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How to Save DVD on Mac With Ease?


   Posted by Nicole

2020-07-12 21:37:47


Summary: To let you enjoy your DVD videos free, this article will show you how to save DVD to Mac with the best solution.

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How do I save a DVD to my Macbook Pro?

How do I rip a DVD to my Mac for free?

How do I save my DVD to hard drive of Mac?


As people increasingly prefer to watch DVD videos on portable devices, such as their laptops and smartphones, many Mac users have awarded the necessity of saving DVDs on Mac and asked the above questions frequently. Thanks to the development of techniques, there are many available software that make it possible to get access to saving DVDs on Mac.


Method 1: Save DVDs to Mac with DVDFab DVD Ripper


To save DVD contents on your Mac, the best method is to rip your DVDs to a popular video format so that they can be played without any limitations. And speaking of ripping your DVDs, choosing a well-performance DVD ripper is quite important. Because in most cases, a qualified and professional DVD ripper has the capability of assuring no quality loss while ripping and fast conversion speed, and supporting a wide range of video formats for you to choose from. In addition, this free DVD ripping software also offers video editing functions so that you can obtain a ripped video the way you like.


How to Save DVDs on Mac with it?

The DVDFab DVD Ripper is a versatile DVD conversion software, yet it is also quite easy to be used. Only a few steps are required to finish the whole ripping process with it. Below are the detailed steps to show you how to save DVDs on Mac.


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Step 1: Install and open this DVD Ripper

When you have downloaded and installed this best DVD ripping software on your Mac, please double-click its desktop icon to open it. As soon as you did, you will notice that its main interface is well labeled which makes you understand without difficulty.



• Change interface color

Before saving your DVDs to Mac, you can go to click that cloth icon to change the color of the interface.


• Preset this DVD ripping program

you can click on that inverted triangle to do some common settings, like changing its language, opt for an output directory. When all the settings are done, you can locate on the Ripper module.


Step 2: Load your DVD contents

Load your DVD contents to this software if you want to know how to save DVD to Mac. In order to do that, you can insert your DVD disc if your computer has an optical drive. If not, you can load your DVD content file to it or drag it from your computer and drop it to the main interface.


Step 3: Set your video before saving DVD to Mac

When your DVD content is added, there are many settings you can do.


#1: Select the to-be-ripped video chapter manually

#2: Choose a video format, or a device you want to rip to.

Note: A wide range of video and audio formats are supported, such as AVI, MP4, MKV, M2TS, WMV, MPEG, WMA, AAC, etc.

#3: Rename the video

#4: Opt for the begin and end chapters

#5: Select the audio track

#6: Change video subtitle if there are any

#7: Preview the video to make sure this is the right one

#8: Advanced Settings

Note: Through this button, you can adjust the parameters of the video, such as bit rate, volume, codec, etc.


Step 4: Save DVD to Mac

The last step is to click on that “Start” button to save DVD on Mac. Don’t forget to select an output location by clicking that folder icon.



Step 5: Check out the saving process

As soon as you hit that Start button, a new interface will switch in from which you can check out the whole saving process.


Method 2: Save DVDs to Mac with Disk Utility


DVDFab DVD Ripper is the best third-part choice for how to save DVDs on Mac. But in case you feel troublesome and unsafe to download an extra application on your Mac computer even though the DVDFab DVD Ripper is completely safe and clean, you can copy your unprotected DVD content to your Mac. To do that, you can use the Disk Utility offered by Mac itself instead of downloading an extra application.


How to Save DVD to Mac?

Mac system can backup and save unprotected DVD to Mac with ease. So how to save DVD to Mac with Disk Utility. No hurry. Below are the steps.



Step 1: Insert your to-be-saved DVD to Mac’s CD slot

Given that many Mac computers are designed with no optical drive, you can use an external one to help you.


Step 2: Open Disk Utility

Go to the Applications, and then choose Utilities. Opt for the DVD disc from the left list, and then click on the New Image in the center along the top.

Note: To find this utility easily, you can search it by clicking the magnifying glass icon at the top-right corner.


Step 3: Set some settings

When the Save As option shows up, you can name or choose a location for your video. But make sure that the location you have chose has enough space for copying DVD contents.

Besides, keep in mind that that Image Format selection is set to DVD/CD Master and change Encryption to None.


Step 4: Save DVD to Mac

The last step is to hit that Save button. As a result, your DVD will start saving to Mac. And don’t forget to eject your DVD when finished.


Note: If you also want to use a third-party program to save DVD to Mac through copying, then you can try DVDFab DVD Copy which is a great choice for copying and saving DVDs to Mac, even the protected ones.


In the End


These two methods are different ways to save DVD to Mac. To sum up, the first method is to rip DVD content to a mainstream video format with the help of DVDFab DVD Ripper, the best DVD ripping software, and you can play and enjoy it on your Mac. And the second method is to copy unprotected DVD to Mac without ripping. Both methods work well to save DVD on Mac. Pick the one you prefer.

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