Having entered the streaming market for two years, HBO Max now is slick and filled with popular TV shows and movies. With over 73 million subscribers around the world, HBO Max becomes a great way to catch on up on your favorite videos. For most users, they may encounter a lot of situations without internet access, for example, on a plane, so quickly, new questions emerge: How to watch HBO Max offline? Is there any HBO download tool? Here may be the answer you are looking for.

how to watch hbo max offline on your laptop:

How to watch HBO Max videos offline

How to watch HBO Max videos offline, in the beginning, we are going to learn the most commonly used option, authorized by HBO Max officially. HBO Max enables users to watch HBO Max videos offline on mobiles (i.e., phones or tablets, including Amazon Fire tablets, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android phone, and tablets). If you have an HBO Max account and prefer to watch videos on mobiles, this method suits you perfectly! Let’s see the steps on how to watch HBO Max offline through this method in detail:

  • Join the ad-free plan.
  • Check your internet, connect to your WiFi or use mobile data.
  • Launch the HBO Max app.
  • Look for the video that you want to download.
  • Tap the Download button.
  • To watch your downloaded videos, go to the My Downloads section on your profile.
  • Tap the Play icon.

However, as we mentioned before, you can watch HBO Max offline on mobiles only, which indicates that there are some rules and restrictions you need to know first.

Rules and restrictions on watching HBO Max offline

How to watch HBO Max offline? HBO Max gives an official answer, although the answer is only available for the ad-free plan (14,99$/month) subscriber and its features are limited. The downloaded videos will expire after a certain time period, 30 days in usual, and there is only 48 hours left for the user to watch the offline video from the moment he/she first play it. You might want to ask how to re-watch the offline videos on HBO Max, the solution is to download it again and again.

Sometimes, the HBO Max download does not work due to incompatible device version, insufficient storage, and expired licensing agreements between HBO and the studios that produce them or just simply because the video is not in the downloadable list.

Even though we spare no efforts to download our favorite movies from HBO Max and watch them offline successfully, these offline videos can only be watched on mobiles, and any transfer to other players is not supported. Several months ago, someone posted a blog on the website, asking if there was any method to download movies from HBO Max on the laptop for offline viewing and if it was possible for him to save those videos longer than 48 hours, because he had potential exposure to Covid, and was going to be quarantined. If I saw his post at that time, I would definitely tell him: “Of course yes!” This is also what I want to share with you in this article, a convenient way to help you download movies from HBO Max on your laptop.

The third-party solution to watch HBO max offline

For most users, they like watching movies with their laptop better, because laptop boasts for a larger screen, which provides a more pleasant movie watching experience. The question is that laptop offline watching is not supplied by HBO Max, so how to watch HBO Max offline on your laptop? StreamFab HBO Downloader present a solution. It is a user-friendly software for you to download from hbo max. Whether you are on a plane, on a trip, or in any situation without internet access, you will have the approach to trace videos from HBO Max on your laptop at any time and anywhere.

how to watch hbo max offline on your laptop:The third-party solution to watch HBO max offline


In addition to solving the problem on how to watch HBO max offline on your laptop, StreamFab HBO Downloader is characterized by more useful functions:

1. Download any video from HBO Max and HBO Now

It must be quite depressing when you want to watch HBO movies or TV shows yet have no access to the internet. Well, no more depression.

With the HBO movie Downloader, you can now watch all HBO Max videos offline.

2. Save videos in multiple quality with different audio tracks on various devices

Users have the options to save HBO Max videos in 4k quality, 1080p quality or 720p quality, with AC3 5.1 audio tracks or AAC 2.0 tracks depending on personal needs and preferences.

how to watch hbo max offline on your laptop:Features

What’s more, StreamFab HBO downloader helps users to watch HBO Max offline on any device they may have, including your smartphone, tablet, laptop, game console, TV, etc. There is no limitation!

3. Download either the H.264 or H.265 version of the videos

HBO Max actually offer two versions of its on-demand contents, one is encoded in H.264, and the other H.265. For a same title, the file size of H.264 version is always larger than that of the H.265 version. Generally, if storage space is never your concern, then you can stick with the H.264 version. Otherwise, H.265 version might be a better option.

4. Free you from ads interruptions

A lot of free movies and TV shows on HBO is attached with ads and commercial popping up, which costs your patience and time.

how to watch hbo max offline on your laptop:Features

If you are annoyed at those ads, StreamFab HBO Downloader is what you should choose. All ads and commercials will be removed during the offline process, bringing you a totally ad-free watching experience.

5. Auto-download newly released episodes at scheduled time and in batches

New episodes are always aired at a scheduled time periodically. With StreamFab HBO Downloader, you can watch the future episodes offline immediately when they are released.

Except that, StreamFab HBO Downloader also supports the Batch Mode which saves time and energy. By the way, the Fast Speed mode allows you to download a movie in only 10-20 minutes.

Generally speaking, StreamFab HBO Downloader is a tool integrated with time sensitivity, efficiency, advanced functions, and high cost performance. If you are trapped in the predicament of not knowing how to watch HBO Max offline, just download StreamFab HBO Downloader, then you will know.

Operation instructions

The following is how to watch HBO Max offline on your laptop with StreamFab HBO Downloader.

1. Launch StreamFab HBO Downloader

Double-click StreamFab and then select the HBO option.

how to watch hbo max offline on your laptop:Operation instructions

2. Choose the video you want to play.

Choose and play a video from any video streaming website of your choice.

3. Get the video downloaded on your PC.

The video starts downloading automatically while you are watching it.

User's experience

As you can see, how to watch HBO Max offline on the laptop is not a hard case with StreamFab HBO Downloader. StreamFab has accompanied users for two decades and received continuous support and praise from people around the world.

“This HBO streaming downloader really nailed my demands. As a photographer who travels a lot, I don't have too much time sitting there streaming videos online. This product saves my favorite shows offline so that I can decide when to watch them.” From Malcolm, a photographer. If you never try, just have a try. 


Is StreamFab HBO Downloader free?

Yes! A free-trial plan is provided for new users. If you have any questions on how to watch HBO Max offline, you can contact customer service and will receive feedback within 48 hours.

What system is required to watch HBO Max offline on the laptop?

  • Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7 (32/64 bit)
  • Intel i3 or above
  • 4GB of RAM or above
  • 40GB of free hard disk space or above
  • Live Internet connection required

Will the metadata be downloaded?

The answer is yes! In order to make it easy to build and manage the ideal media library with media servers such as PlayerFab, Plex, Kodi, or JRiver, users can download all the metadata for movies and TV shows, including movie title, cast, season, episode title, and cover.


In a nutshell, we just have a brief introduction to the methods on how to watch HBO Max offline. One approach is provided by HBO Max, the other is accessed with the third-party platform, StreamFab HBO Downloader, which supports more functions and offers more download options. If you have higher requirements on videos, pick StreamFab HBO Downloader, you will not be disappointed!