Converting VHS to DVD is the best way to save your videos in tapes. How to do that easily, and is there any VHS to DVD service near me? Just in front of you is the VHS to DVD user guide, which helps you to explore the secret of VHS to DVD and to make your VHS tape videos eternal.

Is there a machine that converts VHS to DVD? Yes, there are lots of VHS to DVD software available. You can use a DVD recorder to transfer VHS to DVD or use a DVD ripper to copy DVD to a computer or hard drive to obtain a converter VHS DVD. 

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Different from other DVD ripping programs, DVDFab DVD Ripper can convert DVDs to MKV. Passthrough video and 5.1 AC3 audio, which is a great boon to movie buffs eager for lossless video quality for home theaters. And if you need, you can download one to have a try since it provides a 30-day trial for your free access to rip DVDs.

Why record VHS to DVD? Gone are the days when people tended to play VHS content with VCD players. Such a tradition lasted for a long time until the emergence of DVDs and Blu-rays. Even so, some disc lovers seek to make the best of VHS tapes by converting VHS to DVD. If you do, you are in the right place. This article has everything you want to transfer VHS to DVD. What is the best way to convert VHS cassette tapes to a digital format? There are lots of VHS to DVD software in the market. Before getting down to converting VHS to DVD, it’s necessary to take you through the development of VHS tape.

1. What is VHS?

'Turn VHS into DVD' is a historical product. In the past, you could never think of VHS to DVD transfer service. In the 1950s, a series of recording and storage devices were introduced in the market that had magnetic tape wound in a circular fashion to hold videos, audio, and general multimedia files that could be played via mechanical devices like VCR, see the below screenshot. VHS, an acronym for Video Home System, was then the standard consumer-level analog video recording cassettes and became a major contributor to the film industry back in the 1990s. If you have held lots of VHS, a VHS to DVD converter is really of great help for you.

Is the need for VHS to DVD transferring great? VHS were prevailing almost everywhere in the past days. A lot of households in the US and elsewhere might have boxes full of old VHS tapes, ranging from home videos to movies from those days, and other things. Considering this, the best solution to retain past moments and classic video/audio contents is to transfer VHS to DVD with professional VHS to DVD converters. After all, it is useful to convert VHS to DVD to store them in digital format so that such digital files can be easily and better played on disc players DVDFab Movie Server or player software like DVDFab Player 6.

:1. What is VHS?

In addition, there is other benefit for VHS conversions to DVD. It might happen anytime when analog VHS tapes stop working all of sudden due to malfunction. Instead, the digital files can be stored for a much longer time. However, to facilitate VHS to DVD, you shall look for the best VHS to DVD converter software in the market, as well as hardware and software programs essential to the VHS to DVD conversion process.

Now turn to the below necessary tools that are closely linked to the process of converting VHS to DVD.

2. What You Need before VHS to DVD

Prior to VHS to DVD, first and foremost, you need to prepare old VHS tapes and get them working before converting VHS to DVD. Why? You shall convert the analog videos to digital format, and then use any converter or burner to convert them into an appropriate file format that DVD players can play. But the best VHS to DVD converter kits that we list here shall make it super easy and clear to follow. Put it simply, you need to do as follows.

  • A VHS player and VHS to the USB connector
  • Software to record the desktop when playing the video and save it on HDD
  • Software to convert or burn the digitalized video to a DVD
  • A DVD player installed on your computer
  • "Record VHS to DVD" is very easy

:2. What You Need before VHS to DVD

3. How to Convert VHS to DVD

What is the best way to convert VHS cassette tapes to a digital format? There are two VHS to digital software for you. Check them and find a way for VHS conversions to DVD.

