Do you still remember the peak time of DVDs with their sale hitting more than 16.3 billion USD in 2005? Different discs like DVDs and CDs remain a core part of our personal and professional lives. Their use may have been restricted due to the multiple competition in storage devices but fixing a scratched disc remains a crucial issue for many users.

fix a scratched dvd

So today, let us help you go through all about how to fix a scratched disc, starting from the pre-preparation to different methods to get proper details from the scratched disc. Not to miss are the quick FAQs that help understand all about fixing the scratched disc on its own.

What Causes Scratched Discs?

Some of the main causes of the scratched disc include:

  • Improper handling: While improper handling is the main cause of the scratches on the disc, it can be due to handling the discs without covers. The additional presence of dust, dirt, and grease can increase the damage to the discs that further causes a problem in playing. Further, the lens of the disc players may get damaged while trying to use a scratched disc in it. 
  • Wrong cleaning: The wrong cleaning of the CDs and DVDs can further cause damages to the discs. These should be cleaned with the help of soft cloth only. Further vigorous rubbing can cause problems that need to be eliminated with a smooth touch of the soft cloth only. The use of rags can further increase the scratches on the disc’s surface.
  • Manufacturing defects: It is important to scrutinize the CDs and DVDs for scratches before purchase. Any manufacturing defect can be eliminated at this stage. Users can go for replacing the discs having manufacturing defects and hence can go for a clean and new disc instead of a scratched disc.
  • Friction issues: The wrong storage of the discs may create friction between the different discs that further cause scratch. Hence, it is important to store discs in a stable, cool, and dry place that eliminates any possible chances of friction during transit. 
  • Bad players: The faulty players can damage different discs. Hence, it is recommended to go for a high-quality disc player for DVDs and CDs. This is due to the wrong placement of the disc inside the player and the use of the lens that rotates over the disc. Hence, it is important to stay away from bad disc players.

Steps Before Fixing a Scratched Disc:

It is important to do your homework before jumping to the quick DVD scratch repairs. The quick tips to follow before fixing a scratched disc include:

  • It is important to have an idea about the depth of the scratch, its impact on the disc, etc., before starting to fix it.
  • All the data on discs is stored on the polycarbonate surface. Hence, it is important to store the discs in cases or hold them in the center to prevent any other damages while trying to fix the previous scratches on the disc.
  • The tray-loading devices can give satisfactory results while reading the scratched discs while the slot-loading devices may not read the damaged discs. Hence, you can go for the tray-loading players to eliminate any additional variables in correcting the scratched discs.
  • The process of cleaning a damaged disc includes starting at the center and moving towards the sides. As data runs in a circular motion on the disc, it becomes easy to catch the error and fix the missing bits of information due to multiple scratches.
  • It is crucial to wash and dry your hands before jumping to fix the scratched discs. Any accumulation of the grease or oil can damage the disc further as scratches already prone the disc to additional damages. The best solution is to go for latex rubber gloves that can eliminate the contact of untidy or dirty hands on the scratched disc.

Steps To Fix A Scratched Disc:

Are you looking for how to clean a scratched disc? Once the preparation is done, it is time to go for the following steps to get rid of the stubborn scratches from your disc.

Using DVDFab DVD ripper: It is one of the easiest and quick ways to get rid of the scratches on different discs. DVDFab DVD Ripper is the tool that can help remove DVD protection, rip DVDs to video and audio of lossless quality for home use, quick compress video size, etc. It was easy to rip DVDs to more than 1000+ video and audio formats. It helps the users to rip the information to the system even from the scratched disc to eliminate any data loss. There are options to choose from free and paid versions of the tool according to the requirements.

how to fix a scratched disc

Using toothpaste: If your disc has light scratches, it is easy to remove scratches from DVD using toothpaste only. All you need to do is dab a small amount of toothpaste and start slowly wiping it on the scratches of the disc using wet fingers. It is easy to rub from the inner to the outer in a straight line. The circular motion should be eliminated to increase any additional scratches. The rubbing using toothpaste can go for 60 seconds and then toothpaste should be cleaned. After doing this, baking soda toothpaste should be wiped with a clean cloth.

how to fix a scratched disc

Using banana: You may have known banana for years but what you must know is that it can be an effective DVD scratch repairer. It is easy to wipe the cut banana on the DVD from the inside out. All you need to do is peel a banana and cut one piece. Simply wipe the cut piece from inwards to outwards on the scratched disc. All you need to do is wipe the banana residue using simple water. Try playing the dried disc in the player.

how to clean a scratched disc

Using peanut butter: You don't need a dedicated DVD repair kit as the oil in the peanut butter can polish the disc and can clean the glass without scratching it. All you need to do is use two teaspoons of peanut butter from the center to the edge. It is easy to clean the peanut butter using a clean dry cloth.

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Using Vaseline: The use of Vaseline can be a good solution in the conquest of how to fix a scratched disc? All you need to do is wipe from the center to the edges in a straight line. It is recommended to go for the thick Vaseline and then use a soft clean cloth. It is easy to dry the disc and insert it in the player for quick checking.

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Using Brasso nail polish: It is easy to use the Brasso nail polish to eliminate large scratches from the disc. It is an ideal disc scratch remover but may not work on the light scratches.

how to fix a scratched disc

Quick Tips To Avoid Scratched Discs

It is time for some quick tips to preventing your important discs from scratches after going through different methods to repair DVD scratches. Some of these include:

  • Label your discs carefully. It is important to use a sharp tip marker that is free from chemicals that can possess harm to the disc and may cause scratches to it.
  • All discs should be protected from direct heat and sunlight. Further, contact with hot and watery places should be avoided to eliminate any damages to the discs.
  • It is important to always store all discs in separate cases for eliminating the chances of scratches during storage, transit, or manhandling.
  • Always use a soft cloth for cleaning discs to prevent any scratches on disc surfaces.
  • Always use properly functional DVD or CD players for your discs.

How To Fix A Scratched Disc? FAQs

Is it possible to fix a scratched disc? 

Yes, it is possible to fix a scratched disc but it depends on the level of the damages caused by the scratches on the disc surface.

Can I fix a scratched disc at home only?

Yes, it is easy and quick to fix a scratched disc at home on your own using any of the above-mentioned methods.

Why disc fixing for scratches is not possible for Blu-ray discs?

The Blu-rays discs have a harder coating that once scratched needs to be replaced only. There are very less chances of a scratched Blu-rays disc getting repaired from scratches.

Wrapping Up

There is no need to worry about managing data from a scratched disc. All you need to know is the reasons for the scratches, quick methods to fix these scratches including the DVD scratch removers, followed by the quick tips to manage discs. It is easy to handle all such discs on your own with the help of effective tools like DVDFab DVD Ripper.