How to Convert VCR to DVD Most Conveniently?

2019-03-19 04:58:37     Posted by Amanda


Summary: This article introduces the converting tools and lists 2 ways for you to convert VCR to DVD.

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If you have a box full of VHS tapes that contain your childhood memories, it would be wise to convert them to a digital format that has a longer lifespan than VHS tapes. Let us first look at the different formats we are talking about here. The VHS tapes were the magnetic material wound tapes available in the 80s and were played by special players called VCR/VHS players. Actually, VCR was the larger versions of later popularized VHS tapes and also used magnetic tapes to record the videos on them. The VCR was in fact known as a video cassette recorder for no reason.

These were hardware that was able to read the data encoded in the magnetic tapes and play it to your CRT screens using the analog connectors that were red, yellow, white and black in color most of the time. Here is a look at one of the pictures from the early 80s.


Diamond Video Capture vc500

This is a hardware plus software combo that works on PC and supports up to Windows 8. This has been adequately tested and verified by gadget freaks and testing sites. The major pros about the device are that it comes with analog pins that connect to your VCR or VHS player output and the other end connects to the computer or laptop via a USB port. All you need to do is to play your VHS cassette and it gets recorded at the other end of the device into your computer.

The process can take some time depending on the length of your cassettes. After it is done, the file is saved in all the major file formats supported and used widely by a video and media players like MPEG1, MPEG2 up to MPEG4. A lot of video capture devices do not support so many formats. These files are now available in digital format on your hard disk. The rest part is to use a DVD maker to convert the digital file into a menu driven tagged DVD, add custom designs, audio tracks, and subtitles, create chapters and so on from VHS or VCR to DVD. There are much functionality in this software.

Meanwhile, Diamond Video Capture also comes with its own DVD creator that also has editing options and allows you to burn the digital file into a DVD. However, if you are using one of the latest computers you can benefit more using DVDFab DVD Creator that uses latest Intel Sync and other capabilities to speed up process without any loss in quality of audio or video.


One of the things to consider is that Diamond Video Capture is also universally compatible with any video capture software, so you can capture it using other software that can render the captured video into a digital file much faster using hardware acceleration. In a custom test, it took 15 hours to burn a single 40 min fromVCR to DVD disc.


Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus

This is also a hardware VCR to DVD converter from analog to digital along with bundled software to capture video from the laptop or computer screen and then bundled with a DVD burner too. It is universally compatible with any other video capture software also, and most obviously once the video has been rendered you can easily convert it VCR to DVD and then to file versions for most widely used MP4 or other versions for your DVD or just play it on your smart phone. The output format is limited to only 3 while many others have up to 7 different options to choose from. It also gives the option to edit the video before burning to the DVD.

However, the software bundled with it is of not much use compared to the likes of DVDFab DVD Creator that has GPU acceleration that speeds up the burning process manifold times. The video rendering is also enhanced from 15 hours to maybe 5 hours of using a software like hand-brake that supports multi-threading and GPU acceleration also.

The good thing about such devices is that you can record any copyrighted material using them since they allow you to convert the VHS or VCR contents from the laptop by capturing the recording playing on the screen itself. This is akin to making the video once again from scratch. It is not trying to decrypt the video file on the VHS cassette, but playing the analog video file and convert VCR to DVD by first to digital and transferring to the laptop via the USB port. It is as simple as it sounds.

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