No DVD is unwanted or useless, despite how old it is! What to do with old DVDs is still a question without the right answer. People tend to have affiliation with old stuff and we do not believe in throwing your old DVDs out. It does not matter, if you want to play old movies on DVDs on your computer or mobile devices, you need to put them to the right use. Also; The only answer to “what to do with old DVDs and CDs” is not to recycle them or DIY some cool stuff. The first and foremost solution to old DVDs is to convert them.

  • Is it possible to convert old DVDs?
  • What is the best format to rip DVD?
  • Can I resize, play, or store old DVDs in other formats?

These are some questions that must pop up in your head when you hear converting DVDs for playback on other devices. To be honest, the majority of clever solutions are effective in fixing the majority of old DVD issues, but not always in solving all of them. The unresolved issues with classic DVDs are mostly found in the playing of older DVDs, the storage of big DVD collections, and the organizing of DVD collections.

Let’s have a look at some issues that make old DVDs useless these days.

Issues with old DVDs playback and storage

The major issue with an old DVD is poor care. For instance, placing a DVD in paper sleeves instead of DVD covers or cases. Furthermore,

  • There are various factors that contribute to the damage of an old DVD. for instance, the oxidation of the reflective layer, natural wear, and debonding of the glue used to bind the double layers together.
  • Poor quality.
  • Unlike newer movies, old movies on DVDs have no subtitles.
  • A DVD player is unable to recognize the CD.
  • Compatibility issues with new gadgets, such as the MacBook and Xbox One S.
  • Size and storage for a larger collection of DVDs is another issue.
  • Humidity, temperature, and UV radiation, all of which are critical for DVD storage, are not up to par.

Besides these few issues, there are numerous other factors that make it hard to keep up with your old DVDs. for instance, a huge DVD collection, browsing through and organizing. Sitting in front of your huge collection, you must not want to or should not wonder “what to do with DVD collection”. Because; There are various ways to convert, store, and save your DVDs before you move on to other alternatives for “what to do with old DVDs”.

What To Do With Old DVDs and CDs; DVDFab Rip them!

Well, here comes the best solution to get rid of your old CDs without actually getting rid of them. DVDFab Ripper is a video converter that helps you to burn classic movies on DVD to other formats for playback and storage purposes.

Using DVDFab ripper, you can backup your collection of old movies on DVDs into modern digital formats such as MPEG-2, VOB, MKV, MP4 (H264), MP4 (H265), and MOV. DVDFab ripper digitises classic DVD movies to MacBook, Xbox, PS5, iPhone, and Android profiles. Not just that, you can also add external subtitles to the DVD.

What Is The Best Format To Rip DVD?

Amongst many formats, if you want to convert, rip or burn your top sellers DVD back in time, it is important to go for a format and the tool that enhances the quality along with conversion.

There are a lot of other components in DVD content, including, subtitles, extras, movies, audio, menus, and so on. An ISO image is a sector-by-sector replica of a disc that is uncompressed. It's the finest format for ripping a DVD in 1:1 quality and size.

DVDFab ripper is the best video conversion tool available in the market to resolve your “what to do with DVDs” because of its useful features.

Let’s have a look at how you can rip old DVDs into other formats!

DVDFab Ripper

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DVDFab offers a collection of multiple tools, including Copy, Ripper, Converter, and Creator on one platform. DVDFab Ripper is one module in the whole package that allows you to copy, rip, convert, and remove DVD protection, 4K video conversion, and much more.

You can visit their official site to download and install DVDFab for Windows and Mac. When you run the program once it has been installed and activated.

DVDFab Ripper Main Features

It offers various tools in one software, including;

  • Copy DVD module: Copy, burn, and convert between DVDs and 4K Ultra Videos using the Copy DVD module. Full Disc, Main Movie, Customize, Split, Merge, Clone/Burn, and To DVD are among the 9 copy options available.
  • Ripper DVD Module: The DVDFab DVD Ripper module allows you to rip and convert any DVD disc, 4K video, or ISO folder to any popular video and audio format, as well as any device that supports video playing.
  • Converter DVD Module: The Converter feature works similarly to a ripper in that it converts videos between multiple formats, such as DVD titles to AVI/FLV/MP4/WMV/MKV files that may be played on mobile devices.
  • Creator DVD Module: Additionally, the creator module, product DVDs, and 4K Videos from any video format are available.

The best part about DVDFab ripper to convert old DVDs is that you can purchase each module separately or as part of a whole suite. You can license it for a certain length of time.

How To Rip DVDs to Other Formats With DVDFab Ripper

Using DVDFab ripper is quite easy and quick. We have created this step-by-step guide to help you download and install DVDFab ripper to rip old movies on DVDs to other formats without hassle.

Step 1: Download and Install DVDFab Ripper

When you download DVDFab Ripper and it will save a setup file in your system. By clicking on the file, the installation process starts. However, it will ask you to choose a file destination. Once you choose the destination and click “Click To Install”, it automatically installs DVDFab ripper.

Step 2: Launch DVDFab Ripper

Once the installation is done, launch the DVDFab ripper application on your system. Moreover, DVDFab is compatible with Windows or Mac OS and it also offers a mobile application to keep track of your files, uploading, and exporting.

