD to Windows 10 PC as well as rip it again to a different DVD if you want. Even if you have never done this earlier, the easy UI makes it simple to effectively make a copy of DVD Windows 10. On the other hand, Blu-ray features are not added to the free trial. Users will require to update to the paid version for this which will cost you $49.99.

copy dvd to usb windows 10


  • Copy videos from the DVD or Blu-ray
  • Archive your Blu-ray and DVD to protect your movie collection
  • Create limitless Ringtones and send them to your smartphone
  • Convert DVDs and Blu-ray discs to a supported format for your tablet or smartphone
  • Convert Video files to a various format
  • Create Blu-ray and DVD compilations
  • Create a Blu-ray and DVD movie using your videos

Copy a DVD with Xilisoft DVD Copy Express

Xilisoft software is another tool that can be used to copy DVDs from Windows 10. The compression quality is one of the best in the market, and even though it lacks some small customization functions that can slightly be ignored for the many advantages it has. It is a good option, and for a price tag of $39.95, it's good to have the option.

how to copy dvd in windows 10


  • Power management features allow you to work longer on your device
  • Offers fast copying of Blu-ray disc and optimized DVDs ripping
  • Almost all types of Blu-ray discs, DVD discs, and video file types are supported
  • Improved stability and bug fixes
  • Cut the end and beginning points of your video clip to capture the portions you wish
  • Copy videos to high-definition AVCHD and BDMV with various resolutions
  • Tweak the video's contrast, brightness, and saturation
  • Crop the video to nicely fit your screen

Copy a DVD with VideoSolo DVD Copy

VideoSolo DVD Copy is the easiest tool that offers 3 modes for DVD copying with quick speed. Users can select to copy Main Movie, Full Movie, and Custom as per their actual requirement. It is also not hard for this tool to do 1:1 copy, decrypt, and burn the original quality of DVDs for evergreen playback to your backup discs.

how to copy a dvd on windows 10


  • Permits copying the DVD disc to the VIDEO_TS folder or DVD ISO Image.
  • Supports copying and cloning DVD movies to a physical DVD disc.
  • Can compress to DVD-5 form DVD-9 at 1:1 quality.
  • Supported DVD types comprise DVD-9, DVD-5, DVD-RW, DVD-R, DEV-RAM, DVD+RW, and so on.
  • Adjustable speed of writing to save time during copying DVD to DVD.
  • In-built DVD player to assist you to check every chapter’s content, switch to different subtitles and audio tracks before you copy.

Copy a DVD with Leawo

Leawo DVD Copy can copy the DVD-5 to DVD-5 or DVD-9 to DVD-9 without quality loss. It also supports the backing up among various DVD types such as DVD-9 to DVD-5. Leawo DVD Copy will allow you to copy the DVD irrespective of the factors such as its region and studio.

windows 10 copy dvd


  • It copies DVDs at quicker speed with the help of Quick Sync GPU acceleration.
  • Leawo DVD Copy has the ability to remove region codes and CSS protection.
  • Can select subtitles & audio tracks of your choice
  • Supports DVD-5 compression
  • Leawo DVD Copy has many more smart features such as high-quality DVD-9 and copying ISO images to DVD


Does Windows 10 have a DVD burner?

Yes, similar to other versions of the Windows OS, Windows 10 also comes with a disc-burning feature. You can either enjoy the in-built File Explorer disc burning feature, but if you wish to create audio CDs for example, you may want to use a separate burning tool for Windows.

Do you need software to burn a DVD?

Yes. You must have a blank recordable CD-R (recordable CD-ROM) and a disc drive capable of burning a CD (compact disc).

Can I transfer a DVD to a USB flash drive?

Yes. You can transfer a DVD to a USB flash drive using tools such as DVDFab Video Converter.


All in all, you just had a look at different tools that can be used to copy DVD Windows 10. Among those, DVDFab DVD Copy is the best tool that can be used to copy DVD to USB Windows 10. The tool can be used to compress any DVD and for lossless backup. In addition to this, the tool can also be used to save as ISO/Folder on HDD or export files to blank disc directly. Besides, if you want to copy a Blu-ray on Windows 10, just ask DVDFab's Blu-ray Copy software for help.