What if you can convert VHS to digital? Have you ever thought about watching your parents' marriage or your grandparents' birthday celebration? Old memories revisited constantly bring a smile to our faces. And if they stored their priceless moments in VHS, then it became nostalgic. But VHS is outdated now. Solution? The solution is to transfer VHS to digital. Converting VHS to digital will ensure that your memorable moments are waiting to be stored forever, and you can watch or listen anytime.

To achieve this aim, a VHS to digital converter is necessary to store all the moments your parents captured 45+ years ago; let's check a rough estimation of how VHS got introduced to the video recording market.

VHS, or Video Home Service, was introduced by a Japanese company JVC and revolutionized the video recording industry. It was the initial stage of video recording taking place for commercial and non-commercial sectors. Video Home Service or VHS is replaced by DVD and CD due to being technically backdated.

In this scenario, VHS to digital converter is essential to keep the memories lasting forever. Transferring VHS to digital format is comparatively the best option to shift the data from VHS to computer or laptop hard disc storage. You will get the sharing chance, or you can move to different storage at your convenience.

Why Is VHS to Digital Converter Necessary

If you have VHS cassettes piled up and feel like watching or listening to what is stored there, then an explanation is unnecessary. The VHS is degraded by 20% every year and lessens the chances to preserve them for a long time, and it is sufficient reason to keep them. Because:

  • A VHS is run with a VCR, a device that is almost out of the market now.
  • The data inside a VHS is not safe for a long time as technically we are in an advanced era, and the cassettes are outdated, and other than convert to digital format, there is no way to save it.
  • You might lose sentimental memories of your family members if it is kept on VHS.

:Why Is VHS to Digital Converter Necessary

Reasons to save your favorite movie, family album, any old performance of your extended family, etc.; there are endless reasons to preserve and protect the data kept in VHS tape.

VHS to digital transfer is time-consuming, but you need to get ready with a few supportive items to start the process.

Things Required for VHS to Digital Converter

You are going to convert an old system to a brand new one. You need the following items with the proper mode to convert VHS to digital.

A Working VCR

The VCR is the urgently needed item in the list to convert VHS to digital. You can find your old storage house if it's there or knock your friend to give it to you for a few days. But you have to bang your head hard to find a working VCR so that you can start the process. If you manage to get a working VCR, then do the following steps:

  • Check the VCR: With an unwanted tape, check the VCR whether it is working or not. It will save your valuable footage, which you don't want to damage or lose permanently.
  • Remove the dust inside and clean it: When a device is outdated, we hardly use it. If you buy or borrow or find out the old VCR, you have to clean it. There are many VCR cleaners for cleaning purposes available in the market. Buy one to save your old asset; clean inside the VCR by removing dust or particles that become obstacles to running the tape.

Note: How perfect the VCR runs, the VHS to digital transfer process would go smoothly.

:A Working VCR

Review the Tape Conditions

The second most important item is the tape. Probably you are opening a video of 25/30 years old. So be extra cautious to check the conditions of the tape, whether it's tangled, moldy, broken, or bent. You need to open the top of the tape cover by pressing the small side button to check the tape's present condition.

There are common issues you might face when you are working with the years-old tape for VHS to digital conversion:

  • Partial crunchy tape: If you are lucky enough, you will get a partial crunchy video. If it's found, use your finger to wind the tape and check the damaging area. If the crunch is in a small space, use cotton or soft clothes to straighten the tape. Do it carefully so that it can restore its old position.
  • Tangled condition tape:  To detangle the tape, you need to open it with a small screwdriver and fix it yourself. It's time-consuming work, and it requires patience.
  • Musty condition: It's expected when you are dealing with an item 25 years old. It will affect the VCR, too, if you use musty tape. If you find the tape condition is stale, you must clean it before pushing it inside the VCR. The cleaner is available; buy it and clean it after thoroughly checking how much the fungus damages the area. 

Now the tape and VCR are ready to start the converting process. It's time to check the computer set up and accommodate the new arrangements.

A Perfect Tune in Computer

With the working VCR and clean tape, the computer must get ready to receive and decode its signal from the VCR. The laptop has followed two processes to convert VHS to digital. They are:

  • Purchase a capture card: Capture card would ensure that the computer receives audio and video signals from VCR through a USB. When purchasing the card, make sure it will give you the highest quality digital transfer to retain the picture and audio quality.
  • Recording software download: You can download recording software to smoothen the recording process. With the capture card, you will get a software CD or link; but it's optional. You can select different software to finish the job.

