As digital streaming services take center stage and downloading TV shows and movies become more and more simple, you can watch the downloaded content on your PC. However, you were to get full worth of your movie experience and enjoy them on the big screen of your TV, the solution lies elsewhere. You can burn DVDs movies if you have a collection of your favorite movies, either downloaded from Torrent, YouTube or any other site, purchased from iTunes, Netflix, Amazon, etc., or are self-made video clips with the help of a movie maker. Burn simply means to write the contents of a CD/DVD to other recordable devices.

You can now burn movies into DVDs to either enjoy the experience of watching them on a big TV screen, playback on a DVD player to have a good movie time with family and friends or use a professional software to burn DVDs in order to create a backup of your digital movie pile and make a special video collection of discs. You can, in the process, also release space on your hard drive for other purposes. In this post we will discuss at length about how to burn movies on DVDs using various tools.

Why burn DVD movies?

Burning DVDs lets you copy information on to a compact disc. CD drive that come with the ability to write CDs will then use a laser technology to ‘burn’ the information on the CD and then allow playing the information on CD players. You can easily create and burn your own CDs/DVDs.

What do I need to burn movies onto DVDs?

  • A computer that has a disc drive or an external disc drive if your device is a newer model and comes without an internal optical drive
  • A blank DVD which is either DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW, and DVD-ROM. Make a note of the DVD capacity and see whether the movie you are selecting to burn will fit
  • A DVD burner to easily burn pictures and videos to DVD.
  • A movie that needs burning, which may either be a single movie video file or several movie clips

Before we start, you must know that while using a burning software, you may sometimes encounter issues of burning failure. These may include-

  • Freezing during the burn process
  • The burn process not starting off
  • Other general error messages
  • Burning takes very long as the maximum speed for the entire duration of the burn is not recorded

Burn movies on DVDs with DVDFab DVD Copy

:Burn movies on DVDs with DVDFab DVD Copy

DVDFab DVD Copy has been a popular software among users for its ability to do away with commonly faced challenges during the burn process and offer easy to use interface for personal and professional users. It is a great software if you are looking at possibilities on how to burn movies DVDs and create professional looking homemade DVDs. The software offers a number of options like Personalizing DVDs, editing videos and making photo slideshows. It is the program that a user needs at his disposal if he has to burn discs. With the help of DVDFab, you can create DVD disc from video formats that include MP4 and MKV, is virus free and available on Windows and Mac. In the meanwhile, DVDFab DVD Copy can remove DVD copying protection when copying DVD.

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How to burn DVDs using DVDFab?

Step 1:

Launch DVDFab

Once you download and install DVDFab, click the Copy tab that is present at the top.

:How to burn DVDs using DVDFab?

Step 2:

The DVD maker will need to be loaded with the source of video

You can click the +Add button or go for the drag and drop button feature. If a DVD disc is your source DVD, simply insert it into an optical drive before moving to the next step.

:How to burn DVDs using DVDFab?

Step 3:

Use the Advanced settings feature and Menu Maker features to customize output DVD, size and copy mode

For advanced settings, output parameter can be in accordance to your choice, For Menu maker, choose a template and personalize it.

You will need to pick one out of six copy modes, based on your requirements. Then, on the software interface, you will find a Wrench icon where there is basic information, the Advanced settings option will be found here.

Step 4:

Pick an output destination

There are 3 output destinations. Select the specific one according to your requirement.

:How to burn DVDs using DVDFab?

Step 5:

Start to burn movies DVDs

You can also burn movies on DVDs with DVDFab on Mac quite easily. Here's how.

Step 1:

Install DVDFab. Select DVD creator from the mode switcher on the left pane when the program is running. Then add video source or just drag and drop it onto the main UI

Step 2:

After you are done loading video files, go to Advanced settings and Menu settings and customize output DVD size to either DVD5 or DVD9.

