Will Smith will not reprise his role as the animated Genie from Aladdin's lamp

Aladdin's first film has a famous scene where the genie is freed by Aladdin. The genie then ping-pongs around the balcony of the palace, shouting his resplendent "free at last!" and crying a big fat Disney tear. The Genie is still blue and all-powerful, but he shoots his body into the sky in celebration. This is the mythical Genie from the original film. Smith's release is less grand. His shackles dissolve into thin air, and he is freed.

The Genie will play a love interest in the live-action "Aladdin" movie. The original version was focused on the Genie helping Aladdin escape his street life and fall hopelessly in love with Princess Jasmine. The new version of the Genie will focus on his love interest, but that's not the only love interest in the movie.

While Smith isn't going to reprise his role as the animated Genie, it's hard to imagine him not doing so if he wanted to. His role was such a success that the movie's studios had to give Smith another shot.

The live-action Aladdin remake has a lot of similarities with the animated Genie, but it is less dazzling than the original. In addition to Smith's role, Mena Massoud plays Jafar, the Sultan's vizier, and Smith plays Aladdin's consort. Jafar wants the magical lamp because it has the power to grant three wishes.

However, Smith lacks the comedy talent of Robin Williams. The "Aladdin" remake doesn't have Williams' organic enthusiasm, show-stopping tunes, and epic musical numbers. But this doesn't mean that the remake isn't good.

Another reason Robin Williams is not reprising his role as the animated Genie is that the contract between him and Disney didn't allow him to use his voice in marketing campaigns. He felt that Disney breached his contract. Disney has refused to comment on Williams' remarks.

Despite his disapproval of Robin Williams' role as Genie in the 1993 film, the live-action version of Aladdin still retains the same iconic character. Will Smith's Genie is a nod to Robin Williams' role.

Theravada will be a part of the storyline

Theravada is the primary form of Buddhism, and is primarily practiced in southeast Asia. The religion emphasizes thin Buddha events and a meditative mindset. Aladdin, the film's main character, draws a MOC as a list of cells.

Dan Lin and Jonathan Eirich will also return

According to reports, Dan Lin and Jonathan Eirich will also return for Aladdin 2. The duo has previously worked together on the live-action remake of Aladdin. They are also set to exec produce the film. The film is expected to be released in 2024.

Will Smith is expected to reprise his role as Genie, while Mena Massoud and Naomi Scott will reprise their roles as Aladdin and Princess Jasmine. Guy Ritchie is returning to direct the live-action movie, as he did with the original. The screenplay, by Big Fish screenwriter John August, will incorporate the songs from the original film and new ones. The original songs were written by Alan Menken.

The live-action Aladdin was a box-office hit, and the studio is eager to repeat its success with a sequel. Producers are looking into direct-to-video sequels and are hoping to bring back the original cast and director. However, they plan to wait until the script is finished before deciding whether to bring back original stars.

Lin and Eirich will also return for Aladdin 2. The two previously worked together as producers at Universal Pictures and Warner Bros. before forming Rideback. In 2008, they were both working for Warner Bros. He also worked as a corporate development analyst at Universal.

After the success of Aladdin, Disney has held a writers' room to develop ideas for the sequel. The writers' room looked at Middle Eastern folktales such as Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves and Sinbad the Sailor.

While details about the plot of Aladdin 2 are still limited, many familiar faces are expected to make an appearance. However, no details are available about the actual storyline, so Disney isn't worried about confusing fans with a streaming service that won't be able to release the sequel.