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Controlling release dates is one of the purposes of region coding. A tradition in movie marketing that was endangered by digital home videos was to release a movie in cinemas first and then make it available for general rental or sale in certain countries later than others. This practice was common before digital cinema. It was prohibitively expensive to release the same movie worldwide at the same time. The most important thing is that while it was expensive to make a release copy of a movie for a public exhibition in a theatre, the printing of large numbers of copies is necessary for a very short window of time after a film's initial release. By spreading out release dates, some release prints can be reused in other areas.

What Are DVD Region Codes?

Regional Codes are added to DVD and Blu Ray discs. They are used for discs not intended for playback in the specific region where they are manufactured. Many studios and home video companies campaigned to ensure that this coding system was included in DVD and Blu Ray manufacturing specifications. They did this because they wanted to control the export of their Blu Ray titles to other countries. Most discs produced in one region will only play on players made for that region. If discs are imported from Germany, they will not work on U.S. players. These discs were coded for region 2 DVD/Blu Ray Region B. Our models are called Region Free Players. They can play discs from any area in any country. A digital rights management technique, DVD region codes were introduced in 1997. [1] This code is used to permit rights holders to regulate the international distribution of DVD releases. It includes their content, release dates, and prices.

These are the codes for DVD regions:

  • Region 1: Canada, the United States and U.S. territory.
  • Region 2: Japan, Europe, South Africa and the Middle East (including Egypt), as well as Greenland.
  • Region 3: Southeast Asia, East Asia (including Hong Kong).
  • Region 4: Australia, New Zealand. The Pacific Islands. Central America, Mexico. South America.
  • Region 5: Eastern Europe and Russia, the Indian Subcontinent of Africa, North Korea, North Korea, Mongolia, and Africa.
  • Region 6: China.
  • Region 7 is reserved for unspecified special uses.
  • Region 8: Special intern

Look for a small icon of a globe with the region number on it. If the disc is used in more than one area, it will display more numbers on the globe. If the disc doesn't have any regional code, it will say 0 for all regions. Many commercially-produced DVD movies contain regional coding to prevent the playback of the disc in a geographical area other than the one in which it was released. DVD movies from one region may not work on DVD players that were made for that area. Many studios and home video companies wish to control when and how DVD titles are exported to foreign countries. However, not all DVD movies are region-coded. They will play on any player in every region. The DVD player displays an error message. This message will be displayed when you try to play a region coded disc on a DVD player that is designed to play discs in a different area. If you try to play a Chinese-made disc (region 6) on a Sony (r) DVD player designed to play discs made in the United States of America (region 1), this error message will appear.

Blu-ray DVDs and their Region Codes

Blu-ray discs use a simpler region code system than DVDs. They only have three regions, labelled B, C, and A. Blu-ray discs, however, are compatible with all players. Blu-ray regions cannot be checked by any computer system or drive, unlike DVD regions. The region code is saved in a registry file. There are hacks available to reset your player software's region counter. Stand-alone players include the region code as part of their firmware. Some Blu-Rays do not have a region code.

Software and multiregional players can be used to bypass region codes. Blu-ray region coding has a new version that tests not only the region where the player/player software is located but also the country code. This means that, although both Japan and America are Region A, some American discs may not work on devices/software in Japan, as the two countries have different country codes. For example, the United States has 21843, Hex 5553 ("US") in ASCII according to ISO 3166-1, Japan has 19024, Hex 4a50 ("JP"); Canada has Hex 4341 ("CA") and Canada has 17217. Even though there are only three Bluray regions available, the country code allows for much better control over the regional distribution of Bluray discs than the six (or even eight) DVD regions. Blu-ray discs are not "special areas" like DVDs' regions 7 or 8.

What Region is USA for DVD?

It is rare to sell multi-area DVDs. However, DVD movies that are not region coded will work on all players regardless of where they were sold. These discs might be labeled with the following: Region 0 or All. Many discs that are created using home-video capture software should be coded Region 0 and play in your DVD Player. Sony DVD players in the U.S. are designed to play Region 1 DVDs. They can also play discs with Region 0 or All labels. You cannot override the area code..

How to Use Region 2 DVD in the US

region code for usa

DVDs use region codes to protect copyright and limit the playability of DVDs in certain areas. DVD in region 2 covers Europe (except Russia Ukraine and Belarus), Middle East Egypt, Japan, South Africa Swaziland Lesotho and French overseas territories, Greenland. US can only play one region DVD. You may find that you cannot play DVDs from Europe on your US laptop. The Wrong Region error message will probably pop up. DVDFab DVD Ripper can extract the region codes (1-6), and convert your DVD to play in any country. You can convert any DVD region to MP4, AVI WMV, MPEG or other formats. By bypassing region code and CSS, Sony ArccOS UOPs or any other DVD protections. Nvidia/Intel/AMD acceleration makes DVD conversion superfast. It is a 100% clean program. These are the steps you need to follow:

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  1. Rip DVD/ISO/Folder as MP4, H.264 or HEVC. MPEG, MPEG, MPEG2TS, iPhone, iPad and Android. You can choose from hundreds of video/audio codecs, and more than 350 pre-defined device profiles.
  2. 4 DVD backup options to 1:1 copy DVD ISO Image or Folder. Five minutes to copy DVD main title content, or the entire title to a single MPEG2 File.
  3. Nvidia NVENC/CUDA, or Inte QSV-level-3 hardware acceleration allows you to rip a feature-length movie to MP4 in approximately 5 minutes. That's 47x faster.
  4. It is a DVD region killer that can convert region 2 DVDs into region-free DVDs. You can rip all types of DVDs and new 99-title Disney DVDs.

Many users wonder if they are able to play DVDs from the UK or Region 2 DVDs on their US-based players. All DVDs have been flagged for use in one or several geographical regions. The DVDs that are not flagged for a specific region will be played by an off-the-shelf DVD player. However, almost any DVD player can play discs from different regions. These are the methods that allow you to play DVDs in different areas of the US.

  • Change the region where the US DVD player is located. You can change the region of the USA DVD player from Region 1 through Region 2, 4 or other regions depending on the DVDs that you want to play. Any DVD drive can be set up to change the region settings 5 times before it locks in one region.
  • Purchase a multiregional player that can play DVDs in all regions. Multi-region DVD players might be common in the UK, or elsewhere due to the widespread popularity of American films. This is not the case in the USA. You will find it difficult to find a player that's not region 1 locked. An Amazon multi-region DVD player is available for $30.
  • Convert region code DVDs and convert them to digital files that are region-free for playback on any US DVD player/drive. This will allow you to play DVDs without problems from other countries such as Australia, Japan, and Australia.


Every DVD player that comes from one region is restricted to one region by the region code. A warning may appear if you are playing a DVD in a different region. Before inserting a DVD, it is crucial to identify the region code for a country. DVDFab DVD Ripper could help you do that.