To record the video and save it to the PC, you need recording software that plays a crucial role. Here comes the six best video recording software available to provide you with the best service to convert VHS to digital.

The Six Best VHS to Digital Converters

Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus (Best Option)

The application Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus plays a dual role, can convert VHS tapes and vinyl to digital format. Roxio Easy also supports various editing options and allows you to add or minus during recording. The interface is intuitive and offers its users to finish the work with ease. So to speak, this is the best way to transfer VHS to digital for personal playback.

:Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus (Best Option)

Feature highlights:

  • Customized editing features enable the option
  • Color enhancing features
  • Disc Burning availability
  • Convert videos to Android and macOS


  • Roxio application pack includes Video Capture, USB, and RCA cable.
  • Can transfer the VHS video to PC


  • There are no cons with this software

Diamond Video Capture VC500

It is one of the highly recommended software in VHS to the digital mission. The application comes with the most powerful video editing application CyberLink PowerDirector. Compatible with almost all the latest Windows, Diamond Video Capture VC500 provides recording and editing with advanced features.

:Diamond Video Capture VC500

Feature highlights:

  • The application package includes CyberLink PowerDirector and Showbiz DVD burning application.
  • The application allows you to make your library, get the video materials and easy access for editing, to play, and many more under one place.
  • Compatible with all the various video sources
  • It is the most engaging software with versatile features.


  • The application is a one-time purchase and a lifetime license for free.
  • Because of CyberLink Power Director, you can arrange the videos within the Software's UI.


  • Not suitable for Mac

DVDFab DVD Creator (Best Recommended)

As one of the best video to digital conversion software, DVDFab DVD Creator stands out from the crowd thanks to its strong compatibility, conversion speed, and ample menu templates. It supports all sorts of video formats, enabling you to convert video to a digital format like DVD, be it DVD disc, ISO file, or folder, so you can play DVDs on a home player or media player software. Make the most of this best DVD creator to make your own movies for home play. It really deserves the title of best VHS to digital converter.

:DVDFab DVD Creator (Best Recommended)

 i  Free Download    i  Free Download  

Feature highlights of DVDFab DVD Creator

  • Make professional-looking DVDs from more than 200+ video formats
  • Convert video to DVD blank disc or save as ISO file or folder
  • Customize DVD movies with ample menu templates and menu settings
  • Convert video to digital DVD with lightning-fast speed, 50x faster than normal
  • Retain the meta info of the source video for playback on the media server


  • Intuitive interface, user friendly
  • Fast video to digital conversion
  • Top output quality for better play
  • Professional regularly updated menu templates
  • Available on Windows and macOS


  • A 30-day free trial

Winx DVD Author

If you are looking for an application that consists of speed and accuracy, WinxDVD Author could be a great pick. This DVD maker supports almost all kinds of video formats. It even allows you to edit and add chapter layout menus and DVD title menus.

:Winx DVD Author

Features highlights:

  • Support Dolby Digital AC-3 Audio
  • High-quality performed engine
  • Built-in Youtube downloader
  • simple and user-friendly interface


  • Supports various video formats
  • Can add subtitles to your video


  • Sometimes slow down the speed

CyberLink Director Suite

It is a comprehensive software package that includes all the solutions for analog to digital conversion. The package also includes photo editing software PhotoDirector9. The application supports audio files, recording and editing, both.

:CyberLink Director Suite

Features highlights:

  • Various templates and Premium plug-ins included
  • High level of editing
  • Audio Director 8 application ensures the finest audio quality
  • compatible with Windows versions that start with 7


  • Audio and video editing feature is great
  • Comparatively easy to use


  • Updates are not regular for all a few programs
  • Plug-in usage must come with handy instructions

AverMedia DVD Ezmaker 7

With PowerDirector and PowerProducer, the application AverMedia DVD Ezmaker 7 provides excellent results in VHS conversion to digitally. The application with the PowerDirector allows users to trim, stabilize and optimize the footage of the video. If there is an ad in the original tape, PowerProducer cut off the ads during the recording process.

