DVDFab Mini, a simplified version of DVDFab Copy and Ripper modules combined, is targeted for those non-heavy users who just want to easily and quickly copy or convert their DVDs and Blu-rays without wading through any sophisticated settings. In other words, with DVDFab Mini, users are able to get things done with the minimal steps possible, meaning that even fresh users don’t have to go through any learning materials to get the task done. Therefore, it is safe to say that despite there is a Mini in the name, its power is not mini at all.


DVDFab Mini does not have its own installer program, instead, it will be automatically installed on user’s computer accompanying the installation of DVDFab 12. However, it does have its own desktop shortcut. What’s more, DVDFab Mini cannot run side by side with DVDFab 12. Here below are the detailed walkthroughs on how to install and use DVDFab Mini.


1. Download and install DVDFab Mini


To download and install DVDFab Mini, users just need to download and install the latest DVDFab 12, which can be downloaded at https://www.dvdfab.cn/download.htm after installation, users will see a DVDFab Mini desktop shortcut sitting side by side with DVDFab 12.


2. Copy a DVD or Blu-ray


To copy a DVD or Blu-ray, just click the Copy tab, then insert a DVD or Blu-ray to the optical drive (or load an ISO or folder from hard drive); after analysis, choose a copy mode, the output size, output destination, and possibly an audio track and subtitle stream if you’ve selected the Main Movie mode, and the only thing left is to press the Start button to get the task going.



3. Convert a DVD or Blu-ray


Similarly, to convert a DVD or Blu-ray, users need to click the MP4 tab, because the only default conversion profile in DVDFab Mini is the MP4, and then load the source DVD or Blu-ray, choose a wanted audio track and subtitle stream, select a location from hard drive to save the output MP4 file, and then press the Start button the initiate the conversion process.



4. Add other conversion profiles


If users want to use other conversion profiles from DVDFab 12, they will have to manually save the wanted profile at the Advanced Settings panel, and the next time opening DVDFab Mini, the user-saved custom profile will be imported automatically to DVDFab Mini.