Are DVDs Worth Anything?

Yes, we understand that they have been around since the 1990s and slowly lost relevance but they never actually went away. Even will the growing popularity of streaming platforms, DVDs play a vital role in society. One of their many advantages is that they do not need the internet to function and hence, they do not bear the burden of internet failures. One of these burdens would be the absence of Wi-Fi could prevent one from watching their favorite show. With a DVD player, one could enjoy their content seamlessly.

After use, the DVD is stored. This is done either to he watch again or sold. In selling, there are different standards that individuals rely on in order to buy a DVD at a used DVD store. Still, there are factors that make a DVD valuable to the seller and the platform. These are demand and scarcity. These are interrelated and are inspired by the popularity of movies, shows, sequels, or franchises.

Another key criterion is the quality of the DVD. Due to long-term use, the quality or surface of the disc might be damaged or broken. At the same time, you still want to enjoy the benefits of using a DVD player without worrying about the issues that come with digital streaming services. You could copy the MP4 to a disc. A tool that can help you achieve that is the DVDFab DVD Copy software.

DVDFab Dvd Copy

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It collapses a DVD-9 to a DVD-5 to reduce the large space the former is known for. It is a useful and free DVD copy software that can fulfill your mission using a DVD player encouraging easy playback of your favorite movies. DVDFab lets you rip a DVD and add it to your computer. It does this in standard formats. It can also obtain the audio from a film or show that you like.


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Another tool DVD copy tool is Roxio. This is popular software that lets you burn Mp4 and Mp3 CDs and DVDs from your computer system. It also enables transfers to CDs and DVDs with a drag-and-drop function.

How Can You Get The Best Deals On Your Used Dvds?

Both the buyers and the platforms they buy from have a number of criteria that have to be met before they accept the used DVDs. Some are related to how you market them. The others are the conditions in which they are presented. Below are the best way to get a great deal on your used DVDs:

Aesthetics And Delivery

A buyer will readily purchase the DVDs if they appreciate how it is presented to them. This relates to its physical appearance. Some of the factors included in this are the cover art and the neatness of the disc. Also, being able to see and feel the product plays an important role in getting the customer to trust you and buy from you especially on an online used DVD store.

Collections Over Piecemeal

A good collection of an era of action movies will attract better prospects that a single installation will no sequel of the related genre. Lovers of moves adore a collection and this is one of the major influences of acquiring DVDs. Instead of building an all-digital library of movies they cannot see or feel they build a physical collection that keeps them motivated to acquire more.

Labeling Titles On The DVDs

Another thing to look out for when searching for the best deal on your used DVDs is to attach labels on the movies and shows available on disc formats. An example is of those on Blu-Ray. For you put up a search for a “used DVD store near me” or how you can “sell DVD on Amazon” consider these used DVD stores.

Best Used Dvd Stores To Sell Your Dvds


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EBay has to be topping the list on your used DVD store preference. The online store has a knack for selling anything. Here is how to go about the process:

  • You will need to create an ad, take pictures of the items, and detail the condition of the DVDs.
  • Inquiries will be made over time and it is your duty to manage them.
  • You will also field the bid and the sale.
  • After all ends of the sale have been covered, you will need to ship it to the buyer. This stage could be made easier with the “buy it now” tag.
  • eBay gets to share in the profit so it is advised that you sell in bulk instead of per piece.

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Do you have a collection in the adult motion pictures segment? is a good place to drop it off. Here is a how-to hi about it.

  • The titles on the product and the DVD must of course be in a good condition as described before it is considered tube sold.
  • This platform does not incur shipping costs, they offer a bonus of 5% if you choose store credit as a preference to a cash payout.

Sellbackyourbook allows you to sell off your used DVDs. This used DVD store will also buy your CDs and old video games. Here is how to go about it:

  • Start by putting a search out for your product’s UPC codes on their website.
  • This platform does not receive items not marked for resale. Also, because they cannot actively confirm whether the product was obtained illegally, they will not accept new untouched DVDs.
  • Shipping on this platform is free.


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You can use anytime you want to be rid of old video games as well as used DVDs. This is a top recommendation for that purpose. To begin, input the product’s barcode on the website or download the application and scan from it. The platform has a wide range of items they are willing to purchase. If your product falls under their vision or style of products, you will get accepted to auction the product. Decluttr accepts old phones, video games, discs, books, television, electronic cameras, radios, etc.

What makes the is space special is that it is different from other platforms. Decluttr will accept rented DVDs as long as they are still of standard quality. They offer a discount of 10% for students and the standard free shipping.


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For those who are not a fan of shopping, Bonavendi is the right fit for you. The site puts out used DVDs for sale by collating a total of 28 separate vendors and buyback websites.

  • They give you the best offer for your product and connect this offer to the vendor’s website. This process is aided by Bonavendi’s algorithms.
  • The seller who chooses to maximize sales can apply to work with an undetermined number of buyers. On the other hand, if the seller chooses to minimize the task of working with a large group of people, he/she can choose to work with a single buyer.
  • After choosing a buyer, the entire sale process will be performed through the website. Bonavendi still guides both vendor and buyer along the way to keep track of the process.

Textbook Rush

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Textbook Rush focuses on buying used textbooks for sales and rentals. But it is likely to pop up on your “used DVD stores near me” search. They offer their free service in a single space for students and every other person to drop their video games and movies. To begin, you can enter a total of 20 UPCs codes into the search box. After this, you review and decide whether to accept or decline their offer. If your choose to accept, you then choose the method of payment. Shipping is free at Text Book Rush.

Buyback Express

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Buyback Express, at first, focused on books. Now they are also a used DVDs store that is into the purchase of used DVDs. They can also help you unload your pile of unused or old CDs and video games. The platform has no application nor does it have a code to scan. Still, you will need UPC codes by hand. Hence the will not be the best option if you have a large number of items they sell. In addition, Buyback has a free shipping service with payment on the day they receive the shipment.


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You can also sell DVDs to Amazon. The site has a wide reach of audience and it is very likely that any item you put on the website will receive engagement and likely sell quickly. To sell DVDs to Amazon, begin by signing up on the Amazon Marketplace where you will have access to either put your item up for sale or buy from the sellers. Amazon will charge a fee for every item you sell.

Conclusion On Best Platforms to Sell Your Used DVDs

It is obvious that there is a market for used DVDs and it is your choice to decide whether you want to be a part of this market or not. You could profit buy buying these items at a low price and reselling at a much higher rate. You do this by exploring your options. To begin, visit any of the online stores provided above or use a search engine; insert keywords “Used DVDs near me” or “DVD movies for sale near me ” to conduct a DVD prices search and get the best rates on your used DVDs.