Although this modern era is all about the streaming giants such as Amazon, YouTube, and Netflix, still, you cannot neglect the quality and fun that DVDs provide. This is why you would feel the need for DVD-burning software that could burn your favorite Youtube or NetFlix videos to a physical medium.

Many software programs allow you to download videos from youtube in advance and then convert or burn those youtube videos to a DVD. On the other hand, other tools can directly download youtube videos to a DVD. Moreover, you often don't wish to install any software on your device. In such cases, you have an option of online tools that can help you burn youtube to DVD without any hassles.

In this article, we will discuss how to burn a DVD from youtube. Furthermore, we will have a look at the 6 best DVD converter tools that allow you to burn utube to DVD and enjoy your favorite movies and videos in better audio and video quality.

How to Burn a DVD From Utube

Do you know that you can save a youtube video into a physical disc? That's true, and the process is not a tough row to hoe. If you have a Youtube video already saved on your device, you can easily copy it to a DVD through a DVD converter tool.

If you are a Windows 10 user, Windows 10 DVD burning software might help. But yes, it has very limited features.

Let us introduce you to an amazing DVD converter tool that is immensely loaded with advanced features and works quite efficiently. It's none other than DVDFab DVD Creator. It is highly recommended to use this software before trying out any of the other powerful tools that we will mention.

Without wasting time, let's move ahead and find out the features of this software and how to burn a DVD from utube using DVDFab DVD Creator.

Best Software to Burn a DVD From Utube

DVDFab DVD Creator

burn utube to dvd

How to burn a movie from utube to DVD on windows 8/8.1/7/10 and Mac OS 10.1 to 11.3? The best answer to this question is DVDFab DVD Creator. This tool provides its users with numerous templates on various themes such as Children's day, weddings, Birthdays, etc. You can add a variety of colorful backgrounds too.

DVDFab DVD Creator enables you to upload and use background images and set them as menu templates. This software allows you to convert your videos toDVD+R DL, DVD-R DL, DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD-5, and DVD-9. You can easily transfer your videos to an ISO file, folder, and DVD. DVDFab DVD Creator can copy a youtube video to a DVD quickly and easily without compromising on the video and audio quality.

To burn DVD from utube using DVDFab DVD Creator, follow these steps.

Step 1

  • Download and install the DVDFab DVD Creator.
  • Click on the 'Creator' module.

Step 2

  • Now select 'DVD Creator.'
  • Import the youtube videos to the Video to DVD converting tool.

Step 3

  • It will burn your Youtube videos to DVD in batches.
  • From the main interface of this software, select 'Menu Settings.'

Step 4

  • Choose a video background for your DVD.
  • Click on the 'Advanced settings' and name your DVD.

Step 5

  • Click on 'Add external subtitles' to download the subtitles from your PC.
  • Select the output location.

Step 6

  • Finally, click the 'Start' button to burn youtube videos to DVD, folder, or ISO files.

Easy and quick to use, DVDFab DVD Creator is no doubt the best solution to burn utube to DVD.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Superfast video to DVD converter


  • Not free

Wondershare DVD Creator

burn utube to dvd

Wondershare DVD Creator allows you to burn utube to DVD, DVD ISO file, or DVD Folder. Moreover, this amazing software offers a variety of other features like video editing options that enable video customization. This is a very fast software that maintains the quality of the video.


  • Super fast conversion
  • No quality loss


  • Not free

Freemake Youtube to DVD converter

burn utube to dvd

Freemake Youtube to DVD Converter has a user-friendly interface. You can easily convert youtube music tracks, live concerts, cartoons, TV shows, educational programs, and your favorite movies to a DVD using this amazing software. All you have to do is select the "To DVD" option, and there you are, your YouTube video will be burned to DVD in no time.


  • Easy to use.


  • No video editing options


burn utube to dvd

UniConverter Youtube to DVD converter allows you to burn Youtube video to DVD folder, DVD ISO files, and DVD. This program has its own Youtube video downloader. This allows you to download or paste youtube videos' URLs and your video downloads in no time. After this, all you have to do is go to the "Finished" option and burn the video to DVD.


  • YouTube video downloader embedded
  • Easy to use


  • Not Free

DVDVideoSoft Youtube to DVD Converter

burn utube to dvd

DVDVideoSoft YouTube to DVD Converter allows you to burn utube to DVD in batches. This software enables you to import videos directly and burn them to a DVD. If you are searching how to burn a movie from utube to DVD on Windows 8, this tool might be one of the best options for you.


  • Allows direct importing of Youtube videos
  • Burns youtube video to DVD in batches


  • Customization features are not free to use

Any Video Converter

burn utube to dvd

Any Video Converter is another Youtube video to DVD Converter containing an in-built video downloader. So all you have to do is paste the youtube URL and then directly burn the video to DVD. This software is easy to use and doesn't require any prior experience using similar software programs.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Built-in youtube downloader


  • Conversion takes a bit longer as compared to similar tools.


Apart from above mentioned Youtube video to DVD converter tools, numerous other tools are designed for the same purpose. Moreover, if you don't want to install any software, you can always use the online tools to burn utube to DVD without any hassle.


Do I need to convert youtube videos to MP4 or AVI to burn on DVD?

Most of the time, before burning a youtube video or any other video to a DVD, you are required to convert the video formats to the VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folder structure. This is because the DVDs are required to be in these formats.

Utube how to burn photos on iPad to PC or DVD?

You can export photos from iPad to PC but not burn photos from iPad to DVD. To export pictures from your iPad to your PC, plug your iPad into a PC with a USB, launch the photos app and click on the "Import" button. Finally, click Continue. This will enable you to burn photos on your iPad to your PC.