It's definitely hard to let go of memories, but moving with time and accepting the digital change is necessary to move ahead. In old times, we have seen recording or saving the memories in VHS tapes, playing on the VCR players, which was fun but a hectic task to proceed. Thanks to the Blu-ray or DVD players, playing the content in the best quality is just a matter of time. Besides, the format compatibility allows playing DVDs into different devices, including Laptops and PCs are enough to seduce. So, no matter how much importance VHS tapes hold in your life, it's time to let them go since how to put vhs on DVD might be one of your need to enjoy higher quality viewing experiences.

However, it does not mean you just throw them out and lose all your memories in vain. Instead, you can transform the digital content and enjoy streaming in better quality, rich compatibility with media players, and make the cassettes compact via VHS to DVD transfer.

Many online platforms are available to transfer VHS tapes to DVD to make things easier for you. Besides, to cut the chase of research and find reliable tools/software, we have added some safest yet reliable ones willing to serve the purpose.

What You Need to Transfer VHS Tapes to DVD

Here are a few quick and easy ways to transfer VHS to DVD. However, it has a few requirements that make the transfer process hassle-free. Here is what you need to transfer VHS to DVD.

  • VHS to the USB connector
  • A VHS player/VCR

:What You Need to Transfer VHS Tapes to DVD

  • Software for media recording
  • Software to convert and burn the cassette to DVD
  • A reliable DVD player in your system that must support different audio and video formats

Best and Easy Way of Transfer VHS to DVD with Wide Format Support

DVDFab DVD Creator

Available for Windows and Mac, DVDFab DVD Creator is a safe platform that caters to all your digital requirements. It is a famous DVD maker available worldwide, trusted by professionals that help you transfer your VHS tapes to DVDs in any format you want.

With wide format support and the potential to burn any standard DVD from various videos, it provides flexibility to open your media content on numerous devices. Besides, you will notice a noticeable difference in the DVD output regarding resolution, color accuracy, and audio quality. The tool enhances the display performance and provides an immersive watching experience. Moreover, the DVDFab DVD creator has an eye-soothing interface with multiple template support for easy and quick transfer. You may refer to this article to find the best performing DVD creators to meet all your requirements.

At last, you can edit, customize, add subtitles, and do a lot more with your videos after the conversion process. Hence, it solves all your queries regarding how to transfer VHS to DVD and edit the videos as well.

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Here's how you can perform the whole VHS to DVD transfer process with DVDFab DVD Creator.

  • First, you need to download and launch the software for free on your Windows and Mac devices. It is entirely safe to download and will not invite any virus threat to your system.
  • Ensure to transfer your VHS tape to your PC/Laptop. Plus, also insert a blank DVD into your system.
  • This machine to transfer VHS to DVD offers three burning modes, Blu Ray, DVD Creator, and UHD Creator. You should select DVD Creator for now.
  • This platform offers multiple menu templates to choose from the menu settings. Besides, the advanced settings let you customize external subtitles, font size, etc.
  • Now, you need to decide the final output of the DVD between DVD-5 or DVD-9.
  • It's time to burn the recorded video and transfer it to the DVD. After the whole conversion, you can save the content and play your DVD with any built-in media player.

:DVDFab DVD Creator

Alternative Ways to Transfer VHS to DVD

How to Transfer VHS Tapes to DVD Using a DVD Recorder

:How to Transfer VHS Tapes to DVD Using a DVD Recorder

DVD recorder also lets you convert VHS to DVD as it is also a simple yet quick way to do the process. However, you may not get the flexibility of menu templates, buttons, and everything you could get in the DVDFab DVD Converter. Also, VCR and DVD recorder are the primary necessities in this process, so better be arranged beforehand.

Steps to VHS Transfer to DVD

  1. Get an S-Video or RCA cable to connect VCR to the DVD recorder.
  2. Insert a VHS tape to the VCR that you are willing to transfer.
  3. Now, put a blank DVD on the DVD recorder.
  4. Now, press the play button on VCR and the record button on the DVD recorder. This way, whatever content will be played on the VCR will be copied on the DVD.
  5. Though the recording automatically stops when the VHS tapes end. You can still press the stop button whenever you want.
  6. All the VHS tape content will be moved to the blank DVD you inserted in the first place. Now, stream the DVD in your system and enjoy streaming.

Online Transfer Services

No worries if you can not access VCR or understand the technical complexities to turn VHS to DVD. You can opt for the conversion services available worldwide that will cost you for the service and give you the final output of your VHS tapes into the DVD, USB, and any form you want.

The retailers are also a safe alternative to get your VHS tape videos into the easy-to-access form. You can either parcel your VHS tapes to their addresses or ask them to pick and deliver them to your home. It is undoubtedly the best, safe, easy, and quick method to convert your digital content against few service costs. Besides, some standard VHS to DVD converter retailers are Walmart, Target, CVS, Southtree, etc.


It is not hard to convert huge media cassettes into compact ones while saving the cost, space, and time you invest in playing. Since the technology advances, using VHS tapes with traditional VHS players feels old-school.

Well, you can still enjoy creating, playing, and editing those old party, wedding, or graduation videos by transferring them to the DVD. It also gives you the tractability to share with friends and family while keeping the content safe in your systems.


Is it possible to transfer VHS to DVD?

Of course, it is. Now you can enjoy the portability of media content, high-quality display, and better audio output by transferring your VHS tapes to DVD. Three common methods (discussed above) can help you convert, so try it now and bring back those old memories.

What is the best online tool to transfer VHS to DVD?

DVDFab DVD Creator is the recommended all-in-one tool to safely burn, convert, and edit your videos. With a user-friendly interface, huge template collection, and wide audio and video support, it is a perfect converter you can use.

What is the easy way to transfer VHS to DVD?

If you can access the VCR and DVD recorder, it will only take a few hours to convert VHS tapes. You only need to insert the tape and blank DVD into the respective players, and the entire process begins automatically. However, DVDFab DVD Creator is also a great help to serve the process with exciting built-in functions.

Can I watch VHS tape on my Computer?

Unfortunately no. There is no place to insert VHS tape on a PC/Laptop. However, if you really want to access your VHS tapes, you can transfer them into the DVDs and play them on any media player you have. If you are confused about how to transfer VHS to DVD, read out the above methods I have mentioned.