:AverMedia DVD Ezmaker 7

Features highlights:

  • The application comes with the full editing support of PowerDirector and PowerProducer.
  • Audio and video, both you can edit and add required items you want in the recorded file
  • More than 500 special effects are in the library


  • The software package is comprehensive and useful
  • The interface is user-friendly, accessible, and handy.


  • There is no regular update

Once you download the recording software, the computer is ready to record in real-time from the VCR, ensuring the conversion from VHS to digital converter.

How to Transfer VHS to Digital with VHS to Digital Converter

There are ways to convert VHS to digital with the best VHS to digital converter as mentioned above. They allow users to convert VHS into DVD format with the help of an analog to the digital adapter. The standard cassettes are the assets, and we need to preserve them following the proper instructions. Here takes Roxio an example.

Let's know the steps:

  • Step 1: Connect the VHS to the built-in USB capture device via RCB
  • Step 2: Affix the capture device to the PC's USB port
  • Step 3: Play on the button and wait. The software would transfer all the data to DVD.

Roxio allows the users to burn the footage to DVD and save it for a long time. While the recording process is going on, you cannot edit anything. You have to wait to finish the task for the editing if required. Besides, if you are a Windows 10 user, you can resort to professional DVD burning software for Windows 10.

How to Save VHS Files Digitally?

If you want to keep the data safe and secure, do not openly keep them in the computer's hard drive. Instead, you can store them in cloud storage or google drive. If you do not have a google drive account, you can transfer the file to Dropbox or iCloud storage to save the data permanently.

You can do one more thing. You can store all the data on an external hard drive, and later on, you can save them or even share them on your social media platforms.

Some agencies take these challenges and produce all your VHS to digital converters with their latest technology equipment and proper knowledge to operate them to convert your essential VHS to digital converter. If you cannot manage the VCR or the tape condition is too old to do by yourself, you can get professional agencies' help.

Please keep all the VHS to digital converter items to backup to save them for the long term. Cloud service or OneDrive could be your best choice to backup your data. The conversion is time-consuming, and you cannot afford to lose them again with a broken computer or factory reset of the hard drive. Select Dropbox or OneDrive to save them.

To get access more quickly, you can convert the digital into DVD. Though it's an old concept to save digital items on DVD, it is still relevant as the average lifespan of a DVD is 25 years to 100 years. It means you are fixing the digital access to another long-term.

Tips: After the conversion, you have to take extra care to keep the VCR and VHS tapes and cassettes. Please keep them in a dry area, away from direct sunlight, keep them clean weekly or monthly to ensure there should not be any dust or fungus deposited to make the tape and VCR recordable for another 10 years.

Transferring VHS to digital is tedious work. If you have important data to shift digitally, do it with extra care and proper handling as you deal with old tape.

When you are dealing with outdated things with limited resources, you need intense homework. In that case, FAQ serves the purpose in a true sense. You ask us, and we would love to reply to you.

FAQs that Empowers You with Information

What is the best way to convert VHS to digital and preserve it for a long time?

The best way to convert VHS to digital is to save the VHS into a computer or laptop, then shift to cloud service or Dropbox, and you can even make DVDs and store them for a long time.

Is it the best way to convert VHS to digital Walmart? Where to convert VHS to digital in a safe way?

Walmart is a digital delivery point. If you want to gift the conversion recording to someone, you can send the converted VHS to digital Walmart, set the Walmart code and delivery schedule. Then Walmart service provider does the further steps and ensures the delivery on behalf of you.

Is it a good idea to convert VHS to digital software?

Yes. It's undoubtedly a good idea to convert VHS to digital software. After the conversion into digital software, you can control and access the VHS conversion anytime.

What about convert VHS to digital service?

The Federal Government strictly rules out digital services for common people and their queries. If you have anything stored in your VHS that might be helpful in the present day to the Federal and the commoner, you must think about convert VHS to digital service.

End Words

VHS to digital converter is much needed to keep your old memories and essential video files that can be an asset. In this digital period, you can convert VHS to digital and keep it safely with you; you can preserve the VHS to digital conversion for a long time. Though VHS to digital converter is a time-consuming task, you can afford the time to invest in something dire for you, for your family, and to some extent for society, if anything crucial you have in your old shelf.

If you want to keep the digital files on a disc for home play, you might as well turn to the best DVD menu creator programs.