You may encounter an error popping up on the screen while trying to play a DVD on your DVD player. You are receiving the region code, which means the region code does not match the DVD drive. Region code ensures the DVD will play in the area where the movie is being released and the authority to watch. What's what region DVD is USA differ, and every region has a different code. Further, commercial DVDs inscribe the code that will play in the specific country. It's called a geo-restricted watch that ensures piracy of the movie.

What are the reasons for region DVD codes?

'Why do I get region DVD codes while trying to play a movie?' people often ask on Quora. It means the user tries to play a region-restricted DVD. As every DVD has a different code, you have to check the DVD you pick whether it matches your country or not. Why so? Let's discuss!

  • The DVD region code is imposed to restrict to watch the content
  • The code can protect the intellectual property of the creative zone of an individual
  • The code prevents making a copy of the content commercially
  • The media industry ensure the content for that particular area watchers, and not for all
  • A set of content is for a particular area that region codes prevent the cross-border watch

With the uprising of online streaming, copied content or piracy is the real threat to the media industry. Region code comes into the rescue to prevent the copy and let the users watch the content they should watch while staying in the country. However, it is a business policy to prevent the damage of an industry associated with media and videography if the region code is not imposed. Users can randomly remove the codes and copy the DVD and sell commercially if they set free to do.

What region is USA DVD? Do you know? Let's know the DVD region codes!

what dvd region is usa:

There are several DVD codes for different regions, and codes are different from each other. Additionally, you cannot play USA-restricted DVDs to China or vice versa as the two regions are different. Let's check the list of the DVD code and the country names:

Check out the table below:




The United States, United States Territories, and Canada


Europe ( include British and French Territories), Japan, South Africa, and the Middle East( include Egypt) Greenland


Southeast Asia, East Asia include Hong Kong


Central America, Australia, Newzealand, South America, Mexico, the Pacific Islands, and the Caribbean


Russia or Eastern Europe, Central and South Asia, and Africa ( except Egypt, South Africa, Lesotho, and Swaziland)




Reserved for particular unspecified use


Specifically International venues for air and oceanic travel

Code 0: The code means the DVD is not region restricted, and you can access it from anywhere on this earth.

We hope now you may know what is DVD region code for USA and prevent yourself buying other countries' codes DVD.

How to locate your region code on DVD?

what dvd region is usa:How to locate your region code on DVD?

When you buy a DVD, check the backside of the case, you'll get a small globe icon, and the code is inscribed there to ensure which region DVD it is.

Quick Facts: Motion picture Studio developed the DVD Region Code to control the home release of movies in different countries across the world. If a movie is released in the USA theater but not in Europe, the code will protect the movie's copyright and restrict the watch in Europe.

How can I remove the DVD code to watch the content I wish to watch now?

An ordinary DVD player cannot remove the code, and hence, you cannot play the region-restricted code. Some computer drives try to eliminate but cannot as the drive specifications may not match the system configuration. However, if you want to remove the code to unlock the content, you may take help from software that successfully removes the region-restricted codes.

How does DVDFab All-In-One help to watch anything, anywhere?

DVDFab All-In-One is a complete package of DVD 4k UHD, Blu-ray / Video solutions. If you're facing an error with DVD code restrictions, you need the software to eliminate the issue from your player, and you can access the locked content. AI empowers software algorithm helps to finish the task more promptly. Besides removing the restricted code from DVD, you can burn, rip and convert DVD, blu ray, Ultra HD blu ray, etc. It offers extensive features that may turn your head. Let's check out why you select DVDFab All in One.

Why should you select DVDFab All In One?

There are several reasons for your selection, and you cannot deny that each feature has its own weight to push you to install the software on your device.

  • The tool can remove the restrictions codes from DVD, blu ray, etc., and help you get access.
  • Its AI Enlarger video quality enhances the quality of watching the DVD by making the picture sharper, more detailed.
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Additional Benefits

  • More than 50+ updates in a year make the software keep growing with the time
  • You can avail tech support 24 x 7 in various ways like one=one instant chat, through email or forum, and direct call

The tool brings down all the solutions a user might encounter in the context of the latest streaming criteria and its pros and cons. Besides region code restrictions, the software offers many other functions you can avail if you install it and start using it.

How to download the software?

Visit the official website of DVDFab All in One and click the Download button. The software is compatible with Mac and Windows. With a stable internet connection, you can use the tool to remove the region restrictions codes and enjoy the content.

There is nothing harmful to removing the region restriction codes, and you can proceed to enjoy the content at your ease. If you still have queries, you can check our FAQs.

Points to be Remember: In recordable DVDs, the region code doesn't apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it illegal to remove region codes from DVD?

It depends on how you use the DVD after removing the region codes. If you remove the code for personal use and watch it on your DVD or media player, then it's no harm. But if you share the content on digital platforms, try to earn money out of it, and use it commercially, you might be booked under illegal activities.

Is DVD copyrighted or not?

As per Title 17 of the United State Code, it's illegal to recreate any copyrighted DVD. If you buy a DVD, that box contains a copyright label; it indicates you should not make any copy of the DVD for any use, be it personal or commercial.

Can I make a backup copy after removing region codes? Does it legal?

If you keep the backup for your personal use, then it's no harm to remove the region codes. Though it's not legal but if your usage is fair enough to keep within your personal collection, it will not harm anyone by any means.

Is the DVDFab region-restricted or free?

No. DVDFab is not region restricted, and you can use the software from anywhere across the globe.

Wrapping up

After going through the entire write-up, hopefully, now you know what DVD region is the USA. The region restrictions codes prevent piracy, and users cannot copy the content of the locked DVD and sell it out commercially. However, if you use the code removal software and keep it for your personal fair use, you are harming no one. DVDFab All-In-One can remove the region codes and helps you to keep backup or data transfer from one device to another. Apparently, now you can quickly identify what region is USA for DVD and easily remove it and get the access.