It is also possible to add external subtitles. Note that all DVD disc formats are supported and you can professionally burn videos to DVD on Mac with the customized options

Step 3:

For better playback and control experience, select the Menu settings option and set a personalized DVD menu. Thus customize your main menu, theme selection menu, buttons, etc., and burn movies on DVD on a Mac to create a theatre-like experience

Step 4:

Now insert a blank DVD in the disc drive or save output DVD as ISO file / folder and Start to burn your DVD on Mac at high speed. We also provide Mac users with DVD burners, and if you want to know how to burn DVDs on macOS, you can tap on here to read the post.

How to burn movies onto DVDs with the help of various tools?

There are several free software that will take care of your need to burn movies DVDs free of cost.

Can I burn DVDs using the VLC media player?

:Can I burn DVDs using the VLC media player?

VLC offers a range of features and options that backs most file formats. However, this can be done only after a proper formatting is done for DVD burning, which is not automated. However, once you have a properly formatted DVD file, the program will burn it without a hitch.

Steps to burn:

Step 1:

You have to first convert the video files with the help of a third party software like Adobe Encore, Nero or Sony’s Media Center Suite. It cannot be done with any Windows or Mac software

Step 2:

Next open VLC and select Options > enter name of DVD video > Add

Step 3:

Import to VLC by double clicking > select Hive

Step 4:

Get CDBurner > New Compilation. Then click on Burn an ISO Image and select the option Write Disc From ISO File

Step 5:

Writing speed must be the same as the burner. Now insert a blank DVD and click Write Disc

How to burn DVDs using Windows Media player?

With Windows Media Player you can burn files from your videos, pictures and music libraries, but it supports only data DVDs. This means there is no way for you to get feature-rich DVD videos. Having said that, many DVD players support media files including AVI files, JPG images and MP3 music. You can also use data DVDs as a back up to your media libraries. If you’re a Windows user, want to know more ways to burn DVD on Windows 10, you can click here to try more DVD burners.

Step 1:

Insert blank DVD

Step 2:

In your Windows Media Player, select the Burn option

Step 3:

From drop down list of Burn Options click on Data CD/DVD.

Step 4:

Check contents of files from left panel libraries

Step 5:

Bring in all the files that you want to copy from middle file list to Burn pane using drag and drop feature.

Step 6:

Burn the DVD by clicking on Start Button

Tips on how to select the best DVD movie burner

  • Choose a tool that is easy to use with a straightforward interface and disc burning software
  • The software should be fast and able to support all the popular movie file formats like AVI, MP4 and MKV
  • It should be powerful enough to accept large number of movie files and burn them on not only a DVD disc but also VOB file and DVD folder
  • It should not be loaded with adware, spyware, malware or virus. You need to pick a software that is clean and safe to keep your computer secure

Tips to troubleshoot when you burn movies on DVDs

  • Ensure you are signed in at all times
  • Give adequate time to burn a DVD
  • Ensure DVD disc is in correct drive
  • Adjust burn speed of your DVD burner to a lower rate even if the DVD disc id compatible
  • Sometimes your firewall may block the burn from proceeding, so configure your firewall
  • Log in to your device from a profile with administrative privileges
  • Free up space on your computer by running a disc cleanup


What kind to DVDs to burn movies depend on your DVD burner and your DVD player. You can use a DVD-RAM, DVD-RW, DVD-R or DVD+RW, single or double layered, based on whether you only want to record data or rewrite data as well.

Download and install the converter, choose the file for conversion, select the DVD file format, convert video to DVD format, now burn the files to DVDs.

Your choice of DVD burning software depends on your requirements. However, the DVDFab tool works on different versions of Windows besides having a MacOS version too.

Wrapping Up

We have discussed about some of the best dvd copy software that can be your answer to how to burn DVDs movies for your home theatre, with just a few simple clicks. You can now go ahead and build that enviable DVD collection with your list of favorite movies and enjoy viewing them on a large TV screen with family and friends.

Besides, if you also love Blu-ray movies and want to backup them for better preservation, Blu ray Copy software must be your best choice.