Method 1: Using a Standalone VHS-to-DVD Recorder: Roxio VHS to DVD 3 Plus

This is a connector with two ends one connects to the USB of your computer and the other (a composite connector) to the backside of the VHS player. The connector supports USB 2.0 while the VHS has an RCA connector, which means that the video is played at below 30 MBPS speed only. As long as your VHS player has a composite output, Roxio VHS to DVD can carry it to the laptop forward. Besides, it also has an inbuilt video or screen recorder software bundled with it, which allows you to record the screen when the video is playing and then render it to a digital video. This VHS to DVD recorder has direct options to transfer VHS to DVD or to save the file as a video file so that you can do anything with it, afterward.

How to Convert VHS to DVD

Moreover, this VHS to DVD converter also gives you added advantage with a video editor that allows you to customize your video, apply effects, and transitions, cut away unwanted footage, and so on. You can add audio tracks collected from elsewhere and make it a new video. Meanwhile, the VHS to DVD converter is able to capture and convert VHS to DVD directly. In some tests, it has been found to proceed with VHS to DVD conversion and video recording simultaneously. That is, a 40 min video could be stored as a DVD in just 40 min or so, and the quality of the created DVD was also proved to be among the best according to many reviews and user ratings. This is the first method for VHS to DVD transfer. 

Method 2: Using an Analog-to-digital Video Converter and a DVD Creator Software Program

Another option to perform VHS to DVD conversion is to apply an analog-to-digital video converter to convert VHS to digital video files first and then burn them to DVDs. This VHS to DVD method gives you more flexibility to deal with the videos from VHS tapes. Before burning videos to a DVD, you have a chance to edit the videos via iMovie or Windows Movie Maker (Windows OS exclusive). Afterward, copy VHS to DVD with a DVD authoring software like DVDFab DVD Creator. This is the logic of how to convert VHS to DVD with high quality.

After you have gained digitalized video files, it is imperative that you gain a better understanding of how this VHS to DVD creator, DVDFab DVD Creator, works to quicken the process of VHS to DVD conversion.

Convert VHS to DVD with DVDFab DVD Creator

Where can I convert VHS to DVD? DVDFab DVD Creator is a high-end DVD movie maker software that makes DVD discs/ISO/folders from downloaded videos, camcorder videos, and other common videos of nearly all popular formats. Besides, this DVD burner can create and customize a DVD menu with built-in templates. With the help of this VHS to DVD burning, VHSC to DVD transfer is very fast. 

Thus, this VHS to DVD converter can burn the videos recorded from VHS tapes to DVD discs/folders/ISO files, which adopts GPU hardware acceleration to quicken VHS to DVD conversion process. Besides, the final output DVD quality will be out of your expectations.

:Convert VHS to DVD with DVDFab DVD Creator

Simple Guide on VHS to DVD

Step 1: Launch DVD Creator and load video source (recorded from VHS tape)

DVDFab VHS to DVD machine supports 3 burn modes: DVD creator, Blu-ray creaotr and UHD creator.

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:Simple Guide on VHS to DVD

Step 2: Customize output DVD via menu templates

Here you can add external subtitles from Advanced Settings (Wrench icon) and make a stylish DVD menu from the given templates. The font size, color on the navigation menu can be modified as per your personal preference. Meanwhile, decide to convert VHS to DVD-9 or DVD-5.

:Simple Guide on VHS to DVD

Step 3: Set destination and start to create DVD

You can burn the recorded video from VHS to a DVD disc, ISO file or DVD folder. Remember GPU hardware will shorten the whole conversion process. Once done, you can play the created DVD with the best 4k media player and manager, DVDFab Player 6.

What is the best way to convert VHS casette tapes to a digital format? DVDFab DVD Creator is highly recommended. It is free and powerful, allowing you to edit your videos at will.

:Simple Guide on VHS to DVD

4. Conclusion

Through this post, you have got the hang of how to convert VHS to DVD with professional VHS to DVD converters. Next time when you feel it a pity to throw away old VHS tape, think twice before you act. Past memories or classical movies are always worth being retained for good. So, do not forget to transfer VHS to DVD. By the way, if you want to edit video before VHS to DVD process, you can resort to DVDFab Toolkit, a multi-media toolkit applied to edit video, audio, and image. Wish you have a happy experience of "record VHS to DVD". 

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