Are you looking for lab-tested, expert reviews of the latest Windows operating system? 'Just like your phone, Windows 11 has an optimized instant-on experience,' says Microsoft VP Steve Dispensa.

Windows 11 According to Microsoft, Windows 11 will be slightly faster than Windows 10 in terms of loading apps and starting up computers from sleep. 

Microsoft released Wednesday a new version of its video This document outlines some of the improvements Microsoft made under the hood to improve the speed of the OS. Steve Dispensa (Microsoft VP for enterprise management) says that there has been a significant shift in the way we provide Windows 11 with improved performance. 

Dispensa explained that Windows 11 has a much better way of prioritizing resources for apps and processes.

Dispensa demonstrated a Windows 11 computer running heavy loads, which was using over 90% of its processing power. The OS shifts more computing resources towards apps in the foreground, so Microsoft Excel and Word both opened quickly. 

“That's seconds of time saved in this case, and the time savings add up as you use the apps over the course of your day,” Dispensa adds. 

Microsoft also added a performance improvement by allowing the computer to be resumed from sleep mode. Dispensa states that Windows 11 offers an optimal instant-on experience, much like a phone. This optimization includes better memory management for powering up various components of the computer's hardware. 

Windows 11 also preserves more power during sleep. This optimizes the resume for sleep by 25%. Dispensa also states that this will allow your device to stay asleep longer, and therefore not need to hibernate as frequently.

Windows 11 also has many other benefits such as faster loading speeds for PC games features. This new operating system will be available October launches October. On Oct.

5officially Microsoft has strict requirements regarding hardware to allow the OS to be installed on eligible PCs. Microsoft is now allowing users to manually install Windows 11 on non-eligible computers. Unsupported machines that are running the OS will not be supported won't Automated Windows software update.