Step 3: Insert DVD

This is the point where you need to insert your old DVD. Once you insert the DVD, DVDFab ripper will automatically scan your old DVDs and choose the appropriate movie title, all on its own. It supports all types of DVDs including Disney 99-title, oversized DVDs, Sony bad sector DVDs, and DVDs with fake playlist protection.

what to do with dvd collection

However, if your source file is an ISO image, you can simply drag and drop it on the main screen in “Ripper Module”.

Step 4: Choose Output Format

You can choose the output format for your DVD from the left corner in the ripper module. The best format to convert old DVDs is "MP4 with H264 video codec".

Step 5: Additional Settings

On the main screen, you can adjust various settings like file name, subtitles, and audio stream.

what to do with dvds

Step 6: Advanced Settings

If you click on the “wrench” icon at the right of the video, it leads you to “Advanced Settings”. Here DVDFab Ripper allows you to control;

  • Video codec
  • Frame rate
  • Resolution
  • Channels
  • Bit rate

Step 7: Start Ripping

Once you have adjusted the settings as per your requirement, you can click “start” and the software will start your old movies on dvds to format compatible with other new players and devices like PC, Mac, and Mobile.

All in all, DVDFab 12 ripper is a straightforward program with ripper, converter, creator, and copy modules. Its straightforward and simplified UI allows everyone from beginners to pros to edit and convert their old DVDs. moreover, Specifically, it is strong and reliable enough to eliminate all known DVD copyrights throughout the ripping process. It accepts DVD, DVD folder, and ISO files as input to convert in video output formats such as MPEG-4, DivX, XviD, H.264, AVI, MP4, WMV, DPG, and others.

If you only want to rip your old DVD, you can take advantage of the free trial version of DVDFab. However, it has a DVDFab watermark on it.

Other Ways to Use Old DVDs

If you are not a hoarder for classic top sellers DVD and just want your collection of old DVDs to put to good use, here are some other ways to “what to do with odl dvds:

Sell Old DVDs

Did you know that you can get cash for your old DVDs, if not, then now you know? Selling your old DVDs is an old-school method to get quick cash while also reducing the amount of clutter in your home.


You cannot sell classic movies on DVD just like that!

Before anything else, there are two things that need to be clarified: how much are your old DVDs worth, and what you want to do with them.

Exactly what makes any DVD valuable is its content. The value of a classic DVD is mostly determined by three factors: demand, rarity, and the condition of the DVD. The popularity of the film, or, to put it another way, the substance of the film, is often what drives demand. DVDs become scarce when they are no longer in print or when they are only available in restricted quantities. Hence, you can always put your old DVDs for sale.

Pass Them On For the Good

Another way to use old DVDs is to donate them to a charitable organization that can help their fundraising efforts for a cause that you are passionate about. There are various local organizations such as libraries, shelters, child care centers, hospitals, and other similar facilities that can put old DVDs to good use. You can also drop them off at a nonprofit thrift store or specialized organization.


Here comes your creativity!

DVDs have a bright reflecting surface that can be transformed into magnificent art items that can be hung on the wall or used to lend a cool touch to things that are considered old-fashioned. Whether it's sophisticated wall art or fashion-forward jewelry, or one-of-a-kind Christmas decorations or dazzling plates and mirrors, there are a plethora of creative ideas.

Here are a few innovative and environmentally friendly things you can do with all of your old DVDs:

  • Make a lovely birdbath out of recycled materials.
  • Custom guitar pick at home, or spice up your existing instrument.
  • Coasters in a variety of colors
  • A mosaic frame for displaying photographs or reflections
  • Decorations for the holidays
  • Sculptures of animals
  • Spinny game for children.
  • Disc curtain, also known as a disco curtain
  • The glistening jewelry pieces
  • Wall decorations

what to do with dvds

Formatting and Rewriting Old DVDs

As long as your old DVDs have a writeable or rewriteable capability, you can erase previous data on them by formatting and using them again at a later time. You can conveniently format disc on Windows by inserting the disc, right-clicking on it, and choosing “format”.Hence, next time you wonder “what to do with DVD collection”, you have various ideas to put them to good use.


Amongst many ways for “what to do with old DVDs and CDs”, you can have variable options to meet your specific requirements. For instance, if you have a collection of classic top sellers dvd, you can always rip them to store in playable formats. On the other hand, donating or upcycling them is also a good choice for people who just want to declutter. With this guide you can easily rip old DVDs free with DVDFab ripper.


Is it possible to transfer DVDs to hard drives?

To back up music and video files from DVDs that have been burnt or manufactured at home and do not include copy protection, you can copy and paste the files from the DVD to a hard drive. The folder containing all of the movie data may be played without issue on Windows Media Player, VLC, and other similar programs.

What is the best format to rip DVD online?

MP4 with video coced H264 is an ideal balance between quality, size, and compatibility with a wide range of devices. If you are more concerned with quality and size than with compatibility, MP4 (HEVC) is a superior format to consider.

How can I decrypt an old DVD?

You can use online software to decrypt your old DVDs. DVDFab HD Decrypter is the best DVD decrypter in the market right now. It is completely free, clean, and secure. However, if you wish to decrypt a Blu-ray disc that was published after 2018, you will need DVDFab Blu-ray Copy and Blu-ray Ripper.